Transformers: Giant living machines from the distant planet Cybertron; named for their ability to transform into vehicles or even living creatures.

Autobots: Heroic and peace-loving Transformers led by Optimus Prime; the Autobots have fought their sworn enemy from their home world, to Earth, and back again.

Decepticons: Violent and greedy Transformers who long to rule and control all that they see. Led by the genius yet insane Megatron, the Decepticons long for power and the destruction of the Autobots

Deep in space, the lush planet of Tamaran echoed with cheers and celebration as they enjoyed their one year anniversary of peace and prosperity.

People were so happy, even those monitoring the defense satellites were too excited to notice the blinking warning lights on the deep space radar.

"Mama?" a little girl asked in her native language, tugging on her mother's gown. The mother looked around the crowded streets before looking down at her daughter. "What that?" the little girl asked, pointing toward the sky.

The mother looked up and unearthed a loud scream as she scooped her daughter up and ran through the crowded streets. "UNICRON!" A man screamed as the festive crowd quickly devolved into a riot of people trying to find safety, while some just stared at what looked like a second ringed moon with a glowing center approaching their world.

Ground-to-air weapons fired, but what could any defense do against a monster roughly half the size of their planet? The mechanical planetoid's glowing center slowly opened into sharp teeth that dug into the rocky surface as it collided with Tamaran. The massive monstrosity breached the planet's atmosphere and caused the whole planet to tremble and shake.

"It'll be ok, baby," the young mother said to her little girl as she held the crying child, and all around them began to shake and break apart.

"Mama?" the girl asked, just as the ground gave way below them and their lives came to an end.

It took the monster planet a total of fifteen minutes to devour what took countless millennia to develop, leaving not even space debris where the Planet Tamaran once orbited its sun.

The monster known as Unicron stayed for a moment, digesting the soil, water, plants, animals, and people it consumed, before its ring lit up with energy. Adam… the monster's booming voice stated. Adam, you have failed me… and I will finish what you could not…

Gendo Ikari sat up in his master bedroom soaked in sweat, unconsciously screaming at the top of his lungs. Even after he became aware of his surroundings, he continued his screaming. He jerked the glove from his right hand, and held the throbbing implanted embryo with tears of pain running down his face.

"Commander Ikari?" his bodyguard asked, bursting into the bedchamber, "Commander, are you ok?" the man asked the trembling head of NERV.

"No, I'm not!" Gendo yelled with a trembling voice, "GET OUT!"

The guard looked questioningly at his employer but quickly exited, shutting the door behind him. "Something's… something's coming…" Gendo said, sitting up, "Will Evangelion be enough? No… not against something like that… help… we'll need help…" Gendo shook his head repeatedly. He scooted to the edge of the bed and reached for his dresser.

He silently opened the top drawer and pulled out a small device, watching it shake in his grasp. "I never thought I'd have to use this…" Gendo said before he hit the single button, causing it to flash. "Hurry, Prime," he said as he replaced the still-flashing beacon in his dresser. "But… will they help me after they learn what I've done?"

Something evil's watching over you

Comin' from the sky above

And there's nothing you can do

Prepare to strike

There'll be no place to run

When you're caught within the grip

Of the evil Unicron

Strong enough to break the bravest heart

So we have to pull together

No, we can't stay worlds apart

To stand divided we will surely fall

Until our darkest hour

When the light will save us all


More than meets the eye


Robots in Disguise


Autobots wage their Battle

To destroy the evil forces

Of the Decepticons


Usque Omnis Unus

Two Weeks Later…

"Come on, Shinji-kun, toss me a bone here…" a beautiful, young Operations Director of NERV sighed as she sped dangerously through the streets of Tokyo-3. Misato Katsuragi had been the guardian of the pilots of Evangelion Units 01 and 02 for almost a year now, and she had hoped, now that the last Angel had been destroyed, that things would be getting better. But with one of her children in the hospital in a coma, and the other in a deep depression over having to kill the final Angel, who was posing as his friend, she was having no such luck.

"Whatever, Misato," Shinji Ikari, pilot of Evangelion Unit 01, sighed, leaning his head on the glass.

"Shinji…" Misato sighed, but whatever she was going to say was cut off by a honking horn behind her.

