Summary: Angel: The Series…Gilmore Girls Style…

Timeline: This takes place in Gilmore Girls Season 5…except for the prologue, which takes place in Season 4…

Rating: PG-13

Mariano Investigations: Prologue

February, 2004, Stars Hollow's Firelight Festival…

He'd meant to tell her everything…really!

The vampires, the demons… all of it. Even the impending apocalypse that was sure to kill him in a matter of days.


"I love you," he breathed.

Well… shit.

Rory Gilmore stared at him in shock.

Jess Mariano backed away and then turned. He got into his car and drove off.

He would never see her again… so he thought…

May, 2004, Liz Danes' wedding…

It was useful having mystical home security. He'd seen Luke coming a mile away, and was able to change the modest office into a squalid, small apartment in seconds.

He'd been planning to stay away from his mother's wedding, but Louise had envisioned another apocalypse in the next week, so, he figured what the hell?

Louise had called in the middle of the reception to tell him that this was no ordinary apocalypse, and that he'd have to come back ASAP.

He spit out the chunk of turkey leg he'd been eating.


"They're gonna suck the entire world into a dimension of hell," Louise replied.

"And this was in your vision?"

"Nope," Louise replied. "Dave looked it up."

Jess groaned. "Jeez…"

"Come home soon, please, else we all get killed." With that, the blond hung up.


He gathered his things, had a nice, last conversation with Luke, and then headed out.

And stopped at Yale.

This time, he would tell her everything.

As he stopped the car in the parking lot, he took a moment to think.

By telling her, he'd be involving her. He'd be dragging her into his new, and very, very freakish world. She might even get killed.



"No," he muttered. He wouldn't let that happen. He would protect her…

But… what if he couldn't?

It was time to do what Dave had done for Lane.

Sever all ties. Make sure there was no way in hell that Rory could get involved.

And that was exactly what he did.

He knew damned well she was too logical to take him up on a plea to run away with him on a whim. He knew damned well she'd tell him no.

She didn't let him down.

With her last cry of "No!" he gave her a nod and a parting look, before leaving.

This time, he would never see her again.

Present Time: November, 2004…

"Jess! I'm leaving!"

He snapped out his memories at the sound of Louise's voice from the front of the office. He leaned back in his desk chair in his smaller room, propping his feet on the desk. "Okay!" he called.

"Don't forget to lock up!" Louise called back. "You know Madeline never does and Dave left before any of us!"



"Hey, Jess!"

"What!" Jess snapped.


His chair slid too far back and he went down with it, hitting the ground. He stumbled to his feet, and out to the main office, catching the blond just before she hit the ground.

Jess half-carried her to the small, blue couch that sat across from her desk, and set her down, waiting for the vision to subside. "What is it? What did you see?"

Louise put her hands over her eyes and leaned against him. "Rory."

Jess froze.