Chapter Final: Childhood's End pt 2

Shinji sighed in relief as he walked with Ultra Magnus, Jazz, and his father into a large tent set up to be a meeting hall. He dodged a bullet as a command member, but because Hot Rod, Arcee and Asuka weren't they were left getting chewed out for their race through the ruins by Kup and Wheeljack.

He glanced around at Misato and Fuyutsuki were standing with Optimus Prime and Perceptor. "So what's the next step in trying to stop this thing, Prime?" Ultra Magnus asked assuming that was the meaning for this meeting.

What relief Shinji felt was washed away with Optimus' next statement. "It cannot be stopped, old friend."

"What?" Ultra Magnus' mouth fell open.

"If there is a way to stop Unicron, which I'm sure there is," Optimus said with a small shake of the head. "There is little chance of it being discovered in time to save this planet. Therefore I have every Ark Shuttle in Autobot control in route to Earth. Earth is doomed, but mankind isn't out of this fight yet."

"You're just giving up?" Shinji cried out in outrage. "We have to stand and fight this thing head on, Optimus."

"Shinji," Optimus turned to his young friend, but Shinji wouldn't hear of it.

"No, all my life I ran away from my problems, and it's gotten me nowhere! I refuse to run from this!" He stomped his foot in an almost childish manner.

"Come with me, Shinji," Prime said walking toward the exit, "Perceptor you have the floor." He said as he led the youth away from the others.

Prime and Shinji walked in silence away from the camp, into the ruins of Tokyo-3. "Believe me; I understand your dilemma, Shinji. You don't want to see your home destroyed. I don't want to see it destroyed either, that is why I'm going to evacuate as many of your kind to Cybertron as possible."

"But …" Shinji started, but Prime silenced him with a question.

"What about this world makes it your home?" Prime asked staring up at the sky.

Shinji stammered for an answer.

"Is it the soil? Is it the plant life? Or is it the shelter in which you live?" Optimus asked. "Would it be home without Asuka and Misato or your Father?"

"Everyone has a home, but I find it amusing that no one really understand what makes up their home," Prime continued, transforming into his Eva-carrier form. "Climb in, Shinji." He ordered opening the driver's side door. Shinji looked out the window as Prime drove down the damaged streets, seeing families huddled together. "Do you see them, Shinji? Despite the fact their dwelling was destroyed in the previous battle, they are still together, still at home."

"Let me tell you of a young Autobot named Orion Pax," Prime started as they drove down the crippled streets. "He wasn't anything outstanding; a simple dockworker working in a small shipping factory on Cybertron. But his girlfriend Areal thought he could knock one of the moons from orbit with his bare hand." Shinji nodded listening intently. "Orion wanted nothing more then to be refit into one of the newer warrior type Autobots, made to defend Cybertron from invaders, so that he could be the hero Areal always saw him as."

"I get a something happened feel," Shinji gave a tight smile.

"Indeed, Megatron the leader of the new types lead them to betray the Autobots. They attacked the factory and Areal was badly injured, but eventually rebuilt as one of the combat class. She was renamed Elita-1. Despite her warnings and misgivings Orion followed her into the combat units, because she was all he had: His home."

"What happened to them?" Shinji asked, "Orion and Elita-1?"

"Well Elita-1 rose in the ranks and became second in command over all the Autobots," Optimus explained, growing quiet.

"And Orion?" Shinji asked, "Are they still together?"

"In spirit, though they are light years away from each other right now … he never goes a day without thinking of her," Optimus said with a hint of longing in his voice.


A roar and hiss broke the night sky as Evangelion 00 in its Raptor form moved toward the roughly put together Evangelion pens. Asuka watched from where she was sitting beside Unit 02 as the Evangelion transformed before powering down. Slowly the Entry Plug rose and Rei nimbly jumped from the control throne.

"It is a beautiful night, isn't it Asuka?" Rei said with a barely contained smile.

"Yeah … what the heck, did you just call me something beside Pilot?" Asuka did a double take.

Rei shrugged and glanced behind them to the rising and falling waves in the Tokyo-3 bay. "Somebody's definitely in a good mood," Asuka puffed her breath to blow some of her bangs from her face.

"Am I not aloud to enjoy life?" Rei asked taking a deep breath of sea air.

