"Tch…" A 19-year-old spat as he kicked a coke can across plaza of his home city, Perth. He wore a black long sleeved t-shirt, black open leather vest, black pants and black boots. Off the pants hung a few chains and around his ankles where buckles, on his hands he wore black fingerless gloves and on his back he wore a black backpack. As his eyes followed the can fly off he spotted the last person he wanted to see.

The person he saw was a girl his own age; she had raven black hair, green eyes and slightly tanned skin. She wore a white t-shirt and blue hipster jeans. "Jolt…" She said with a perfectly level voice.

"Did you forget… we don't know each other anymore." Jolt replied immediately as he strolled past. His blue eyes with their brown splotches fixed strait ahead.

"Fine! Be that way! See if I care! Jerk…" She spat back. She spun on her heel and stormed off towards the nearby Sizzlers with tears forming in her eyes.

They had a heck of a history. They had met over a year ago and just a month before she had confessed that she had a real thing for him. He had never had a girl out right say that. In fact no girl had ever. He was full of hope and had never been so happy in his life. Only to have that shattered when she said she didn't think they'd work out… when they had never been on a single date… or even attempted one.

Jolt just kept his pace as he fumed over the lingering memories of what could have been. During his fuming he failed to notice the total change in the weather. It was rare for Perth's weather to change so rapidly from bright and sunny to dark and stormy.

Jolt snapped out of his brooding by the feeling of a raindrop hitting the back of his neck. He looked up, only now noticing the weather and grunted, "What the fuck?"

At that moment a bolt of lightning struck him out of nowhere and all he saw was a bright flash…

Jolt's mind slowly began to work again. First he noticed that he was laying on something pointy, yet flexible, with a soft texture. Grass. Strange since he had been standing on pavement last he remembered. Then he noticed the bright thing in his eyes. Obviously the sun. 'Ok… this is bloody well weird…' He thought.

He opened his eyes and slowly sat up. His muscles felt rather stiff and ached. He looked around and saw he was on a hill over looking a park like he had only ever seen in those American TV shows. He looked to his right and saw a forest. Shrugging it off he looked to his left and did a double take. He saw what he never expected in a million years.

"A Beyblade dish… this is one bloody fucked up dream…" He mumbled to himself, 'And why is there a sharp feeling on my right butt check?' he thought and reached into his pocket. He grabbed whatever it was and pulled it out and sweatdropped. In his hand was a beyblade. It was black and fiery red. The attack ring had eight spikes and appeared to be of right spin orientation. The base was set up with sub-parts in attack position and had a semi-flat base, good for both attack and defence. The weight disk was a magnet disk set to the south polarity. Jolt eyed the blade closer and noticed the tip was odd. Then it clicked. It was one of those new fangled motorised blades.

He looked at the bit chip and noticed the creature emblazoned upon it. It was a jet-black dragon with a cat like appearance. Its fiery red eyes seemed to glow with an unnatural light. Jolt felt as if the dragon was giving off an aura of incredible power. He looked closer and puzzled out the name written on it. 'Sol Dragon… sounds cool…' He thought.

"Hey do you Beyblade?" Jolt heard someone ask from over his shoulder. He snapped up in surprise and spun onto his feet like lightning and swung a devastating back fist strike at the unknown assailant. But he stopped short once he saw the terrified look in the girl's eyes.

"Sorry… I get jumpy sometimes…" Jolt admitted to the girl. He scratched the back of his head nervously. He was sure he had scared her off.

"Oh… T-that's ok…" The girl gave a nervous laugh back before speaking again, "I'm Hillary, nice to meet you." She offered her hand to him and blushed slightly.

Jolt blushed back and shook back gently, holding back most of his strength from his grip before replying, "I'm Jolt, nice to meet you."

She pointed to the beyblade still in his hand and asked again, "So do you beyblade."

Jolt looked at the spinning top of mass destruction and replied, "I have an idea where I am now… I have no experience in battle the way people battle on this world."

