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1-The Story

Lilly yawned as she walked into the homicide department. She was exhausted from the lack of sleep she had gotten the previous night, due to some louder than usual neighbors.

"Hey, Lil," started Scotty appearing at her side. "You got one."


"Yeah, her name's Megan Glenrose, and she wants you to solve the murder of her sister back in 1991."

"Any suspects?"

"Zilch, the only ones home at the time of the murder were Megan, her brother Victor, and the vic, Laura." Scotty handed Lilly the case file and she frowned.

"Great, sounds promising…they didn't hear or see a thing?" she asked.

"That's their stories…until now." By this time Lilly and Scotty had arrived at Lilly's desk where a woman in her mid-twenties was seated. Lilly took a seat in front of the petite blonde and gave her an encouraging smile.

"Hi, Ms. Glenrose, I'm Lilly Rush. How can I help you? From what I understand you're here about your sister's case. Care to tell me about it?"

"I was only thirteen at the time, Laura was sixteen. I thought I had blocked out everything about the murder…she was so beautiful and…I didn't know why anyone would want to kill her. Victor and I loved her so much, that's why it's so confusing now," murmured Megan Glenrose tearfully.

"What is?" pressed Lilly gently.

"Lately I've been having these nightmares…about the night Laura died. And things that had happened before…things I had forgotten about. See, Laura and Victor were so close, they were only two years apart. As the oldest Victor was supposed to take care of us all the time when our parents were working late. But…lately I've been remembering things…weird, sick things.

"I was eleven the first time I caught them in her room…they were making out on her bed. Laura made me swear not to tell anyone, she said it was a game between them. I thought that was I it, I trusted Laura, but a few months later I caught her in his room, and it sure as hell didn't look like a game to me. Victor had his hands up her shirt…it was serious, and gross. But I couldn't tell anyone, I couldn't lose the trust Laura and Victor had given me with their secret." Megan took a deep breath before going on.

"About a year later we were left alone for the weekend…I could hear Laura and Victor in the other room. When mom and dad were gone they were all over each other. Things continued up until Laura got murdered. After I first realized what had been going on between them, things kinda made sense. Laura was sick with the flu when she had been killed. I think she had been pregnant, and I think Victor was mad 'cause the baby wasn't his. It belonged to one of his best friends."

Lilly and Scotty glanced at one another in shock. This was unlike any other case they had tackled before. Lilly took a deep breath as her partner rubbed the back of his neck.

"So you think your brother killed Laura?" she asked.

Megan shrugged, her eyes clouding over. "He had to have. He was the last one to see her alive…he had gone up to her room to mess around, but he came down twenty minutes later and we watched TV."

"There was no evidence of blood on either of you guys," spoke up Scotty gesturing towards the case file on Lilly's desk.

"There wouldn't be would there?" Megan closed her eyes before saying what she had to say next. "I got rid of them for him."

Lilly was stunned. "Why? If you knew he had killed her, and deposited of evidence for him, why tell us the whole story about your siblings?"

"Because I want you to understand what kind of person my brother is. Laura was his first love…but she wasn't always home. When she was at a friends' house, or the mall even—I took her place. But unlike Laura, I never screwed around behind Victor's back. I loved him more than a sister should love her brother."

"So why come forward after so long?" questioned Scotty narrowing his eyes.

"That's easy. The asshole's finally getting married, and I want him to pay for blowing me off."

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