Authors note: I kind of took this idea from the film ' Drive Me Crazy' but I don't own the movie or one tree hill. But I wished I owned James Lafferty (Nathan) and Chad Michael Murray (Lucas).

And also English was not my strong point in school. So sorry for the poor language.


Nathan and Haley have lived next door to each other all their lives but instead of being the best of friends they hate each other. Nathan is with Payton and Haley is with Lucas. But they are forced to unite in order to salvage their relationships with the ones that they love. Or is true love staring right in their faces all their life over the garden fence.

Chapter 1

What should I wear today, Haley James thought to herself. Haley James was the most popular girl in school. She was destined to be Prom Queen, Head Cheerleader and date the most popular boy in school. This was her final year at Tree Hill High and she wanted it to be best ever.

Next Door

There he was, the most hated guy in the world or maybe just in Tree Hill. Nathan Scott is a what the likes of Haley James would call a loser with a big fat capital L. Despite being on the Basketball team he was not in with the 'in crowd'. He hates the whole idea of it. But not as much he hated her.

Both of them have lived next day to each other all their lives but has not once passed a comment that was remotely nice. They lived totally different lives and nothing is going to change that.

Haley finally decided on what she wanted to wear it had only took her about an hour to decide, which is record time for her. Unlike Haley it takes Nathan a whole of about five minutes to find a pair of jeans and a t shirt. He didn't care what people thought of him because to him it was only school not a fashion show.

Over at the James House

Haley sat down at the dining table. Her mum was busy slaving over her manicured nails to make sure they were perfect. Her father was at the table trying to be engrossed in his newspaper so he doesn't have to be active in a conversation with his wife or daughter. Annie the housekeeper was the only one that was actually working.

"Dad, can you give me my allowance now because I have seen the most fabulous shoes in the world" pleaded Haley.

Without no arguments her dad just handed over the money without even moving her eyes off his paper.

" Thanks daddy" squealed Haley.

With that she rose from her seat and made her way to the front door of her house.

"Bye everyone" she shouted whilst walked.

Scott's House

Nathan walked in the kitchen and as usually there was his mum and dad arguing over something that probably started out small.

"Good Morning my two loving parents, I love to see getting on so well on this fine day!" Nathan said in a sarcastic tone.

But as usual they didn't hear this comment of his. Nathan just looks at them and rolls his eyes. He realised they haven't even notice that he has walked in the room. In fact the only time they want him is when they want to use him to play each other off against one other. Nathan picks up a piece of fruit and leaves them to it. Despite being angry with them he still shouts bye back.

Both of doors of the James and Scott's houses open at the same time and out steps Haley and Nathan. The doors slam behind them. With the slamming of the doors it makes the both of them look at each other. Haley and Nathan stare for a second at each other then a car horn breaks the stare.

The car horn belongs to a red SUV. That SUV belongs to the one and only Lucas Scott. Haley's boyfriend. Also, Nathan's dreaded half brother. Same father, different mother. A long story.

"Hey Baby, you are looking hot as ever" shouted Lucas.

"Not as sexy as you do" replied Haley.

"Pathetic" muttered Nathan to himself.

Haley runs up to Lucas and they start passionately making out in front of Nathan. He could not help but to stare.

Haley saw Nathan looking at them and broke away from Lucas.

"Come lets go" she said.

Haley and Lucas made their way to Lucas's car and got in. Lucas turned the key in the ignition and sped off.

Nathan stood there still staring and thinking about what he has just witnessed. Why did he care? It was only his selfish 'brother' and that bitch from next door. Why was he even fretting over this?

"Nate, hello is there anyone there?" said a voice that broke his concentration.

There stood Payton Sawyer, Nathan's other half. The love of his life. Nothing else matters. Especially those two! He welcomed with a kiss.

"Sorry I was miles away but I am all here now" he said apologetic.

"That's o.k. you made it up with that kiss but if you really sorry you would kiss me again." she said with a smile.

Nate pulled her in and kissed her passionately just like Lucas did with Haley before. Again' he thought why was he thinking this? Why was he even thinking about Haley at all?


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