"Asuka, did you hurt Kensuke again?" Shinji cut off a response from the redhead as he climbed to the catwalk. Rei and Asuka looked at Shinji as he approached them with an annoyed look on his face. "I just went by to see how he was doing and he was out cold with this really weird expression on his face. You better not have given another concussion…"

"Number one, I haven't seen the Stooge today," Asuka said, narrowing her eye when Rei gave a small smile at the mention of the nickname. "Number two, how dare you, you little worm! You walked off and just left us there! Do you know how annoying Kup is when he's pissed off? I'll tell you, he's very annoying, and even more long winded!"

Her nostrils flared and she growled like a lioness when he simple smiled at her. "Ya know what, Asuka, Prime's right."

"What the hell, what are you blubbering about now?" Asuka grabbed his uniform collar.

"Nothing, Asuka," Shinji chuckled, enraging her even more.

"What was the meeting about?" Rei said delaying the only remaining male Eva pilot's execution.

Asuka let him go and looked at him questioningly as he turned to see several 'falling stars' coming into the atmosphere. "It was about that," Shinji said pointing as two Autobot shuttles came into view. "We're going to evacuate. Get as many people off the planet as possible before Unicron comes."

"Your kind of plan, huh?" Asuka said coldly, "Running away from the problem?"

"No," Shinji said surprising the redhead as he leaned against the railing, looking up at the full moon. "Not running away, more like cutting losses. If we stay here … it'll be like letting my father go through with his Instrumentality."

"The tide is changing …" Rei said in a soft tone, drawing Asuka and Shinji's attention.

"I know it seems like we're losing, but … well its better then mankind being wiped out completely." Shinji explained.

"No, I mean the tide, it's changing," She said pointing to the ocean below the edge of the pens.

Shinji and Asuka looked down at the stilling water and the reflection there in of the moon. The light hitting the surface betrayed what was happening far above them. "Mein … Mein G-Gott …" Asuka breathed as she saw the surface of the moon begin to crumble.

Asuka instinctually reached out for Shinji's hand, gripping it to the point that had Shinji not been staring in as much shock as his friends would have collapsed to his knees from the pain. All three watched in horror as the moon crumbled before their eyes and disappeared into the monstrous being behind it, in its shadow. The light that had reflected of the sun now reflected off the metallic planetoid as it drew in the debris that was the Earth's only moon. "It seems …" Rei whispered. "That time is now up."


"Optimus!" Shinji called out as he, Rei and Asuka ran into the make-shift command center.

"I know, the nuclear missiles must have given it greater boost power," Optimus said glaring at the monitors showing the gigantic planet just above the earth. "We weren't expecting its arrival for at least another week… How long do we have?"

"At Unicron's current speed … a few hours," Perceptor said unusually to the point. "Twelve hours if we're lucky."

"It's insane out there," Gendo said rubbing his face. "There are riots everywhere; the public wasn't even hinted about anything like this happening…"

"How many Arks have landed?" Ultra Magnus asked shaking his head.

"One thousand human prepped Arks are on earth," Maya answered.

"How many can we get off then?" Gendo asked stepping up.

"That many Arks can hold a maximum of three hundred twenty thousand humans …" Perceptor stated.

"Fuck." Shinji growled out. "This is what you always wanted huh, dad?" Shinji asked in a cold tone. "Mankind all die out so you can be with mom?"

Gendo looked shocked but much to Father and Son's surprise, Asuka slapped Shinji hard across the face. "This is no time to start bitching about your family problems, Baka!"

"Asuka's right, you two can work out your problems later, in the mean time," Prime said turning to the command group. "I want every Autobot flyer to reconfigure themselves for space travel with airtight three-four person minimum cockpits with oxygen producing and recycling systems."

"Contact the UN, begin the Evacuation…" Gendo commanded and Prime nodded in agreement.


Across the globe, riots and anarchy reigned as the public panicked at the sight of the gigantic monstrosity in the sky. The Autobots and UN officials did their best to keep it under control at the landing sights of the Arks, but concidering the circumstances, high levels of insanity was the best they could get.

In England three American college students ran stood in the line to load onto an ark, all three scared to death, the one girl of the group clung to her blond headed friend in fear. "Rad, Carlos, do you think our parents will be able to get on a shuttle?"