"BLOW IT OUT YOUR TAILPIPE, ASSHOLE!" Misato screamed after rolling down her window.

Misato sat back into the seat with a pleased look on her face when the horns blew again, this time on either side of the car. Shinji and Misato looked to see on Shinji's side was a white, Pre-Second Impact sports car with blue pinstripes and the number four on the door and hood as well as a strange symbol that looked like a robot's face. On Misato's side was a red, newer-model sports car with flames on the side and hood as well as the same symbol as the other car. "Oh, you wanna race, huh, bastards?"

"Um… Misato, I don't know if that's such a good idea…" Shinji whimpered slightly, reaching for his seatbelt.

"Oh, hush now, Shinji; let the grownups handle this…" Misato patted the 14-year-old's head. "EAT MY DUST, YOU JACKASSES!" She screamed as she peeled out, accelerating past the two cars.

Did you see that, Jazz? The red car spoke.

Yeah, Hot Rod, I did, the white car responded.

That's my kind of woman! The red car cheered as it sped after Misato's blue car.

Kids… The white car sighed before speeding up.

Misato grinned as she saw the two cars approaching in her rearview mirror. "Good, I love a challenge," she whispered dangerously with a look on her face that put Shinji in mind of the Second Child and pilot of Evangelion Unit 02.

"MISATO! TURN!" Shinji screamed, pointing forward, and then let out a girly yelp as Misato took it on two wheels, almost turning the car over. "RED LIGHT! RED LIGHT! RED MEANS STOOOOOOOOOOOOP!" Shinji squealed as his guardian ran the light and sailed right through passing traffic.

"Once Asuka wakes up, we're going to have to do something about you, Shinji-kun," Misato said casually as she shot across the yellow line to pass a car and barely got back over before hitting an oncoming truck. "Spinal workouts comin' right up, sweetie. Live a little."

"I'd really like to live a little," Shinji gulped, holding onto his seatbelt like a life preserver, "If you don't kill me…" Shinji took a glance at the speedometer and regretted it instantly. "Misato, what's the speed limit here?"

"Forty five," Misato smirked, pushing the accelerator harder.

"Is my math off, or is one twenty a bit over the limit?" Shinji squeaked, closing his eyes tight.

"Figment of your imagination, kiddo," Misato chuckled, glancing in her rear view mirror to find the cars gone. "Looks like we lost 'um!" Misato laughed before starting to sing 'We Are the Champions.'

Misato's singing was abruptly cut off when she passed under a bridge, and the two sports cars jumped from overhead and landed in front. Her eyes widened as they peeled out mockingly and sped ahead.

"Why, you… YOU WANT A FIGHT? YOU GOT A FIGHT!" Misato screamed at the cars before peeling out again.

"Please, God, be with me in my time of need, which is now…" Shinji prayed as he hugged the seat belt, "Mom, if you're up there, tell him I'm not kidding!" he yelped as Misato took another hard turn.

"Shinji Ikari," Misato scolded, taking her attention completely away from the road but speeding up anyway. "You've battled how many Angels now, and you're scared of my driving?"

"Misato, if they were in here, the Angels would be scared, too! AND WATCH THE DAMNED ROAD!" Shinji screamed out, clamping his eyes shut.

"WATCH THAT MOUTH, YOUNG MAN!" Misato scolded, turning the wheel hard to keep from going through a bakery.

"I'LL WATCH MY MOUTH WHEN YOU WATCH THE ROAD, OK?" Shinji screamed out in a squeaky voice.

"Impressive," Misato smiled, "Asuka would be pleased."

"Huh?" Shinji asked, his cheeks suddenly burning. The moment of silence was cut off when the car began to flip along the asphalt. Once over, twice, three, four flips before it settled on its wheels surprisingly in a parking spot out front of the NERV Hospital.

"Liiiiike a glove!" Misato grinned before looking at the dazed Shinji lying prone and looking dead in the passenger seat.

Misato got out of a car and blew a kiss as the two sport cars sped past the parking lot. "C'mon, Shinji-kun," Misato said, pulling the still dazed Shinji from the car, "Let's go check on your lover."

"ASUKA'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND, LOVER, OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT!" Shinji yelled, the pale daze replaced by a full body blush.

