Coffee and Tea

Disclaimer: GB belongs to Yuya-sensei and Rando-sensei

Ring ling.

"Ohayo, Master. How are you?"

"Ah, fine thanks. Your usual, I presume?"

"Domo arigato."

Nod. "Take a seat."

Rustle rustle.

"Here you are! One coffee with full milk, cream and extra, extra sugar!"

Blink blink. "That was… quick."

Smile. "I made one once I saw you come in. I hope it isn't too cold already."

Sip. "…it's delicious. How did you know…?"

Grin. "I guess I know what you like."

Smile. "That's very nice of you."

"It comes from working for Paul-san. You must anticipate your favourite customer's usual!"

"That sounds awfully professional."

"Well… that and you're the only one who makes sure there's full milk, cream and extra, extra sugar."

Paul looked up at the mutual chuckling going on at the nearby booth. He smirked.

"C'mon, Natsumi. Your tea's going to get cold."


"Earl grey with lemon and honey, deshou?"


Grin. "I noticed you drink it every time you're on a break."

Smile. "That's very observant of you."

"I guess I learn to know about my favourite waitress's usual."

Natsumi blushed, Kazuki smiled.

As she headed back to the kitchen, Paul threw him a smirk.

"Really, Kazuki-san. You aren't usually one for lying."

The thread weaver blushed. "You won't mention my asking, will you?"

"Of course not." The Honky Tonk owner glanced at the lily and baby's breath bouquet hidden from sight beneath the counter. It would materialize just as soon as Fuchoin Kazuki was out the door.

"And I won't mention the sudden floral purchase either."

"Thank you." Kazuki smiled as he sipped his coffee.

Earl Grey with lemon and honey was something he'd like to try one day.



A/N: Because I was feeling curious and suicidal. (starts running for dear life)