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"No way…" Jolt stared down into the eyes of Nemesis in shock. He had never expected this…

Jolt was staring into familiar green eyes and the unmistakeable beauty of his friend and love of the time, Rozi. She had died her hair light blue and the young man blushed as he gazed into her eyes.

Rozi looked into Jolt's eyes for a few minutes with a slight blush before throwing him off of herself, "You… how could you elope with a hussy like that!"

"She jumped on me!" Jolt shot back.

"Oh and that makes it ok?" Rozi shouted back at him, "Why didn't you throw her off?"

"You know how gentle I am!"

"She looked like she was about to rape you!"

"Why are you so fucking angry anyway! Not like you want to be with me!"

Rozi glared at Jolt in silence as he glared straight back.

While Jolt was of European descent Rozi was of Asian descent yet was just as Aussie as he was. They had both spent their lives growing up in Australia, shared the accent and where comfortable in its climate for the most part.

The two glared at each other for well over an hour without moving at all. Suddenly Rozi through her arms around Jolt and balled her eyes out, "Oh Jolt… I missed you! I really did…"

Jolt looked at his nemesis in surprise and hugged her tightly, "Rozi… I missed you too… I'm sorry for being a jerk… I really am…"

Before Jolt could babble anymore Rozi planted a kiss directly on the stunned young mans lips. He nervously returned the kiss as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Jolt relaxed quickly and let his instincts take over as he held her close and kissed her passionately as his hands roamed up and down her back. In response Rozi mewed softly and pressed her body against his.

Without warning Rozi tugged at the shocked Jolt's pants and pulled them off his body completely. This one act was so erotic to the late teen that he was instantly aroused to his fullest, almost poking Rozi in the eye in the process.

She stared at his length hungrily as she licked her lips. Jolt's head was a buzz, it had been so long since he had relieved his sexual tension in any way, which until now had only been with his hand, that he was about ready to just ram his length down Rozi's throat and fuck her face right then.

He didn't have to wait as Rozi immediately went to swallow her friend's swollen length while licking at it with her tongue, causing Jolt to moan out load. Curious she looked up to see Jolt had his eyes closed and a look of pleasure on his face and his hands gently wrapping around her head.

She smiled and suckled on his length taking all of it into her mouth as far as she could without choking. Since Jolt wasn't all that large she could take all of his length with little trouble at all.

She sucked him and bobbed her head up and down as Jolt ran his fingers through her hair and moaned. The whole thing, sucking him off, him moaning, his hands running so gently through her hair… It was making her awfully wet and gave her an itch she just had to scratch.

She suddenly pulled away and forced Jolt to the ground where she unbuttoned her jeans fought the fly down hand practically tore off her own jeans and panties before latterly jumping onto Jolt's length.

Jolt gasped as she slid down his shaft. With that one act she had taken his virginity and surrendered her own to him. He saw her wince as the virginal barrier was broken through by his manhood and saw the small amount of blood on the hilt of his length to prove it.

She sat for a moment with most of him in her trying to get used to the feelings shooting through her, alerting her every nerve ending and making her shiver with pleasure. Jolt was inexperienced but had read his fair share of erotica's and looked at a fair amount of adult art so he had an idea of what to do.

Jolt reached his hands under Rozi's shirt and with some help removed it and unhooked her bra setting her small breasts free to the cool air. He marvelled as her nipples hardened quickly to his teasing fingers and hands as he played with her breasts.

Rozi had her hands on Jolt's still dressed chest to support herself and slowly began to move her hips up and down on his manhood sending pulses of pleasure up her spine and through her body. She looked into Jolt's brown stained blue eyes through her own half closed ones as her breath quickly quickened.

Two people from another world where united in pleasure as the girls body bounced up and down on the slightly older boys love pole. Jolt breathed hard as he whispered, "Oh…. Rozi… I'm going to… cum…"

Rozi's breath quickened and she moaned loudly as she heard Jolt whisper and she replied, "A-ah… m-me too…"

Jolt's grip on her nipples tightened as Rozi gripped his shirt tight as she dropped down and swallowed his whole manhood inside her love tunnel and they both moaned the others name as they came. Jolt slightly first spewing his hot cream inside of her followed by Rozi who came as soon as she felt Jolt's hot sperm inside of her.

She collapsed on top of him in exhaustion and smiled at him. Jolt looked at her and smiled although she still had shocked him by being so straightforward…

Not that he really cared right now…

"Well… that was fun…" He commented breathlessly.

Rozi just giggled.

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