"You're too easy, Shinji," Misato kissed his cheek, causing his blush to intensify even farther, "Let's go."

Did you see that! Hot Rod cheered, just goes to show, chicks dig the Rod!

She didn't 'dig' you, buddy boy, Jazz replied, She fell under the spell of Jazz.

Did not

Did too

Face it, kid, Humans love me, always have, always will

Check the ego, old timer; who'd love a clunker like you? She beat you after I let her pass me.


I'm not a kid!


"How's she doing?" Misato asked the doctor as she watched Shinji hesitantly standing in Asuka's hospital room door.

"Still no physical responses, Major," The doctor sighed, shaking her head, "I wish I knew what to tell you. All I can say is be patient and pray."

Misato nodded as she watched Shinji slowly walk into the room and approach Asuka's bedside.

"You know, Shinji, she is awake, just… out of it, kind of like in a coma." Misato said, patting the boy's shoulder. "Talk to her. She's going to need strength to pull out of this, and no one ever got her as fired up as you."

Shinji nodded and pulled up a chair. "H-hi, Asuka," Shinji murmured, taking her limp hand. "I… you know… I'd really like it if you'd wake up. It's too quiet around here without you yelling at me, calling me an idiot and everything…" Shinji said, stroking the back of her hand with his thumb. "This is my fault…" he sighed, "If I hadn't run away, you wouldn't have felt like you didn't have anyone to care about you and you wouldn't have left. I'm sorry I'm such a coward, Asuka; I'm sorry I did this to you…"

Misato blinked as she watched Asuka's still face. 'Did her eyebrow just flinch?' Misato thought as she narrowed her eyes and watched.

"We're really not that different, Asuka. I'm sorry I wasn't a better friend to you," Shinji said, lowering his head, "I'm sorry I was always so… so spineless … I'm sorry I couldn't save you from that Angel; if I could, I'd take your place in a moment. I'm so sorry, Asuka; I'm so, so-OUCH!"

"Shinji?" Misato looked to find Shinji gagging as Asuka's fingers, which had lain limp at her side, were now up and gripping Shinji's Adam's Apple.

"Asuka! You're awake!" Misato squealed happily, ignoring Shinji's gags and coughs. She quickly went to the other side of Asuka's bed, "Asuka!" She said as she watched Asuka slowly open her eyes into slits and turn them to glare at Shinji

"Dumm… kopf..." Asuka breathed through her chapped lips.

"As-Asuka…" Shinji croaked, "Misato, get her… off me… please…"

"Oh! Shinji-kun!" Misato quickly moved to the boy's side and pried Asuka's fingers from his throat.

Shinji breathed deeply for several breaths before turning to the girl, "Asuka? You're really back?"

"Stop… apologizing… for…" Asuka paused for breaths, "Things you… have nothing… to do… with… stu… stupid…" she said with a weak smile.

Shinji grinned down at the pale girl, "Welcome back, Asuka."

"Baka-Shinji," Asuka sighed, closing her eyes but her smile still on her face.

Shinji and Misato could only smile at each other, but before either could say anything, Misato's cell phone rang. "Katsuragi."

Shinji watched as Misato's face melted into seriousness. "Yes, sir, we're on our way." Misato's face then turned in confusion, "Why do you want us to meet you in Tokyo-2?" Misato then nodded, "Yes, sir, on our way."

"What's that, Misato?" Shinji asked, looking up at his guardian.

"We're supposed to meet the Commander just outside Tokyo-2 for some reason." Misato shrugged, "We better get a move on. We'll send the doctors in to check on her on our way out."

Shinji nodded and then turned back to the snoozing Asuka. "I'm right behind you, Misato." Shinji said before giving the sleeping Asuka a kiss on the forehead. "Not a word," Shinji said as he walked past a smirking Major Katsuragi.


A short while later, Misato and Shinji sat leaning against her car on the old seldom used interstate between Tokyo-2 and Tokyo-3.

"You don't think Father's going to stand us up?" Shinji asked, scratching the side of his head.

"He said he'd be here…" Misato said, glancing up at the sound of a vehicle, "Wait, here comes somebody."

Coming down the road from Tokyo-2 was a pre-Second Impact tractor semi-truck, a red, box-type with white trim, pulling a gray trailer with a large blue pinstripe running its sides.

