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13—Angel Stalker

Lilly flipped channels with an irritated frenzy. Almost three weeks had passed and Victor Glenrose hadn't made a peep. Beside her, Scotty struggled not to yell at her for flipping channels so fast. He was practically car sick. Their relationship had gone from strained to nonexistent. And everyone was feeling the effects.

"Lil, would you stop?" cried out Scotty as they started channel surfing all over again. Lilly said nothing, but she did stop flipping channels. They were now watching Lifetime. Her partner groaned and jumped to his feet as the doorbell rang. Their dinner had finally arrived.

For the past three weeks Lilly and Scotty had made more public appearances for the homicide detective than the President of the United States made in a year. Their pictures were splashed across every tabloid in town…and the stories were becoming more incredible by day. They were now known as bona fide lovers as well as partners. The Mayor loved the publicity. His rankings in the city had risen as more stories about Lilly and Scotty surfaced. Yet, not once did Victor make a move.

Truthfully, Lilly was pissed. With Victor still hiding Scotty was still her shadow. And after their date from hell she hadn't wanted to be anywhere near him outside of work. Lilly wanted to spend time away from Scotty to determine how she really felt about him. Unfortunately God seemed to hate her at the moment and Scotty still slept under the same roof as her.

"Hey, get out of the way!" ordered Lilly as Scotty walked in front of the TV.

"Whatcha watching?" asked Vera as he and Jeffries followed Stillman inside her apartment.

"Some movie on Lifetime," was Lilly's reply. All three men groaned and Scotty simply shook his head in disgust. Now Lilly would never change the channel.

"Here, Lil," said Scotty handing her a carton of fried rice. "Supper's ready."

"Thanks," mumbled the blonde, not bothering to take her eyes off the TV. Vera took a seat on the other end of the couch as Jeffries sat down in the arm chair. Stillman made his way across the room with Lilly hurrying him along with insults. He pulled out a wooden chair and took a seat, leaving Scotty the last available seat in the room. Smack dab in between Lilly and Vera.

"Anything else on?" Vera looked over at Lilly hopefully. She hid the remote under her leg for an answer.

"Just though I'd ask," he muttered with a sheepish grin.

"Don't bother," whispered Scotty, "she's been pissy for weeks now. I haven't had warm water since Carl's confession."

"Shower at a different time," suggested Jeffries.

"Lil runs the water day and night so I can never have a hot shower."

"Cold water builds character," replied Lilly cheekily.

"Ouch," said Stillman. "I take it you've had no word from your insane lover?"

"Not a one."

"Who'd blame him?" asked Scotty bitterly. "You've been a real Ice Queen lately."

"Har har. Better sleep with one eye open, Valens, or you might find yourself bald."

The room lapsed into silence as the detectives concentrated on their Chinese food. The quiet was short lived.

Lilly made a face and spit her food back into the carton in her hands. "What the hell is this?" she demanded as Scotty turned to look over at her.

"Fried rice."

"There's shrimp in it!"

"It's the house special! There's supposed to be shrimp!" protested Scotty.

"Ew!" Lilly thrust her carton into Scotty's hands and fled down the hall.

"What?" exclaimed Scotty looking at his friends.

Vera shook his head in amusement. "Lil hates any and all seafood. You should have known that living with her for the past month and a half."

"Oh Jesus Christ, Lil! You can't even taste the damn things!"

There was no reply from the bedroom. Scotty turned back to his own food, but the sound of breaking glass reached the front room. Then men froze as a thud followed.

Scotty had his gun out in a flash as he raced down the hall with Vera hot on his heels. Jeffries pulled out his phone to call for back-up as Stillman cautiously edged down the hall. Something was up.

In the bedroom Lilly caught her breath. There in front of her stood Victor Glenrose. He had broken through her bedroom window and landed on her floor in a huffing heap. She had barely emerged from the bathroom, and now she was trapped. In the corner of her eye she caught sight of Scotty and Vera with their guns drawn. Lilly gave a shake of her head to prevent them from rushing into the room. Victor was still catching his breath, but she had a gut feeling he was more dangerous than four armed officers.

"My angel," started Victor looking up at Lilly. "I have come back for you. You won't get away from me this time!"

"Victor," said Lilly with a catch in her throat. "We know what happened the night Laura died. It was an accident. You have nothing to worry about. We just need you to give your statement to the police and then get you some help."

"Help? You're the only one who needs help, Laura. You took away my son, I know about him. He's mine! You tried to kill our mother, our sweet loving mother…but I didn't let you…and here you are haunting me!"

Scotty edged into the room. "Victor, I need you to put your hands up and lay face down on the floor."

"No! Laura is mine! Do you hear me? Mine! I love her, not you!" shrieked Victor standing up. In his hands was a large knife, his eyes had a wild look in them. "Death is bittersweet, my dearest angel. I hope you can forgive me in heaven." He looked up into the sky and then lunged at Lilly with the knife.

Time seemed to freeze as shots came from every direction. Lilly felt herself hit the ground with Victor on top of her. Pain shot up her arm from where the knife had gotten her. The last thing Lilly remembered seeing before she passed out was Scotty pulling Victor off of her.

Later That Day:

Lilly wasn't paying attention to the doctor as he rattled on and on about her condition. She was fine, she was going to live. That's really all that mattered. They had done every test possible to be sure she was okay. But, all in all, Lilly wasn't sure what to feel at the moment. Numb was one of them.

