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March 15, 2005

0900 EST
JAG Headquarters

Falls Church, Virginia

Harm watched Mac cross the bullpen. She was laughing and her diamond caught his eyes. The day that she said yes to his proposal was the best day of his life.

"Harm, are you going to help me figure out these invitations today?"

"Did we narrow it down on the colors that we are going to use?"

"Well, I decided to go with a white dress, I am putting Mattie, Jen, and Harriet is a gold color."

"So the colors of our wedding is going to be white and gold. You could get white roses with the flecks of gold in them."

"That is what I was thinking Flyboy."

"Then the invitations I think we need to go with is the white, tri-fold ones with the rose on the front and we will seal them with gold wax on the back." Harm stated to her.

"Good decision honey." She said smiling at him. She didn't tell him that she had already decided on the invitation that she liked, but wanted to know if they were on the same page. He helped her gather the things off his desk and helped her over to her office.

"Okay, well, I will see you for lunch in a couple of hours."

Coates came walking up, "Sir, Ma'am, the Admiral needs to see you in his office ASAP."

Harm and Mac looked at each other, "What did you do this time Harm?"

"Nothing Mac, I have been playing straight arrow. I have to now that I have Mattie to think about."

They walked up to the office and waited for the admiral to tell them to enter. The entered and stood at attention.

"At ease you two." Admiral Chegwidden said to them, gesturing them to the chairs, where Mac took a seat, Harm continued to stand. "Harm, Mac, I need to remind you that this case is completely voluntary."

"Yes sir," Mac answered not really needed to say anything, but felt like the tension could be cut with a knife.

"Harm, Mac." Clay addressed them from the fireplace.

"Clay, why are you here?"

"It is more of a personal favor. My half sister was murdered down in Quantico last night."

Harm looked up, "Clay, I'm sorry to hear that. How?"

"Harm, he's back."

Harm sank to his seat and placed his head in his hands. "Damn."

"Harm, what is it?"

"Mac, it is things nightmares are made of, in fact, some of my nightmares are because of what I saw when that night." He answered cryptically.

"What did you see?"

"One night after a training session at Quantico, I couldn't sleep, so instead of just lying in bed I decided to go running. While running the fit trail, I stumbled across a murder victim. A woman, a pregnant woman."

"You thought of Singer, didn't you?"

"The way Singer was murdered was completely heinous, but this was anger, it was horrific. The woman was raped and murdered. Her baby had been cut out of her body, and she was cradling the baby." Harm said with a far away look on his face.

AJ put his glasses on his desk. He knew that Harm was tough, but how tough would one man have to be to see that. "Colonel, Commander, we need you two to go undercover to try to catch the person doing this." AJ said handing them the file.

"How long are we going to be gone?" Harm asked.

"The killer seems to be striking every three months to six months."

"What about Mattie, I shouldn't leave her behind for that long."

"Mattie fits right in with your cover. All of the murder victims had children that were considerably older. I now have to take care of my 16 year old nephew," Clay said to them.

Mattie came walking in. "Dad, I want to help. Sorry for interrupting Admiral. I came by to see Dad for lunch, since it is a half day of school."

"Mattie, this means uprooting your life and moving to Quantico for he remainder of the school year. I don't exactly feel comfortable with bringing you on any missions. I am your father, it is my job to keep you safe."

"And you do a great job of it, but Dad, I am not a child anymore."

"Mattie, you are my child."

Mac smiled. "Mattie, honey, your Dad and I are concerned for your safety and always will be."

Harm got a thoughtful look on his face. "I know that this is going to sound crazy, but doesn't Mac need to be pregnant?"

"Harm, I am." Mac said quietly.


"You know that 24 hour bug we thought I had last week, the doctor ran some tests, and I am one month pregnant. I was going to tell you tonight at dinner."

"Then, the answer to the mission is no." Harm answered. "I will not put both my daughter, fiancé, and unborn child at risk."

"But if we don't Harm then he will keep killing. He has already struck two families. You can count me in," Mac answered.

"Me too!" Mattie exclaimed.

Harm knew he was defeated. "If we do this, I want Mattie to be trained on how to fire a weapon if needed, and I want a guard with both of them at all times. A silent and invisible guard. Can you do that Clay?"

"Sure." He handed them their cover.

They were the Marks. Harm would be Lt. Colonel Christopher Marks, a Marine pilot, Mac would be Sarah Marks, she would work at the PX on base, and Mattie would be Madeline "Maddie" Marks, a bagger at the local commissary. They read over their cover stories. Maddie was Chris and Sarah's adopted daughter, who was their niece by blood. Christopher's sister had died when Maddie was five, leaving custody to them. To earn extra money on the side, the family ran a pool hall.

"Matts, I want you to go with Clay to Langley. He will teach you how to fire a weapon just incase anything happens."

"Yes sir."

Mattie smiled at her Dad and Clay nodded. "I will bring her home around dinner time Harm." Clay told him.

"Thanks Clay, if Mattie has to go with us, I want for her to be able to protect herself, I know how your ops go."

"Trust me Rabb, I am not going to let anything happen to your family, it is the least I can do since I can't get in on this case."