The truck slowed to a stop before them, and the driver's side door opened. Shinji and Misato were surprised to see Commander Ikari climb out. "Major, Shinji," Gendo greeted as he approached them.

"Um… sir?" Misato asked as Shinji just stared in confusion.

"I'll not waste your time. The Angels are gone, Major," Gendo stated, crossing his arms across his chest. "But something worse is coming, much worse, and I doubt our two remaining Evangelions can stop it."

"Then… what are we going to do?" Misato asked in her command tone.

"We're going to unite with another organization that has dealt with… a similar threat." Gendo explained.

"Jet-Alone?" Misato asked, still not really following the Commander.

"No, not Jet-Alone," Gendo said, turning back to the truck, "Optimus?"

Misato and Shinji's jaws dropped as the trailer actually uncoupled itself, and the truck began to shift and change. "Optimus Prime…" Misato breathed as she looked up at the massive, humanoid robot.

"I see my reputation has preceded me, Major Katsuragi," Optimus Prime greeted Misato as he squatted down on one knee.

"I… I remember hearing about you as a kid… and… I studied some of your battle strategies at the academy…" Misato stammered, looking up into Prime's glowing blue optics. "Wow…"

"Um…" Shinji blinked, staring nervously at the giant, mechanical soldier.

"Shinji, this is Optimus Prime, Commander of the Autobots," Gendo introduced, "Prime, this is Shinji Ikari, pilot of Evangelion Unit 01."

"Ikari… your son?" Optimus asked.

"Major, you will be working with Prime to formulate a defense and, if need be, an evacuation timetable." Gendo continued, ignoring Prime's question.

Optimus narrowed his optics at Gendo for a moment before turning to the Major. "So, what are we up against?"

"The creator of what you called 'Angels'." Prime stated, earning gasps from Misato and Shinji.


Megatron… Unicron's voice boomed.

"What do you want?" the commander of the Decepticons asked from the bridge of his battleship.

I have need of you, Megatron…

"Listening," Megatron stated, ignoring the stares from his bridge crew.

Go to planet Earth. Destroy Lilith and the purple Evangelion. Once that is complete, bring me the Autobot Matrix of Leadership.

"What's in it for me?" Megatron said without interest.

All the power you could ever dream of, and then some, but only if you accomplish this for me.

"Earth, huh?" Megatron smiled evilly, "Haven't been there in a while. Humans aren't that difficult to destroy, but there are so many; it's hard not to be fun."

Megatron then turned to his second in command, "Soundwave, set a course for Earth, double time!" He bellowed.

"As you command, Megatron," Soundwave bowed humbly before relaying the order to the subordinates.

"Hmm," Megatron mused to himself as he sat back in his command chair. "I wonder what an Evangelion is… doesn't sound all that powerful."

To Be Continued…

Disclaimer: I do not own Evangelion, Transformers Generation 1, or any of the characters therein. This takes place after the final episode of the series, but ignores Death, Rebirth and End of Evangelion.

Here's a short timeline showing what's happened and a little bit more about who this variation of Gendo is.

1984 - The Transformers awaken in the American Southwest. During a battle on an oil rig in Gulf of Mexico, the Autobots befriend "Sparkplug" Witwicky and his son "Spike".

1987 - Spike marries his long time girlfriend Carlie and soon has a son named Daniel.

1989 - Carlie and Daniel are killed by a Decepticon ambush while riding in Bumblebee; Bumblebee barely survives and is rebuilt as Goldbug. The relationship between Goldbug and Spike becomes severely strained.

1991 - Megatron leaves earth after a successful raid in Iraq and the discovery of new energy reserves on Cybertron.

The Autobots attempt to have a base left on Earth as a safeguard from future raids but are told no by the UN and leave shortly afterwards

By the end of the year, Sparkplug dies of a stroke. Spike leaves the US for Japan, changing his last name to his mother's maiden name of Rokobungi and going by his given name "Gendo".

Gendo learns of an organization called SEELE, and meets the daughter of a high official in SEELE, Yui Ikari.

2000 - Gendo and Yui begin to attempt to bring SEELE's plans to an end

August 15, 2000 Second Impact

More soon!