"I'm sure they'll make it, Alexis," Carlos gave a halfhearted smile as Rad held her tighter.

They were mildly relieved when they walked up the ramp onto the Ark. Meanwhile outside the large ship two Autobots looked at each other worriedly. "We've about got everyone from the town, but we're running out of room …"

"Let those others go ahead," the next pair of humans in line said, stepping to the side, but gently pushing the little boy in front of them toward the Autobots. "We've had a good run," the father said, running his fingers over his scalp over the strange scar.

"Mummy, Dad?" The little boy looked up at his bushy haired mother.

"Don't worry, James," the mother smiled down at the boy, "We'll take the next shuttle, don't you worry. Just be brave and strong, son… We love you…" she said and the family embraced one last time.

The Autobots nodded sadly before ushering the boy and some of the remaining people on board, leaving a few, but sadly no more room. The Autobots expected a riot but were shocked when the people just numbly walked away. The young couple stuffed some odd sticks into the coats and nodded before they two walked away hand in hand. "Humans … odd creatures …" one Autobot said as they signaled for the shuttle to take off, sacrificing their own seats for more room for the humans.


"Where are all the humans?" An Autobot asked as the group exited the Ark Shuttle in northern Japan. His answer came in the form of a laser blast burning through his shoulder. Then another and another, sent him to the ground lifeless. "DECEPTICONS!!" Another yelled as Galvatron swooped in and transformed into his Evangelion-ish form, bringing his talon-like claws down on the Autobots tearing them apart with ease.

His group of self-duplicated Mass Produced Evangelions swooped in and attacked, finishing off the remaining Autobots. "Alright," Galvatron said motioning toward the opened hatch of the Ark Shuttle, "This is our ride off this dirt ball, lets move!" he said as his Evas climbed on board. As the last of the Evas climbed on board, the remaining Decepticons started to follow but Galvatron held out his claw to stop them. "And where do you think you're going?"

"With you, Lord Galvatron," Soundwave spoke up in confusion.

"And how many times did you all fail me?" Galvatron asked folding his arms.

Soundwave stared back with shock and betrayal. "You all are failures, waste of metal and sparks. You will accomplish one thing, and that will to be food for Unicron. Have a save journey to Oblivion, Deceptions. Your goals and failed attempts will be remembered by we Predicons."

"NO!!" The outcry from the Decepticons was drowned out by the sound of the Shuttle's engines firing and the ship taking off into the air.


"I've got as many as I can carry and make it to Cybertron, Optimus," Jetfire said from the makeshift runway.

"Then take off, we'll see you on Cybertron." Optimus ordered as he led people in lines to the two Shuttles at Tokyo 3 and the various flyer type Autobots.

Shinji walked along the group his Evangelion making sure everything was going smoothly. He took a glance up and noticed that Unicron was getting dangerously close. "We have to hurry it along," Shinji ordered, looking to see his father riding in Bumblebee toward the shuttles.

"Shinji we have the other Evangelions loaded, deactivate 01 and bring it over so we can put it in its container," Misato ordered over the radio.

"I'll be right over," Shinji said before glancing again to the ominous Planet Destroyer.


"I thought we had this fixed, Mikaela" A young man on a north American side road complained as he and his girlfriend dug under the hood of their old hand-me-down car.

"I had this fixed, Sam," the brunet snapped from in front of the car. "If someone would drive it like someone with some sense the engine wouldn't have been blown!"

"Hey, you need a ride?" a large green Autobot asked as he approached the two on the side of the road. "Bumper, give these nice kids a ride to the Shuttle while there's still room," he ordered his smaller yellow companion.

"But …" Mikaela said glancing to their car.

"Keep the car get chewed up by planetoid, come with us and get to live a little longer," the Green Autobot said transforming into a rescue Hummer.

Bumper nodded and quickly transformed into an old yellow Camaro and opened his door, then played 'My Way or the Highway' on his radio. The couple looked at one another before climbing into the Autobot car leaving their car behind.


Evangelion 01 stepped up to stand next to the filled shuttles and was about to exit his Eva and load it into its container under the Shuttle, when Kensuke came running down the ramp. "What's wrong, son?" Optimus Prime asked looking down at the panicking human.

"We thought Touji's sister was missing!" Kensuke panted, "So Hikari went back into Tokyo 3 to look for her, but I just found her and I can't get a hold of Hikari!"

