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The Last Letter: Lessons in Leaving

Dear Robin,

I know I'll never send this letter, and perhaps that makes me brave.

Tomorrow, I will burn all of my old letters to you. Perhaps you'll think it's because I don't care, or because I'm angry.

The truth is, I'm hurt.

I opened myself up to you; and what's worse, I didn't even know I was doing it. I started to care for you; and what's worse, I didn't even want to.

Starfire is the closest I've ever had to a 'best friend' and as little as I know about this whole 'friendship' concept, I'm pretty sure it doesn't include falling in love with your best friend's boyfriend.

Not that I've fallen in love; I'm not saying that at all.

Perhaps I could have. Perhaps I could have fallen in love with you.

Maybe that's what hurts most of all.

I told you once that when there's the possibility for love, it's sheer stupidity to throw that away, and I realize that I've done just that.

Can you understand that it's the possibility that irks me? Not knowing. That's the worst of all. I could have fallen for you, and then become disenchanted. I could have started hating you, and then we could have slowly become friends again. We could have had a wonderful romance that ended in tears, or we could have gotten married.

And we'll never know.

Don't flatter yourself that this will bother me for long. A week, perhaps, of anguish, and then maybe a few lingering months to take care of any doubts, but after that I'll be fine.

Because nothing really happened.

It's a curse and a blessing, like so much of my life.

So this is goodbye, Robin. I'm closing my heart to you. Maybe someday… maybe someday, if things don't work out… Well, I'll leave the 'maybe' open, but for now, you're going to get shut out.

I have to protect myself. I have to move on.

And besides, there's someone else who would never make me cry.

With Something like Love,