A/N: This is going to be a short story with short chapters. It's a little Valentine's Day project that will be updated every week.

From my perspective, Robin and Starfire are a pretty well-established couple in the series. And, even though I know part of fanfiction is being able to stray from the original characters, I think that there is a certain merit to staying true to the original characters as much as possible. So. That being said, if anything were to happen between Raven and Robin, Love Letters is what I think would have happened.

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Pairings: It's complicated

Rating: PG-13, just in case

Summary: Through a letter, Raven tries to give Robin advice on how to win Starfire's heart, but things get complicated when Robin writes back.

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Love Letters

Chapter 1: Saying Goodbye

A dark figure creeps into a dark room and leaves a bundle of papers at the foot of the bed. On top of the bundle, the figure leaves a sealed letter with a red ribbon tied around it.

It won't be until she wakes up that she'll read:


I never thought I'd have to write this letter, the last letter. I guess no one ever thinks about this. But this has to be the last.

These letters… Even though they were never meant to be, even though you probably never thought of them this way… what I mean to say is, lately I can't see them as anything other than love letters.

There was never anything covert about them, but I know somehow I'd never want Starfire to see them. Often I'll be talking to her, but thinking about your letters, something you've written that's stuck in my mind.

And something about that isn't fair to Starfire.

So I'm returning them to you. I can't bring myself destroy them, but I also can't keep them.

It won't really matter. I can remember every word, every crease. I've read and re-read each letter countless times, telling myself that it was just like research, just like trying to solve a particularly tough case.

Well, Raven, I've realized that you're one puzzle that I can't solve, and I can't try anymore.

Always Your,

— Robin

The letters are tied in a bundle, in chronological order, starting with the first. When Raven finishes reading Robin's letter, she'll flip through them with amusement that even in this, Robin is perfectly methodical. Then, nostalgically and almost without meaning to, she will find her eyes drifting over…

The First Letter


I know it's not my concern, but you really should ask Starfire out… on a date, or something, I suppose. I wouldn't normally broach this subject, but between your uncertainty and Starfire's insecurity, it's enough to drive any empath insane.

And there's this to consider: Starfire has spoken to me about her feelings for you.

Now, I don't claim to be versed in the appropriate reaction for such an event, but my understanding of high school dramas leads me to believe that I should ask one of your friends to ask you if you "like" her.

Well, I wouldn't trust Cyborg with anything that doesn't have to do with mechanics (he certainly doesn't even seem to be able to act on his own emotions) and Beast Boy doesn't seem capable of anything even remotely involving tact. So, conveniently, being an empath removes the guesswork.

I know how you feel about Starfire, so I'm just here to tell you to do something about it. Take it from someone who knows; emotions are too precious to just waste. There's nothing so powerful as love, and you two have the potential to have something so… so amazing. It would be stupid to throw that away simply out of fear.

— Raven