Outside in the waiting room Scotty, Vera, Jeffries and Stillman were sitting restlessly. Lilly had given them quite a scare passing out at the apartment. It wasn't until Victor had been pulled off of her that Scotty had seen the knife and blood dripping down her arm.

The doctor came out with Lilly trailing behind him. She was oddly silent. Scotty put it off as shock that the whole Victor Glenrose fiasco was finally over. He was dead now, he couldn't stalk her anymore.

"You alright?" asked Vera as Lilly came to stand before them.

Lilly gave a small smile. "As good as ever. Except I have to wear a damn sling for a few days, and get a check-up with my usual doctor."

"See, cold water doesn't build character," teased Scotty. Lilly made a face at him.

Stillman shook his head in relief. "We're glad you're alright, Lil. That's all that matters."

"Are you still going to come in tomorrow?" questioned Jeffries with curiosity. Lilly shrugged.

"Why not? It's not like I want to stay home and clean house. My cats are probably freaking out by now."

"Actually," murmured Scotty, "they're at my place. Your place is off limits until the rest of the mess can be cleaned up."

Lilly stared at Scotty as the group headed towards the exit. "You mean to say that even though my crazy stalker is dead, I still have to stay with you? What did I do wrong in a past life?"

The ride to Scotty's apartment was unusually quiet. Lilly was staring out of the window lost in her thoughts as Scotty tried to concentrate on the traffic. He was concerned about his partner, but he knew now was not the time to let her know how he really felt about her. He wasn't sure if she would listen to him.

Lilly, on the other hand, was thinking about her future. She knew she had something with Scotty…but would it work? And now…now she was out of a home for a while, and still with her partner. She knew by now that she would never truly be rid of him. Scotty would always be a part of her. But how to explain it to him so he wouldn't take it the wrong way?

They pulled up in front of Scotty's apartment, but neither one got out.

Lilly spoke first. "Scotty, we need to talk."

"About us?"

"About us."

"You having second thoughts?"

"Not exactly. I'm…confused. And scared."

"So am I, Lil. I really care for you. I want you to give us a try."

Lilly bit her lip. "Scotty, there's something I need to tell you."


"Promise you won't overreact?"

"You love me don't you?"


"It's alright, Lil, I think I'm falling in love with you too."

Lilly stared at her partner and took a deep breath as she gathered her thoughts. She hadn't expected this. "I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything," breathed Scotty leaning closer to her face. Lilly rolled her eyes as she felt his breath on her.

Just as he was about to capture her lips with his she spoke once more. "Scotty, I'm pregnant."

The Next Day:

Stillman, Vera, and Jeffries all looked up as Lilly and Scotty entered the department. Lilly was in fact wearing the much despised arm sling. Scotty was walking towards them with his mouth hanging wide open.

Lilly shrugged as the three men looked to her for an answer. Scotty made himself a cup of coffee, spilling half of it on the counter. He left it on the counter and took a seat at the break room table. He grabbed the cup of sugar and took a sip without tasting it.

"Lil," warned Stillman in a serious tone. Lilly made a face.

"Fine. Scotty's just adjusting." She gave a smile, patted Scotty on the head and went about making herself a cup of coffee.

Scotty looked over at Vera and began babbling. "I'm a. I be. Me her. She me. Good bad. Scared not ready. She calm. Me lost."

"Huh?" Vera snapped his fingers in front of the young detective, but Scotty simply took another swig of the sugar. Lilly set her coffee down on the table as Jeffries took the sugar away from Scotty.

She poured some sugar into her cup and mixed it with a spoon. "All I did was tell him what the doctor told me yesterday. Apparently it's hitting him harder than it is me."

"Which is?" Jeffries waited for Lilly to finish the sentence. Scotty watched in a dumbstruck stupor as Lilly raised the cup to her lips. He pointed at it as she spoke once more.

"I'm pregnant." Lilly gasped as Stillman tore the cup out of her hands and all three men swiveled their heads to look at Scotty. He finally seemed to catch his tongue.

"Daddy. Me. I'm having a baby!"

"My coffee!" cried Lilly.

"Not while you're carrying a baby," replied Stillman.

"Then what am I supposed to drink?"

Jeffries grinned and set about making a cup of tea. Vera chuckled as another officer entered the room. "Lilly, you've got a call from Mexico. Your sister."

Lilly's face lit up as she left the room. "Might as well have some fun before I get fat," she murmured to herself. She sat on the edge of her desk and picked up the phone. "Rush here."

"Hey, Lil, I got wind of some trouble you were in. Are you okay?" Christina genuinely sounded worried as her voice filtered through the line. Lilly looked over to where Scotty was being congratulated and yelled at the same time over in the break room.

She grinned to herself, thinking she and Scotty would deal with their relationship soon with a baby on the way. "Everything's fine, Chris. No worries. Scotty took care of everything."

"Oh. Is he alright?"

"Okay. He's going to be a dad pretty soon."

"R…really? Scotty?"

"Yeah. How are things in Mexico?"

"Great. I've learned how to surf. How are you? Besides detective work."

"Didn't I tell you already? I'm pregnant."

A/N—I know this was a long time coming…but I wanted this to end on a good note. Just so you know, yes, I am going to attempt a sequel. But it probably won't be until the fall. I want to finish up a few other stories I have going this summer. But be on the lookout for me later on. I hope you enjoyed the story! Thanks for reading it!