Chapter Eleven

Harm got his girls home and turned off the engine, looking in the backseat if the car and found Mattie asleep in Mac's lap. He smiled. Mac was still feeling a little under the weather with everything that had happened in the hospital, and Mattie, well, she was still beating herself up for not realizing what was happening to Mac.

He reached into the backseat and nudge Mac. She looked at him with sleepy eyes. "Don't wake Maddie, she needs her sleep right now." She whispered to him. He unlocked the door and went to the car and picked Mattie up in his arms. He placed her in her bed and went downstairs to find Mac making some tea.

"Sweetheart, are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Worried about Maddie though. She really worried about me this weekend."

"She loves you, there is no doubt about that. I was really worried about you too. How are you doing?"

"Better." Mac answered him sipping her tea.

Harm looked at her and raised his eyebrow, "Are you sure?"

"Do I need to show you how sure I am?"

"You know it!"

"You're on Flyboy." Mac screeched and launched her self into his arms. She crushed him with a kiss and started unbuttoning his shirt. He reached for the hem of her shirt and just threw it across the room when he heard the doorbell ring.

"Ignore it," He hissed picking her up.

"That's the plan," she said attacking his earlobe. He groaned.

"Chris! Sarah!" The person outside the rood just wouldn't leave them alone. Mac smiled at Harm.

"Raincheck." She flew into the kitchen and tossed their clothes in to the laundry room. Flinging on a clean Marines T-Shirt from the clean pile and tossing Harm another Marine T-shirt, she quickly threw it over her head, and when she saw he was decent, she opened the door.

Allie Allen stood at the door. "Sarah! The club heard about your little stay at the hospital last night, is everything okay?"

"Just had a hard hitting virus. Seems to be no lasting effects."

"That's a relief." Mac opened the door the door and ushered Allie in.

"Harm, Allie is here." She announced. Harm had gone into the kitchen and was standing in front of the refrigerator. Mac stifled her giggle.

"Hi Allie, would you like something to drink, I was just getting ready to make some lunch," Harm explained crouching over to pick up the sandwich dressing. Noticing it was empty, he tossed it into the already full trash bag. "Looks like making lunch is out of the question. What would you and the baby enjoy for lunch?"

"Hibachi chicken." Mac said without missing a beat.

Harm heard the phone ring. He was getting ready to go answer it when he heard Mattie get up. "I'll get it!" She screeched.

"My kid, a herd of elephants could go through a room, but when a phone rings from downstairs, she can hear it!" Harm said chuckling.

He heard Mattie squeal. "It must be a boy on the phone."

"Mac, she is too young to date!" He said in a hushed tone. Mac shot a look at him knowing that he might have just blown their cover.


"Short for my maiden name, MacCalister." Mac said covering for them. "He never calls me this unless Maddie is doing something that makes her my child instead of ours." She said smirking. "Christopher, do I have to explain to you yet again on how Maddie can take care of herself, and that if we put too many restraints on her, we might just smother her?"

Harm shook his head. "But she is my little girl." He said sighing. Mattie came walking into the kitchen. "Who was on the phone Madeline?"

"It was Andrew! He wants to get together next weekend to paintball." She said.

"No.""Yes." Harm and Mac said at the same time. Mac shot a glare at Harm.

"Yes you can go Maddie. Josh is picking you up?"

"Well Andrew was going too."

"Josh has to pick you up. Andrew just got his license."

"Do you mean Andrew Clayton Dover?"

Harm and Mac just looked at each other. "Yeah." Mattie answered. "I have known Andrew for years. We went to the same preschool. When my real mom died and I moved in with Mom and Dad, I totally forgot about him. Turns out that he is the nephew of Mom and Dad's business partner. He used to steal my clay!" Mattie said.

Harm smiled. It was a plausible story, and something easy to remember.

"You guys own a business?" Allie asked.

"We are getting ready to reopen the pool hall." Harm answered her, dialing the number for the Japanese place. "It is going to be called Corner Pocket. It should be opened on Friday."

"You should be there for the grand-opening." Mac said inviting her.

"My family will be there Friday then."


AN –Sorry it has been awhile in between the other projects, RL, and moving, well I put this one on the back burner. At least I know who the villian is. More action hopefully to come in the next chapters. The pool hall will be opening and we will see our favorite couple mop the floor. Bud and Tracy Manetti to investigate-anything else you guys want?

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