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His dagger had just missed striking her, lucky for her. She certinaly didn't need any more wounds to add to the number of them she already had. He stared at her for a moment, and saw an emotion he didn't entirely know was possible in the gutsy gypsy princess. Fear. Oh how he wanted to take that away from her, maybe see a smile. He stood up and helped her stand up too.

She stared back at him after, blue eyes wide with terror as the doors of the castle were thrown open. Velkan stepped out, the servants at his side. His ruse was broken, or he knew it wasn't quite as solid as it had been. He'd keep it up regardless, there was still a few cards in his pocket that would work nicely to manipulate his sister into what he wanted. He wasn't done the game just yet.

"Anna...sister, move away from him. He's dangerous." Velkan took a few steps towards Anna, his arms spread for her to run to him. If only she'd do that, things would be that much easier. She hadn't recovered her memory yet, thankfully. If she did, he was ruined. Absolutly ruined and he had no intention of going down just yet. He motioned once more for her to come to him. "Sister..come, you're ill. You don't understand whats going on here. Van Helsing would like nothing more then to see you dead, tortured first." Velkan said softly, sounding perfectly like an older brother should. Loving, compassionate, protective, and understanding.

Anna was confused. She looked back between Gabriel and Velkan, biting her lip hard enough that she almost broke the skin. "I..." Oh didn't everything hurt right now, thepain clouded her judgement, and she was sure she was close to fainting. A moment ago she had wanted Van Helsing, felt a need to be with him, to be protected since she couldn't protect herself right now. But Velkan...oh Velkan, her older brother...the one man she trusted more then life itself - or so she thought anyway. The brother she would give her life for if the need arose. Surely he wouldn't lie to her? Anna tried to rationalize with herself, tried to make a decesion, it was futile. She shook her head, trying to think clearly. She had heard Velkan talking to someone downstairs in the basements, she knew she had. She couldn't recall what had been said to frighten her as it did, the pain was too great.

Gabriel himself looked over at the dark haired beauty no more then a few feet from him. He gently took her by the shoulders and forced her to look at him. "Anna, he's lying to you, can't you see that? He's not your brother Anna, your brother died in the fight against Dracula, he died protecting you. This man is not your brother and he never will be. You were running from him not more then a few moments ago. If he was your brother, why would you run from him,except that he had done something to evoke you to do so. Think Anna!" He stared down those lovely blue eyes, hoping to God to at least let her remember something - anything.

"Anna...you know I'd never hurt you. I grabbed you down in the basement, you started me. I really thought it was one of the servants -I asked them not to disturb me." This was of course, a lie. But if she was confused enough she wouldn't remember that anyway. He was risking everything but if he was lucky it would pay off. Velkan had more card to play of course if he had to. It would be much easier if she came to him willingly.

Anna looked at the both of them again, shaking her head so those dark locks of hair fell across her shoulders. "I...don't know what to do!" She stated, her eyes filled once more with tears of frustration although she didn't cry. Stepping back from Van Helsing she took a shaky breath and tried to rationalize what she should decide. God! Why couldn't she remember? Why were both these men fighting over her? Why were they so insistant she stay with them? If she was told she couldn't remember. Her gaze travelled to Carl. A monk, a man of God. Why would a monk travel with someone who wasn't a good man? But how could she betray the only family she had left?

Velkan seen her faltering decision and turned to one of the servents. "Prepare yourself." with his attention focused back on Anna, he took a step forward. Putting on the most pleading face he could muster, he begged her. "Anna, please. This man killed you, I brought you back to life Anna - I couldn't live without my family, especially not you Anna. We've lost both our parents, Anna, don't let me lose you too. I figured out Draculas machine, Anna, you can come see it but please don't go with this monster. He'll take you from me and we'll never see each other again!" He pleaded with her, taking another step to the very confused young woman not more then ten feet from him. He even managed to muster some fake tears in his eyes.

"You what?" She turned to Gabriel in disbelief. He had killed her? Was he the reason she remembered so little? Evidently he was, his silence consented to this very fact, and she turned to her brother questionningly.

"Allow me to show you." Motionning to his servant, the picture of Gabriel attacking her, and she herself plunging the needle into him flashed before her very eyes, Velkan smiled, there was no way she could turn to Van Helsing now. Not after this.

Gabriel could only watch in disbelief, disbelief that Velkan could use the truth against him to take his Anna away. He couldn't deny he had killed Anna, even if it meant losing her to Velkan he couldn't lie to her. "Anna...it is true, I killed you. It was an accident Anna believe me. It wasn't the real me i was the animal inside me. Anna...
He trailed off, what more could he say? He didn't know what to say. With anyone else he would have scooped them up and ran off but she had to choose now. That was the term of her being alive. She had to choose, and time was running short.

Anna stared both men down, uncertainty clear in her eyes as she bit her lip again. Who could she choose?