That fucking… God I'm so mad I can't even think.

How could he?

How could she?

Keiko's been my girlfriend for… forever. I never thought she'd do this to me. I never thought he'd do this to me.

Apparently I gave them both too much credit, because they've both just fucked me.

By fucking each other.

I'm going to fucking kill that fox.

I blast down his front door without even thinking. I can't think. My head is swimming with their betrayal, and I'm running on pure adrenaline right now.

I take the stairs two steps at a time, and I scowl when the shrimp jumps in front of me – effectively blocking my path.

"Move, Hiei. This is the last time I'm gonna warn you. I don't want to hurt you, but I will if you don't get out of my fucking way."

"Hn. Why should I?"

What? Why should he? This was fucking unbelievable!

"Because Keiko is mine, goddammit!"

"Hn. You wouldn't think it," the shrimp says sarcastically.

I narrow my eyes at him. I swear, if the shrimp keeps provoking me, I'm going to transform. My demon blood is already surging and it is all I can do to keep it under control.

"Whaddya mean by that, shrimp?"

Normally, I don't insult the little guy – that's Kuwabara's department – but today, I can't help myself. He's just picking the wrong fucking day to get on my bad side.

"It occurs to me that if something belonged to you, you wouldn't neglect it."

Okay. That is fucking it. This is partly his fault anyway… if I hadn't thought he was fucking Kurama, I never would have left her alone with the damned pretty boy. Shit!

Not even the little guy can move fast enough to avoid the punch that I throw. He's not really my intended target, but nevertheless I feel some sort of satisfaction when my fist connects with his jaw.

I vehemently ignore the little voice in my head – which sounds too much like Botan for my own comfort – that says he's only speaking the truth.

Still, the unexpected action has stunned the little guy enough so that I'm able to pass him and make my way up the rest of the stairs.

Three things immediately become clear to me.

Someone is in the shower. God, I hope its Keiko, because I kinda don't want her to see what a bloody mess I'm going to make out of Kurama.

Kurama's door is closed and covered with vines. Shit, he can try all he want, but there ain't no way he's keeping me out.

The whole fucking floor absolutely reeks of sex… and my demon senses are also picking up the faint sweet odor of sake.

Did that fucking fox take advantage of her while she was drunk?

I'm going to fucking cut his balls off and feed them to him!

The demon in me finally surges to the forefront, and I let it. I feel the nest of hair falling down my back, and the seams in my shirt rip as the muscles in my chest expand. I let the ruined garment fall to the floor, as I extend my claws and start ripping through the labyrinth of vines that Kurama put up to stall me.

When I finally manage to shred them all, I put my fist through his door. As an afterthought, I realize the door doesn't have a lock, and I could have probably just opened it, but too fucking bad. The fucker deserves to have his house messed up a bit.

How could he?

The fucker is also in his demon form, and I realize why he tried to stall me. Probably took him a bit to work up the emotion necessary to transform, the cold hearted bastard. No matter – I'll rip those fucking ears right off of his too-pretty head.

Honestly Keiko – he looks like a fucking girl. You had to be drunk!

What's pissing me off the most, is that even though his eyes are somewhat narrowed, he's sitting on the edge of his bed looking completely and utterly calm.

The fucking bastard is… smirking… at me!

"Yusuke. I can't say that this is a surprise… is there something I can do for you?"


I am seething.


"NO. There ain't no fucking way I'm going to let you sit there and… pretend you don't know what this is about, you traitorous fuck!"

"Language, Yusuke," the fucker says with a disapproving shake of his head. "I would prefer it if you would calm down, so that we can discuss this like men. However, if you choose to escalate this to violence, I fear I will not be so inclined to hold back."

Why that… that…

"You conceited, mother fucking bastard!" I shout. God, I am so ready to rip out his throat, and he's as cool as a fucking cucumber. Why I ever considered him a friend, I will never know…

Ah. My comment about his mother has definitely gotten to him. The pretty boy is standing now, his eyes glimmering with barely repressed rage.

Good. Good because I'm already fucking there and damn him for being able to keep his cool for so long.

"I will warn you only once, Yusuke. Do not bring my mother into this, in any manner," he says as he pulls a rose from his hair.

Oh, hell no. No, goddamn it. I want to mess up his face with my fists – not my spirit gun. I want the satisfaction of breaking his all too pretty nose.

"Put that fucking rose away and face me like a man, fox."

He raises one perfectly groomed eyebrow, and puts the rose back in his hair.

"If you insist, Yusuke."

I swear, that shit head is too fucking groomed to be completely straight. Damn it Keiko… why him?

Oh, yeah, the sake.

"Yeah. I fucking insist. Because a fucking rapist like you who takes advantage of a drunk girl really needs to get their ass kicked," I seethe.

Something flashes through his eyes.

Is that… guilt?

Oh that fucker.

His expression softens somewhat and he relaxes a moment.

"Yusuke… it – it wasn't… there was more to it than –"

I don't want to hear another word the betraying fuck has got to say, so I launch myself across the room. That same, stupid fucking voice that sounds like Botan says its kinda shitty to attack him now that he's let his guard down a bit, but I don't fucking care. The feeling that I get when my fist makes contact with his chin is just too fucking rewarding.

A fist makes contact with my face. I'm pretty sure I'm bleeding, but I don't care. I retaliate with one to his gut, and then one to his side. The fox winces and grunts from the attack, as he rakes his claws down the side of my arm.



I make contact with his face once again, and this time I'm pretty sure I've broken his nose. He raises one hand to wipe off the blood that is now trickling down to his chin. The look in his eyes is now murderous.

Bring it on, you fucker.

He tackles me to the ground, and the next few minutes are a whirl of punches, scratches and hair pulling.

