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Sun pouring through the white windows told the young werewolf it was the next morning. Lupin and Ron's parents were sleeping soundly in chairs surrounding his bed. A part of him was grateful to have people caring for him so, but another part resented the special attention, and wished only to be alone. To wallow in his sorrow without the interuption of others.

Yesterday afternoon his other brothers had been contacted.

Bill was very busy at the Ministry and tried to get a day off, but failed. Thus, the news was told to him via Floo powder. He reacted in a very calm manor. The way Bill always was.

Charlie, being in Romania still, was also told over the Floo network. He too was quite calm, though very curious. He must have been asking questions for over two hours.

Fred and George were able to come, however. Being their own boss had its perks. They were supposed to come sometime today and be told the news in person.

Suddenly Mrs. Weasley woke with a start.

"Arthur... Arthur! Wake up! You're going to be late for work!"

What? Oh, yes, of course." A very sleepy Mr. Weasley rose and stretched before turning upon his son. "Ron, are you awake?" Ron nodded. "Good, good. we must be off then. Take care of yourself. Oh, and don't forget, Fred and George will be here sometime."

It was after breakfast when the terrible two-some arrived.

Harry and Ron had been discussing quidditch over some bacon and eggs Madame Pomfrey had pilfered from the Great Hall, while Hermione seemed engulfed by several library books on werewolves. Ron had tried persuading her that he read everything there was to read, but that girl just didn't quit. Lupin had left a while ago for breakfast and hadn't returned yet.

A rather musical knock sounded from the door and didn't quit until Madame Pomfrey had opened the door.

"Hello my fair lady," Fred purred at the nurse. "We have come from far lands, battled horrible creatures, scaled the highest mountains-"

"What my friend is saying is that we apparated here to see our dear wittle Ronnikins," George corrected. "And I think I see him over there!"

Poor Madame Pomfrey just let the two of through. She knew who they were all too well.

"It's nice to see you again boys," she said, clearly lying through her teeth, for she scurried into the back room before anything more could be said.

"So word has it that-" started Fred.

"You're not feeling well?" finished George. Listening to them babble back and forth like this almost gave one a headache.

"Looks fine to me. What do you presume Mr. George?"

George lifted Ron's wrist as to check his pulse, though Ron, now quite annoyed whipped it out of his grasp.

"A feisty one. My diagnostics say he appears fine as well, Mr. Fred."

The two both shared a long, hearty laugh before getting somewhat serious.

"So what is actually-" Fred started once again.

"Wrong with you, Ronnie?"

Ron took a deep breath and paused for a moment, though then decided it would be best to just blurt out the truth.

"I'm a werewolf."

There was a long silence before the twins looked at each other and erupted with laughter.

"Oh Merlin... that's hilarious! You, a- a..." George sputtered between fits of laughter.

"That's beautiful! Genius! Never... I never thought you had it in you..." Fred's maniac laughing finally diminished, George's following.

"I'm not kidding," Ron had figured they wouldn't take him seriously, but it still pissed him off.

"Huh?" Though Fred knew perfectly well what had been said.

"You're- you're serious?" questioned George.


"Bull shit," Fred swore.

"I HEARD THAT!" Madame Pomfrey shouted from who knows where.

"SORRY!" Fred shouted back at her, rolling his eyes.

"But, you're an actual werewolf then?" George just didn't seem convinced.

"Yeah, I was bitten last month, and transformed for the first time last night."

"Holy fuck..." The twins said in unison.

Fred and George left after a bit more questioning. They had left the shop with some dimwit employee and were a little worried.

Harry and Hermione had classes as usual again today. Ron was to start attending class tomorrow. Suprisingly, he was almost looking foward to it. Sitting in the Hospital Wing was getting pretty old.

The door burst open again. In walked Lupin holding a piece of parchment with something on it. He still looked ragged.

"Ron, if you're feeling up to it, we have to register you at the Ministry today. This is the form you're supposed to fill out." With a rather odd glance at the parchment he handed it to the young werewolf. Ron snatched it and hastily scanned the form.


Gender: M F

Werewolf Bitten By (if known):

Date of Birth:

Date Bitten:

Age When Bitten:

Current Age:

Weight When Bitten:

Current Weight:

Natural Hair Color When Bitten:

Current Natural Hair Color:

Others Infected:

Photograph From When Bitten:

Current Photograph:

"Here's a quill," Lupin offered.

After filling out the form Ron handed it back to Lupin. An odd look crossed his lined face. The "Werewolf Bitten By" space was left blank.

"Ron, please, you don't have to-"

"It wasn't your fault. I don't want you to get in trouble over something that you didn't mean to do."

"It's not something you get in trouble over, though. They just mark it down on your record."

"Listen, I just don't want people to look upon you cause of something that was a complete accident. It was my own stupid fault for going into the forest."

After a long silence Lupin sighed, "Why don't we just call it even."

"Sounds good."