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Chapter 1: The Cut

Robin had just caught Starfire as she was being killed by Slade's probes from the inside …

" Stop! Please." He pleaded to Slade. " Then attack Robin, it's the only way to save them. Attack with all you've got." Slade answered coldly.

Robin had no choice. In order to save his best friend and secret love, he had to do it. He laid her down the giant N ( a/n: I'm not sure what letter they were on.) .

" Robin.." she said faintfully. " I'm sorry " was his response, then he shot her.

When Starfire woke, she tried to get up but coundn't. She felt a pain in her stomach. She looked down and saw it. She was wounded, badly by her best friend. After realizing this, she started to tear. Both physicaly and mentaly. She looked at the cut again to see if it was not that bad, but the wound was very deep,( a/n: Robin didn't know, okay he left before it started to bleed.) the blood was practicly covering her whole stomach. It felt like a thousand knives were piercing her by the second.

" Star, are you okay!" shouted her robotic friend. She quickly got her handkerchief from a pocket hidden in her skirt ( a/n: Lets pretend that she does have a hidden poket in her skirt, k?) and wiped the blood, but the wound was still showing, so she flew down to her friends with her hand covering it.

" I am fine." She lied." Good, we should go back to the Tower and see what we can do from there" answered her gothic friend.

At Titan Tower where the Titans, exept Starfire, were discussing what to do…

" So, what are we going to do?" asked Beast Boy. " Hey,I'm gonna check where Starfire is." Annonced Raven and walked out of the main room and headed fore Starfire's

Inside Starfire's bathroom…

Starfire was looking through her cabinet to find medicine to put on her wound

" Why didn't you tell the others?" asked Raven from behind her.

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