Yes, hair pulling.

I don't even fucking care that the fight has degenerated to this point. It feels so good to beat the fucking poof into a bloody –


We pull away from each other, as we simultaneously turn our attention to the wet and dripping Keiko in the doorway.

She is wrapped in a huge fluffy towel – and nothing else – and for a moment I forget what the hell I was doing.

"Keiko. I apologize that you had to witness this," the fucking fox says, and I glare at him. Leave it to him to try to be all suave and smooth when its very clear that we were in the process of killing each other. And by the looks of him, I at the very least nearly succeeded. Of course, I'm ignoring the bloody gashes on my arm, and the swelling of my left eye - as well as the clump of dark hair that Kurama still has in one hand.

Keiko sees it too, and she stares at Kurama's hand incredulously.

Kurama flushes in guilt and drops the clump of hair.

"I don't BELIEVE this!" Keiko says, as she walks into the room. She shoots a glare at me. "YOU, I expected this from."

I avert my eyes, somewhat sheepishly.

Wait – why should I be ashamed? No, no way. Kurama fucking deserved this and –

"But you?" Keiko says softly, the disappointment in her voice evident as she kneels by Kurama, and gently puts her hand under his chin. She pushes his blood stained silver hair back from his face and continues to speak to him tenderly. "I didn't think that you'd let him provoke you to this point. What happened?"


"Keiko. Get away from the poof and get dressed. We'll talk about this after I take you home." I say through gritted teeth. Peripherally, I notice that Hiei is now standing in the doorway looking somewhat… amused?

Fucking shrimp.

She looks at me somewhat sadly, and my heart tightens in my chest. God, Keiko, please don't say –

"No, Yusuke. I'm not going with you."

What? Why?

And now I'm pissed again. My moods are shifting faster than hers do when she's ragging.

"What? You can't tell me you actually want to stay with that bastard! He took advantage of you! You were fucking drunk, Keiko!" I say. I know I sound like I'm whining, but I don't fucking care.

"He didn't take advantage of me," she mumbles so quietly that I almost miss it.

I am completely stunned. I don't know what to say, and my stomach is tied up in a huge and painful knot. 'You knew this was going to happen someday, Yusuke,' the Botan voice says in my head. 'If not with Kurama, than with someone else. How could you expect her to want to stay with you, when you are never there?'

I swear, the next time I see Botan, I'm going to – I don't know what I'm going to fucking do, but she needs to stay out of my freaking head. Why the fuck does my conscience have to sound like… like her?

Fucking Hiei is smirking.

"Stay out of my head, Hiei! Unless you want to end up looking like pretty boy over there," I say with narrowed eyes, as I point my thumb in the direction of the bleeding kitsune.

Keiko is tenderly wiping the blood off his face with the edge of her towel, leaving her entirely too exposed.

"Keiko?" I ask, as reality begins to set in.

I can see the tender looks between the two of them, and I am beginning to realize that this is about far more than just a one night stand.

It hurts, it really does, but as I start to calm down I wonder why it isn't positively crushing me.

I mean, I love her. I do. Don't I? Heck, we've been together for always… she brought me back to life with a kiss.

Stupid little Botan voice pipes in again and says, 'But you love your job more.'

And the Botan voice is right. Heck, I'm not even an official spirit detective anymore, but my heart still races with excitement when Koenma asks a favor, or I am needed to sort out some dispute – with my fists of course – in the Makai.

Finally, Keiko turns to me.

She looks tired – resigned.

"Yusuke… I'm really sorry. I really am. But… you haven't been there for me for almost two years, Yusuke. I love you… but just not in the same way that I used to," she says, as the tears begin to trickle down her face.

And I feel like a heel, because she's crying, and somehow despite everything, I know that it is my fault.

"But Keiko – we've been together since we were fourteen. You are my best friend-"

Even as the words come out of my mouth, I realize that they are true, and that is exactly what she is and what she has been.

My best friend.

Is that all we were? Best friends - albeit, with benefits?

My own eyes are watering.


This is not how I expected this to go.

She's coming over to me, and I don't know what else to say.

"Don't blame Kurama – its not his fault, Yusuke. I… I've loved him for a long time – I never even knew he felt the same way, until-"

"Yeah, okay Keiko. I'm not okay with this, you know."

And I'm not.

"I know." She answers, as she lowers her head in tears.


I open my arms, and she launches herself into them. The towel she's wrapped in starts to slip, and I pull it back up for her and tuck it in.

Kurama and Hiei are both watching us intensely, but thankfully they ain't saying a word. Cause if they did – I dunno, I think I'd lose it again.

I'm holding her, and I'm finally calming down. My body starts to revert to my human form, as I raise one hand to hold the back of her head.

She smells like a summer's breeze.

"I'm sorry," I say, simply.

And I am.

"I know."

We release each other almost at the same time, and she slowly backs away, her eyes not leaving mine. Finally, I can't look at her anymore, and I turn my head towards Kurama, who is holding one hand against the side of his nose.

"You better take good fucking care of her," I choke out, silently adding 'and give her the love and attention she deserves.'

Kurama nods, before pulling Keiko into his arms.

I can't watch this anymore. I turn to Hiei, who is still standing in the doorway. His look towards me has softened. I know he heard my last thought, but I'm too tired to give a shit.

Without another word, I turn away and walk out the door.

The fire demon follows me.

When we are finally outside, he turns to me.

"Hn. We should get the ferry girl to portal us to the Makai. Mukuro asked me to take care of a pack of chaos demons that were encroaching upon her borders. I could use your assistance, Yusuke."

I almost smile at the little guy. Like hell he needs my assistance. Still, killing something would feel really good right now.

"Okay, Hiei. You're on."

End part 4