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The snowy landscape looked dark and foreboding, as the echo of clashing reverberated across the mountain side. The two men came at each other again and again, fiercely exchanging blows of both sword and fist.

The older man suddenly sank to the ground, unable to move, for exhaustion washed over him like a flood. The younger man sank to the round as well, and the two stared at one another in bewilderment.

"You have amazing skill," said the older man, his grey eyes piercing the younger man as he observed him. The younger man, still breathless from the fight, sat motionless and stared boldly back. His snow-white kimono, now soaked in blood, contrasted with his fiery ebony hair that stood up upon his head defiantly.

Slowly, the two men rose to their feet, swords in hand. The cold wind tore at the older man's already tattered kimono as the two men stood in silence, each studying the other. Suddenly the younger snarled and moved to strike at the old man's heart. However, just as Vegeta's sword pierced the man's heart, the man vengefully brought a dagger across his face, slashing his eyes. The young man howled in pain as he fell to the ground along side the old man.

As his vision went dark, he heard the man whisper a name with his dying breath.


That was the last thing Vegeta ever saw.

Bulma was in the training room when her best friend, Chi Chi, suddenly burst into the room. Bulma could tell from the sorrowful expression in Chi Chi's eyes that something was terribly wrong. Bulma immediately dropped her katana and ran over to the woman.

"Chi Chi, what's wrong?" asked Bulma, grabbing Chi Chi's arm to calm the shaking woman. Chi Chi's eyes filled with tears as she slowly said, "Bulma. . . your father is dead." Bulma stiffened and look incredulously into her eyes.

"Wh-what? What do you mean DEAD? I just saw him earlier today! How!" Bulma yelled, fighting back the tears that began to form in her cerulean eyes. "He was killed in a battle with the Saiyan-jin clan. I'm so sorry, Bulma," sobbed Chi Chi, enveloping Bulma in an embrace. Bulma let out a loud sob as she slowly sank to the ground.

"No! No! No! I won't believe you!" screamed Bulma, her tears falling freely to the floor.

Suddenly memories of her father began to fill her head. All the good times they had spent together were now over. Bulma collapsed into Chi Chi's arms as sobs wracked her body. As she mourned the loss of her father, she vowed to avenge his death.

The next day, Bulma found herself standing over her father's grave. As she heard the sound of weeping all around her, she stared tearlessly at the final resting place of her father.

'The time of mourning is over.' Bulma thought to herself. 'I must be strong for my clan; they cannot see me cry. I must take my father's place now.' She bowed deeply at her father's headstone. "Give me strength, Father," she whispered, as she resolutely stood and walked away.

When Bulma arrived in her room, she found her loyal friend Chi Chi already there. She could tell that Chi Chi had been crying, for her eyes were red and puffy, even though she said nothing. "Chi Chi, as you know, I must take over the family now that Father is dead," Bulma said softly, her voice solemn.

Chi Chi nodded and took Bulma's hand. She smiled at the blue-haired woman, "You know that I will always support you, Bulma. I'll be loyal to you, always." Bulma smiled back at her.

"Thank you, Chi, I REALLY appreciate it! You must help me secure my place as head of this clan, for I know there will be other lords vying for our land. I am going to need all your help, Chi!" Bulma said swiftly, her voice coated with urgency. Chi Chi nodded fervently, and the two instantly started coming up with a plan to secure Bulma's authority.

Bulma needed to be the head so that she would have the resources to take her revenge upon the Saiyan-jin clan. . .

Vegeta sat up in his bed. He opened his eyes, hoping his vision had somehow gotten better, but his hopes were dashed as he once again found himself looking into utter darkness. Vegeta growled in frustration and put the bandages back over his eyes as he cautiously stepped out of his bed. He stood still, allowing his sharp senses to take in his surroundings. He sensed the ki of his father in the throne room, and he heard the footsteps of his father's numerous servants and retainers.

Vegeta took it all in and slowly he made his way to the door and shuffled out to the courtyard, grabbing his sword on the way out. He felt the servants quickly move to the side to allow him through, bowing as he went by. Vegeta growled at his weakness. 'That stupid old man blinded me! He deserved his death,' Vegeta thought as he counted his steps to the courtyard.

Just as Vegeta was about to enter into the courtyard, he ran smack into something hard and jumped back in surprise. Then he realized who it was.

"Kakkarot!" Vegeta growled in Kakkarot's general direction. Goku looked down and smiled at his best friend. "Oh, hi, Vegeta!" I was just looking for you; your father sent me because he figured you would need help since you're bl—"

"Shut up, BAKA! I don't need anyone's help, especially not the help of some lower class weakling like you," screamed Vegeta, storming away. Goku watched in amusement as Vegeta tripped and fell flat on his face, burying it in the soft dirt. Goku held back his laughter and walked over to the fallen prince.