"Unicron's probably already destroyed any cellular phone satellites," Optimus glanced up at Shinji's Eva. "There's no way to call her back."

"And Hikari won't leave her here if she thinks she's still in the city," Shinji sighed.

"I'll go back and find her," Optimus said turning to Ultra Magnus. "If I don't return in before our planned time of launch, go without us."

"But Prime …" Ultra Magnus' optics widened.

Optimus held up his hand, before bringing both of his hands to his chest plate. "Take the Matrix and with it command of the Autobots should I not return…" Prime said reaching for the Matrix but gasped when Evangelion 01 lifted him into the air.

"The Autobots need you a lot more than they need me, Optimus," Shinji said, his voice strong and firm. "Sorry about this," He said throwing the Autobot Commander into the open Shuttle door, his back slamming into the unforgiving steel with a loud clang. Optimus crumpled to the floor unconscious.

"Kensuke!" Shinji called out turning to his friend. "If I don't make it back … Tell Misato and the others, tell them I… I didn't run away. And tell Asuka I …" Shinji paused, before glancing up to Unicron, then back at his friend. "Tell her I'll see her later."

"I can't let you do this, Ikari," Ultra Magnus called up to the Evangelion.

"Can you stop me, Magnus?" Shinji asked in just as challenging tone. Ultra Magnus stared back at him, before sighing in defeat and stepping to the side.

"You better make it back," Ultra Magnus whispered before going back to the shuttle.


"We have to go, Magnus," Ironhide said from the controls of Ark 2.

"Shinji hasn't gotten back yet," Ultra Magnus said glancing back to the humans at the back of the bridge, Gendo, Misato, Asuka, Rei, and on Rei's request Kensuke and Touji.

"Ultra Magnus, Unicron is about to break Earth Orbit!" Perceptor called out from his station.

"Raise the docking ramp and prepare for take off," Ultra Magnus ordered reluctantly.

"Magnus, Evangelus Unit is refusing to raise the ramp," Ironhide reported, before Gold Bug appeared on the com screen.

"We're not going anywhere without Spike Jr." Gold Bug said hotly.

"Gold Bug," Magnus started.

"No, I watched Daniel and Carlie die," Gold Bug shook his head, "I'm not running away and letting Shinji die too!"

"Bumblebee," Gendo spoke up. "Shinji knows what he's doing. Do you think he'd forgive you if you let his family die?" Gendo said, glancing to Misato and Asuka who were watching intently.

Gold Bug glanced away from the screen. "Damn … Damn it …" he growled before the communication screen blinked off and a moment later the docking ramp closed.

Gendo closed his eyes and clinched his fists as Ultra Magnus ordered the shuttles to take off.

"THERE!" Rei called out in an uncharacteristic burst of excitement. All present looked to see Unit 01 running toward the runway.

"Shinji!" Misato called out pressing against the observation glass.

"Sorry we're late!" Shinji appeared on a com window, Hikari looking over his shoulder.

"Shinji run and jump on the docking ramp!" Magnus ordered, "SOMEONE GET THAT DAMNED THING BACK DOWN!"

Unit 01 ran as fast as it could to catch up with the Shuttle, and Shinji locked eyes with Optimus Prime as he climbed out onto the plank, and reached for the Evangelion. "Shinji, Grab hold!" Prime called out as the Shuttle left the ground.

Unit 01 leapt toward the rapidly rocketing shuttle and reached for Optimus Prime's outstretched hand. The Evangelion's finger tips grazed Optimus' hand as he plummeted back to the earth.

"No …" Prime whispered as he stared at the quickly shrinking Evangelion below him. Prime climbed back into the Shuttle and closed the hatch. He leaned against the wall of the shuttle, avoiding the eye contact of the shattered Autobots and concerned humans around him.

"Optimus?" Gold Bug asked as Prime stood and began to walk toward the bridge.

"Don't, old friend," Prime said in a broken tone.

"Prime?" Ultra Magnus asked as Prime walked onto the bridge.

The mighty Autobot avoided looking at the humans before sitting down in the command chair. Then without looking at the humans: "I … am sorry. I have failed."

"My God …" Kensuke breathed, before they all turned to see what he was looking at. From the view point of the bridge they could see the Earth and what was going on behind them.

