Gargoyles: 2198

Disclaimer: Gargoyles is property of Disney and Buena Vista television. Gargoyles 2198 is the sole creation of Greg Weisman, and this fanfiction is created with the sole intention of continuing what he set down in the Master Plan.

One thousand years ago, superstition and the sword ruled, it was a time of darkness, it was a world of fear, it was the age of gargoyles…Stone by day, warriors by night we were betrayed by the humans we had sworn to protect, frozen in stone by a magic spell for a thousand years. Finally the spell was broken…and we lived again!

But our struggle was far from over…for the last 200 years we have faced the future. Navigating an uneasy truce with the human race.

But now the planet Earth itself is under attack! Humanity is helpless. And we may be your last hope for freedom.

We are defenders of the night! We are protectors of this world!

The year is 2198, and we are GARGOYLES!

"This is Ananda Marshal reporting live from Queen Florence Island off of the west-coast of Canada," The spunky blonde reporter said into the web-camera.

"We're here just hours before a new clan of gargoyles is about to be hatched," she said, "I'm here with Professor William Griffin a leader in studying gargoyle anthropology. Professor could you please explain to our audience at home who just logged on what is going on?"

"Certainly Ananda I'd love to," The gray haired professor said smiling, "twelve years ago the Gargoyle Nation decided that it was finally thriving. The twelve clans decided that they needed a sign, a symbol of gargoyle unity, and so all twelve clans brought their eggs here to Queen Florence Isle. By combining their rookeries they hoped to create a brand new thirteenth clan. Of course some of those gargoyles will leave when they're old enough and join other clans, but on the whole this will be a new start for them, and a chance for gargoyles to spread beyond the twelve isolated locations."

"Professor Griffin," Ananda said, "Can you tell us the names of these twelve clans."

"Well first Ananda," Professor Griffin said, "You must understand that naming is a human concept, and Gargoyles don't think in terms of names, though many have taken names in order to deal with our kind. As such the Locations of the various clans are, the two New York Clans known as the Labyrinth and Manhattan clans. The Wyvern Clan based out of Wyvern Scotland; the Loch Ness Clan based in Loch Ness; The ChaxcHuax clan from Guatemala; the London Clan of London England; The New Camelot Clan based in Antarctica; The reclusive New Olympian Clan; The Korean Clan; The Xanadu China clan; The Ishimuran Clan based in Japan; and the Mysterious Avalon clan."

"The Avalon clan?" Ananda asked.

"The Gargoyles aren't saying much about this clan, they never have. All we really know is that it's a clan living in a secret undisclosed location," the professor said, "Taking it's name from Celtic tradition, Avalon was said to be the final resting place of King Arthur."

"Fascinating," Ananda said, "The hatching of this clan is an historic occasion, and as such leaders from every country in the world will be arriving to witness it. In fact here is the Secretary General of the United Nations right now: Alexander Fox Xanatos IV!"

Alexander Fox Xanatos IV looked remarkably like Alexander Fox Xanatos the first (Possibly because he was!) His red hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and he had the traditional/hereditary Xanatos swagger. He had his beard trimmed in the same manner as David Xanatos the businessman of the late twentieth early twenty-first century and a direct ancestor of his.

Over his right eye was a blue tattoo in the shape of a fox head.

"Mister Xanatos," Ananda said running up to Alex, and shoving the Web Camera in his face. "How do you feel on this momentous event?"

Alex resisted the urge to turn her into an aardvark.

"Miss Marshall," He said, "My family has always been supportive of gargoyles, I was practically raised among them. My great-great grandfather David Xanatos left the Eyrie building to them in his will, and they were generous enough to allow his company to remain working from there, my great-grandfather Alexander Fox Xanatos the First's business partner was a gargoyle, that's where we got the Lexington-Xanatos Corporation today. In short I am excited and enthusiastic about today's tonight's events."

"Mister Xanatos," Owen Burnett, Xanatos's Aide De Camp said, "we must hurry along, it's nearly sunset, and we don't want to miss the gargoyles that are already here awakening."

"Quite Right Owen," Alex said flashing that trademark Xanatos grin, "Perfect timing," he whispered to his friend, "As usual."

"I try sir," Owen said dryly.


The sun drifted quietly over the horizon and cracks began appearing in a spider-web pattern over the bodies of three statues, there was an explosion of stone and three gargoyles were now flesh and blood.

Queens brushed flecks of stone off of her shoulder. The current leader of the Manhattan clan, she had brick red skin color (A tribute to her ancestry) long silk black hair, and twin horns that curved like the top of a Kabuto. She had the Pterodactyl wing style, and she wore a tunic similar to the one Angela wore. She was about 64. (32)

Samson was her second in command, anyone who bothered to look at him could see who he was descended from. His long sable hair alone gave it away. He was of course a child of the clan, and thus had many rookery mothers and fathers. He had Aquamarine colored skin and fan like ears (Like Broadway or Coldstone) He was a large well-muscled gargoyle, and he had the traditional bat wingstyle. He wore a simple loincloth, as well as a breastplate. He was about 39 (19)

Leon was Queens' mate, a descendant of the London clan he looked like a white tiger with feathered wings. He wore a breastplate and a loincloth.

The three Gargoyles yawned and stretched, and began to move towards the volcano in the center of the Island.