"So Vegeta, what was it that you were saying about not needing anyone's help?" Goku held back his laughter as the prince struggled to stand. Vegeta growled and leapt at Goku, who simply stepped out of the way and watched Vegeta swing wildly at the air.

"You're so lucky that I can't see you, Kakkarot, 'cause then I would KILL YOU for making fun of me!" Vegeta hissed as Goku chuckled, "Whatever you say, Vegeta. So, you want me to lead you to the courtyard, or do you want the whole clan to see the prince tripping all over the place?" Vegeta growled again, but was silent. Kakkarot took that as a 'no', and cautiously took the prince by the arm and led him to the courtyard.

"Okay, 'Geta, we're here," Goku said happily grinning happily at Vegeta. "Finally!" Vegeta growled, shrugging off Goku's said hand and unsheathing his sword. "And don't call me 'Geta' ever again, Kakkarot!"—with that, Vegeta stalked off (slowly, of course). When he felt that he was in the middle of the courtyard, he plunged his sword deep into the ground before him. He cautiously sat down behind it, closed his eyes, and began to meditate.

Goku watched Vegeta as he repeated his routine of meditating, as he had done ever since the fight, which had been almost a week ago. He sighed and shook his head.

"Vegeta is so stubborn," Goku muttered, sitting under the tree across from Vegeta. "He'll never except the fact that he's blind." Goku leaned back and closed his eyes, thinking back to that horrible day that had changed Vegeta's life, as well as his own life, forever. . .

There had been a snow storm the night before, which resulted in everything being covered in a thick, white blanket. Even though everyone had warned Vegeta of the winter snows, Vegeta still insisted upon going into the Hakurei Mountains to train. So I agreed to accompany him.

As we tediously made our way up the mountains, of Hakurei, we were ambushed. I fought as hard as I could against the attackers, but they were just too strong. While I was fending off an attack from one of the assailants, another had come up behind me and knocked me out cold. When I came to, I saw Vegeta fending off another member of the mysterious group which wore no crest to indicate which clan they were from. We were faced against an unknown enemy and were hopelessly outnumbered. I tried to get up, but was in too much pain to move. So I helplessly watched the two warriors duel.

The duel lasted for a long time, but neither gained the advantage. They were so evenly matched that it was amazing to watch. They seemed to almost dance around each other as they parried each others blows. Soon the snow began to fall again and soon all I could see was a blur of white and the sounds of the two warriors fighting for their lives. I couldn't take it anymore, I had to do something.

After many tries, I was finally able to get off of the ground. After I had retrieved my sword I made my way over to the warriors, just to see Vegeta lunge at the old man, piercing through his heart. I sighed in relief at the victorious prince , but it was cut short when I saw something flash across Vegeta's face and Vegeta instantly jerked his head back and let out a yell as blood poured from his face onto the white snow. I immediately ran to Vegeta's side as he fell to the ground next to the dying man. I tried to calm the enraged prince as he lay there writhing in pain.

"Vegeta everything is going to be all right, but you have to be still in order for me to help you", I said softly as I quickly ripped off a piece of my kimono and tried to bind his eyes. Vegeta snarled and swatted my hands away.

"Don't touch me!" he hissed trying to get up but not having the strength to.

"Vegeta listen to me-"

"HE BLINDED ME KAKARROTT! HOW DARE HE! I will kill every last member of his family, of his clan! They will pay for what he has done to me!" screamed Vegeta still cluthing his eyes in pain.

"Vegeta calm down, we need to focus on binding your wound and getting u back to the palace

I said cautiously prying Vegeta's blood stained hands away from his eyes. As I gently wrapped the cloth around vegeta's head I could clearly see the sword wound that went straight across the middle of Vegeta's face. His eyes were swollen shut and his eye lids were purple and caked with blood. I winced and looked away. I knew then that vegeta would never see again. It was a devastating blow to not only Vegeta but the whole Saiyan-jin clan.

Vegeta was too weak to walk, drained from the recent duel and the critical wound to his eyes, so I carried him through the icy Hakurei mountain pass towards the palace. I glanced back at the clearing where the fierce battle had taken place expecting to see the body of the mysterious warrior, but there was no one there. I returned to the palace in a daze, numbed by the events that had recently taken place. The king was outraged when he saw what our attackers had done and he sent men all over the country to find the traitors. They still have not found the men who did this. Vegeta was bed ridden for days, delirious and half crazied by the pain, not only physically but mentally. But today was the first day Vegeta was able to walk around free of assistance.

"I guess there is still hope for u after all Vegeta", Goku whispered. Vegeta looked up in the direction of Goku's voice.

"You say something Kakkarott?" Vegeta asked gruffly. Goku chuckled, forgetting vegeta's sharp hearing.

"Oh no Vegeta, nothing at all" said Goku with his usual cheerfulness.

Vegeta said nothing in response and both men went into the sleep like trance of meditation; one trying to fix the past, the other fighting to secure his future.