"HUH!" Hillary's jaw went slack, "What are you talking about.

"You will understand in time…" Jolt replied, "Why did you ask anyway? To my knowledge you have no interest in Beyblading."

Hillary went redder then a tomato before admitting, "I kinda want to impress a guy I like. Do… you want to beybattle?" She blushed, 'He's cute… GAH! What am I thinking! I like Tyson! Wow nice ass… wah! Bad! Bad! Bad!' she thought.

Jolt sweatdropped again, "Um… lets go?" He suggested.

Hillary nodded with a chuckle and followed Jolt down to the dish. Jolt's eyes focused on the blades without even looking at the two who where battling. His eyes followed their every move. He suddenly commented.

"Dragoon Galaxy Turbo vs. Strata Dragoon…" Jolt's eyes followed their movements perfectly with his eyes.

Hillary looked at Jolt quizzically, "How can you tell?" She raised a curious eyebrow, "I mean other then looking at the bladders?"

"I can see what they look like." Jolt replied simply.

Hillary looked at him like he was crazy, "But they are spinning so fast they're a blur… how?"

Jolt shrug and moved his head to the right as the Strata Dragoon shot past where his head had just been, "I can't explain it but I can."

"Who's your new friend Hillary?" a dark haired boy in a red vest, yellow shirt and blue pants asked. Jolt looked at him and recognized someone he knew was an idiot.

"Hey Tyson, this is Jolt." Hillary introduced them. Tyson grinned and offered his hand and said, "Nice to meet a friend of Hillary's! A friend of hers is a friend of mine!"

Jolt just stood and ignored the offered hand. Tyson sighed, "Ah… your just like Kai…" Jolt shrugged.

"I can't believe you beat me again!" A young teen with red hair, a shirt with rolled up sleeves and jeans with on leg ripped off grumbled at Tyson.

"This is…" Both Hillary and Tyson began but Jolt finished for them, "Daichi."

Everyone just stared at him, "How…?"

Jolt shrugged, "I know more then you'd think…" He walked over to the now empty dish and removed the backpack that was still on his back and pulled out a jet-black launcher with a matching ripcord. He set his blade ready and assumed a stance for launch, "Lets go…"

Hillary pulled a pink launcher with a white ripcord out of nowhere and pulled out a pink version of the Dragoon Galaxy Turbo. She set up and got into a stance ready to launch as well.

Tyson and Daichi looked at each and said, "Ok…" Tyson stepped to the side of the dish between the two new bladders and started, "Three… two…"

At this point Jolt started as well and together the counted, "One… LET IT RIIIIIP!" Both Jolt and Hillary pulled their ripcords with all their might and sent their blades careening into the dish and strait at each other with a might crash.

Two blurs, one black one pink, darted around the dish as the two worked out how to control a beyblade. Before now Jolt had never dreamed it was possible to control a blade after it was launched but now he could feel he was moving it with thought.

Jolt grinned and looked at Hillary, "It's time to fight! GO SOL DRAGON!" Suddenly the black blur slammed into the pink one and began to push at it.

"Oh no…" Hillary whimpered, "Come on! You can do it! Fight back! HEARTS DRAGOON!"

The two beyblades broke away from each other and began to glow. Light shot from the blades and suddenly on Jolt's side was a 180 foot black dragon with a cat like frame and fiery eyes. It looked sharp, spiky and evil.

On Hillary's side was a 90 foot pink dragon. It looked a lot like Tyson's Dragoon only more rounded and feminine. Its chest had the shape of a heart on it.

Tyson and Daichi gapped at the two new Bit Beasts as they squared off. "Oh man…" Tyson gasped, "Hillary and this new guy have bit beast too?"

Daichi looked like he was about to wet himself, as he looked strait at Sol Dragon, "Its huge! I wonder how powerful it is?"

Suddenly the two bit beasts raced at each other roaring loadly.