Misato's hands went to her mouth as they watched the Earth's atmosphere literally shatter from the force of Unicron coming down on the surface.

"Shinji-kun …" Misato breathed as she watched the planet they called home crack and tremble from the attacking monster.

"All those people …" Kensuke shook his head as the planet began to break apart and was drawn into the monster-planet's glowing maw.

"Hikari …" Touji whimpered slamming his fist on his wheelchair's armrest.

Misato collapsed to her knees as she stared with blank eyes at the destruction. "Shinji-kun?"

"Don't worry, he'll probably find some way to catch up with us," Asuka snorted looking away. "He's the invincible Shinji, after all. Take more than a giant green Wonderball to take out the Invincible Shinji. Wait and see!"

Asuka turned back to see the Planet Earth fade more and more into Unicron. "Wait and see, any minute …" She said her voice trembling slightly as she watched. Misato started to cry softly as Asuka began to pale. "He's … he's probably already here! Yeah! He's probably hanging on to the side of the Shuttle with his prog knife!"

"Asuka …" Ultra Magnus gulped.

"It seems, Pilot Sohryu …" Rei spoke up, drawing the redhead's attention, "that you are now the best of the Evangelion Pilots … by default."

Asuka stared at her, then to the crumpling planet, then back again. She began shaking her head no and tried to make a reply. She took a shaking step back before she lost her footing and fell to the metallic floor. "No, he can't be dead … he's … he can't be …" She shook her head, hyperventilating.

Gendo watched the two women closest to his son shatter before turning and walking to the far corner of the bridge. He slowly removed the glove from his hand and looked at the small life form he had grafted to his palm. He stared at its barely formed face before he reached for his belt, removing a hand gun.

Surprise rang through the bridge at the sound of the gun shot.


Shinji-Kun …

He's the invincible Shinji after all …

Wait and see … Any minute …

…you are the best of the Evangelion pilots by default

No … he's … he can't be …

Shinji's eyes snapped open and he saw himself still in Unit 01's Entry Plug. He heard Hikari crying behind him and his mind slowly began to clear. "Mom?"

"Shinji?" Hikari squeaked, and he glanced up to see the Eva falling down a long tube with various clomps of soil and stone.

"Don't worry, I'll get us out of this …" Shinji said gripping Unit 01's controls.

"Get us out of this?" Hikari blanched, "WE'RE IN A GIANT FLIPPING PLANET'S FREAKIN' THROAT!!"

Hikari ranted some more but an object grabbed Shinji's attention, wedged into the side of the metallic wall of the tunnel. "We're not out yet," Shinji said and prayed he'd reach this better than Prime's hand.

You've got the Touch …

Shinji grinned as the Evangelion gripped the Lance of Longinus. "Wheeljack said to only use this if I'm in a life or death situation …" Shinji said gripping the controls and turning them inward. "Evangelion Unit 01, engage F-Type Emergency Last Resort System Protocol."

You've got the power!

Unit 01 roared as the armor hissed before shifting and changing, expanding, and transforming into thicker heavier dark purple combat armor. "Alright, Unicron … let's dance." Shinji said as the F-Type Evangelion 01 held the Lance of Longinus before it. With a mighty slash the Eva tore through the metallic tube and fell downward into the giant mechanical monster.

After all is said and done

You've never walked, you've never run,

You're a winner

"Shinji, shouldn't we be going up?" Hikari whimpered as Shinji pushed downward with the spear, burrowing deeper into the monster.

"Not yet," Shinji growled, watching as broken metal and wire passed the descending Eva.

You got the moves

You know the streets

Break the rules, take the heat

You're nobody's fool

"UNICRON!" Shinji called out as he landed in the very center of the planetoid. Hikari and Shinji stared up at the spherical computer core with various monitors and wires going outward to the walls of the chamber. "To quote a good friend of mine," Shinji said as he directed Unit 01 to point the Lance at Unicron's Core. "This is the end of the road. One must stand, and one must fall."

Pathetic Insect, A booming voice sounded from the center of the chamber. You dare challenge me, Ikari Shinji? Prepare to share the fate of your home world.

"Ikari Shinji?" Shinji asked strangely with his eyes closed as Unit 01's core began to glow a crystal blue inside its chest. "Only my family is allowed to call me that. To you, We are Evangelus Prime." He said opening his now glowing eyes.