"Samson," Queens said ushering her second in command aside, "You have been assigned guard duty. You and three others will make sure that only clan leaders and world leaders are allowed in the volcano. No press."

Samson tried not to be too disappointed. He had been excited about coming along on this trip. Seeing the new clan being born was a huge honor, security was tight and only three members of each clan were permitted to attend. Though the Quarrymen organization fell out of favor years ago, they had still managed to survive much as the Ku Klux Klan had for many years.

Indeed, though it was not "politically correct" there was an anti-gargoyle sentiment amongst many if not most humans. The Minority-Sentient species Protection act of 2007 passed by the UN prevented the hunting of gargoyles in countries that were aware of their existence within their borders. This was due primarily to the Labyrinth and Manhattan Clan's aid six years prior on 9-11-01. The Evening after the attack the gargoyles in both of these clans aided firefighters and police officers. Though neither gargoyle clan was actually able to rescue anyone, their efforts were noted.

Samson sighed knowing thatguard duty was beyond his control or even Queens' control as guard duty had been selected by lottery days ago.

"Queens," Came a deep voice that snapped Samson out of his funk.

"Gabriel," Queens said smiling as she hugged the leader of the Avalon clan. "It's been too long!"

"Time passes differently on Avalon," Gabriel said smiling, "It's been longer for you than it has been for me."

"That's why you and Ophelia are the only gargoyles here who've met Goliath," Queens said.

"I have been looking forward to this for ages," Gabriel said.

"Believe it," Ophelia commented, "He's been giddy waiting for this day."

"Samson!" came a familiar voice from behind him, "Hola, Mi Amigo! How have you been?"

Samson spun around to see his best friend, "Zafiro."

Zafiro was of the Mayan Clan. His skin was sapphire blue, and he had prominent brow ridges. With his white hair, feathered wings and serpentine lower body it was obvious to see that he Obsidiana and Zafiro's descendant. He even bore his great grand father's name. He wore a simple gold colored breastplate. The Mayan clan members with snake like abdomens often did not were pants, and did not need them.

Samson did not get to say much to his friend though before Zafiro smiled and two pumpkin-colored clawed hands covered his eyes.

"Guess who?" a playful feminine voice, asked.

"Well I don't know," Samson said coyly. "Who could it be? I could just guess but I have a better idea. Zaf, who is it?"

"Well it certainly isn't Delilah if that's who you're thinking," Zafiro said.

Delilah couldn't take it anymore and burst out laughing, and fell to the ground. She looked much like her namesake, (and ancestor) the same white hair, the same white wings, but her skin was more pumpkin then brown, and she had had enough genetic stock that she was no longer related to Samson, or at least only distantly.

Queens narrowed and then rolled her eyes at Obsidian, the leader of the Mayan clan. "All right whose idea was it to bring the three musketeers together and put them on guard duty together?"

"Not mine Seniora," The jet black gargoyle said, "I think Alex Xanatos may have been behind it."

It made sense, since Alex was the best person to manipulate the lottery and having been taught by ultimate trickster, he was a bit of a trickster himself.

A human boy of about seventeen came panting up to the small group of gargoyles that had congregated.

He was American Indian, with black hair. He wore a blue jumpsuit, with an insignia of a gargoyle on the right side: The sign of the Order of the Guardian.

"Nick," Samson said recognizing him. Queens nodded.

"Zafiro, Delilah," Queens said, "This is Nick Natsilani Maza."

The two nodded.

"Nick, has been assigned guard duty with the three of you," Queens said, "Basically your job is simple: Nobody who isn't in charge of their own Country or a clan leader goes up that volcano."

The four of them nodded understanding the task they'd been given.


"I can't believe that the Mayan leaders chose you to be a pendant bearer!" Delilah said in awe.

"What's the sun like?" Samson asked.

"My amigos, let me tell you," Zafiro said, "It is one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen."

"Only Aria is more beautiful hmm?" Delilah teased.

Zafiro blushed. "We went to the solstice dance together in Ishimura, that is all. You read to much into things."

Aria was now the second in command for the new Wyvern clan, she was oft described as the most beautiful female of the 2158 rookery generation. Zafiro like many males of that generation was smitten with her.

"She's here now you know," Nick said deciding to interject him-self into the conversation.

"I heard she was chosen to be a cross bearer," Samson said. Their conversation was cut short however, by rumbling sound.

"Is that a storm?" Delilah asked, "I didn't think it was going to rain."

"It's not," Zafiro said glancing up. His eyes then grew as big as saucers.


"Yeah," Nick said.

"Look up."

They did.

"It" was huge, the size of the volcano itself. It basically looked like a gigantic beetle of some sort. It hovered above the volcano, for about one minute.

"Guys," Samson said.


"We need to get up there."

"Sam's right," Nick said, he turned and started running up the hill. Samson and Delilah began loping after him. Samson moved the fastest, outdistancing his friends rapidly. A beam of green light shot into the volcano crater. There was a flash.

The Insect shaped ship took off, and flew away before Samson ever even made it to the top. When he looked in the chasm he didn't know what to expect but it wasn't what he saw.

Zafiro glided down and landed, to shocked to say anythinngmore than: "What in the name of Heaven!"

What they saw was nothing. No eggs, no world leaders, no clan leaders, no anything. It was as if they had never even been there. All of it was gone.

To Be Continued…