You're at your best when the goin' gets rough

You've been put to the test, but it's never enough

The Evangelion leapt into the air as clawed tendrils rocketed from the walls toward them.

With amazing agility and grace, the Evangelion dodged the attacks and slashed the cables with his lance.

The monitors of Unicron's Core began to flash angrily as the Evangelion knelt to one knee, and held up the spear. The glow from its chest traveled to the Lance, making it glow a bright white-blue.

You got the touch

You got the power

When all hell's breakin' loose

You'll be riding the eye of the storm

"For everything you've caused, the Angels … now all the deaths and destruction …" Shinji whispered as the forked tip of the lance twirled together into a point. "I won't run away." He said rearing back, as the clawed cables flew toward him, sinking into the Evangelion's armor.

You got the heart

You got the motion

"I won't run away …" Shinji growled again as the tip of the Lance began to change from blue to red.

You will never defeat me, Insect! Unicron bellowed angrily.

"Till all are one …" Shinji breathed before he set the spear to flight.

Unicron screamed in agony as the spear passed through the Core and on out the other side, tearing a path through the metallic hulls. "Ok, now we can go up," Shinji said as he pushed Unit 01 to run around the sparking exploding supercomputer, following the path the Spear made.

NO! THIS WAS NOT FORESEEN! Unicron screamed as the Core fell to the side as a support cable exploded. YOU HAVE NOT WON, YOU WORTHLESS HALFBREED, DO YOU HEAR ME, NEPHILIM, EVANGELION, YOU HAVE NOT WON!! Unicron screamed before the core exploded into flames and debris.

Hikari screamed as Shinji ran down the make shift tunnel. "Ok, Wheeljack, this better work …" Shinji said glancing back to see the approaching fire from behind. He caught up to the spear, impelled inside the side of an upward tunnel. He picked it up, and twisted the controls of the Entry plug, and the Evangelion began to shift and change. It legs and arms changed location as the head slid downward into the armor. The legs and feet moved forward making two forward balancers as the arm fins slid downward making wings and the arms folded underneath itself.

"Hang on, Hikari," Shinji grunted as he pulled the controls to make the Evangelion turned Aircraft to fly up the tube, hopefully toward the outside.

You're at your best when the road gets rough

You've been put to the test, but it's never enough

Shinji gritted his teeth as he pushed the throttle as Wheeljack instructed him in his training, and relief washed over him when he began to see stars at the end of the tunnel.

Hikari screamed and Shinji roared as the flames almost over took Unit 01, but it finally cleared the hull of Unicron and shot outward into space.

You got the touch

You got the power!

He cut the throttle and the two humans sat in silence for a few moments. Shinji glanced back to see the smoldering hull of Unicron now drifting helplessly in space. "That was … amazing …" Hikari breathed before climbing forward enough to kiss Shinji's cheek, her hair and clothing bouncing in the LCL and zero gravity. "I think I'll faint now …" she said with an awkward giggle.

"Did the Shuttles make it?" Hikari asked after a few moments.

"I … I don't know." Shinji whispered glancing back at the decimated Unicron.

"Oh …" Hikari whispered. "So … what … are we going to die out here? After all that?" She sniffled.

"No, we're going to go on," Shinji looked back at her. "The plan was for the survivors of Earth to relocate so that Mankind can survive. If no one else, Hikari, there's us." He gave a sad smile to her, which she returned. "We've still got each other and hope."

"That was kinda deep… What happened to the shy introvert Asuka always complained about?" Hikari asked rubbing her eyes.

"He became an Autobot I guess," Shinji flushed, "Well, we have the directions in Unit 01's computer…"

"Directions?" Hikari blinked.

"Onward to Cybertron." Shinji nodded gripping Unit 01's control.

"So which way?" Hikari asked looking over his shoulder.

"Second star on the right, straight on till morning," Shinji replied dead pan.

"You're kidding right?" Hikari paled and asked after a moment.

"Yes." Shinji gave a very Gendo-like smirk.

"You … BAKA!" Hikari flung herself over his seat and put her hands around his neck, earning laughter from her friend.

Meanwhile, inside the hulled planetoid, within the sparking destroyed power core, a single monitor turned black with a green flashing point, and then the word followed. "Restore and reboot in progress …"

NOT The End

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