Summary: Post-Birthmark. Can life just go back to "normal" for the Teen Titans? Or will the admittance of the deeply-buried and long-denied make it impossible for Raven to conceal the truth of her destiny?

Author's Note: This is my first story. The recent airing of "Birthmark" got me thinking about writing a fic, so here I am, I guess. I have no idea where this is going to go, I'm just kind of making it up as I go to avoid having to do schoolwork.

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"Let's go home."

Raven nodded slightly, and allowed Robin to help her stand. She wobbled a little, still stiff and sore from the serious beating Slade had given her. All for the sake of a message she hadn't wanted. A message she hadn't needed–she had already known. Some trace of the pain of the demonic burns remained with her, but Raven assumed the residual feeling was more psychological than anything else.

"Friend Robin? Who is with you?" A voice behind the duo questioned, with a tone of worry, and a dash of jealousy.

Raven sighed. The last thing she had wanted was for the other Titans to see her right now. Robin, understanding that Raven was probably a little self-conscious, stepped in front of her in an effort to conceal what he could.

Her back had been to them, and her head down. When she turned, there was a collective gasp from Starfire, Beast Boy, and Cyborg. Raven caught their eyes, and did her best to make her face, especially her eyes, as neutral as possible. Had she been wearing her cape, she would have withdrawn into the shadows of her hood. "Raven?" Cyborg asked, shocked. Beast Boy was unable to speak; his bottom jaw rested on the floor and Starfire felt nothing but worry.

Raven nodded. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Fruitlessly, because it caught the wind a moment later. Suddenly, she realized she was cold, and shivered a little.

"What happened to you two?" Beast Boy finally recovered enough to say something. Raven and Robin shared a look, before Robin replied that now was not the time. They should probably get back to the Tower.

Cyborg had driven the T-Car to the warehouse, and Robin had ridden his R-Cycle. Cyborg handed Raven a blanket, which she wrapped around herself gratefully, and everyone piled into the car, except Robin. The Titans rode home in a silence charged with questions.

She stared at her reflection in the mirror. Upon arriving back at the Tower, the Titans had begged her to let them prod her in the medical lab to make sure she was fine, but Raven had declined. Instead, she had showered, letting the cool water wash away her sins, the chill countering the warmth of the evil clinging to her skin. Thankfully, she had as many costumes as Robin had, and donned a clean one. She disposed of the ripped one, and thought ruefully how it looked more like she'd spent a day at the beach than fighting family.

The next thing to do: get rid of the hair. As she snipped at her long, violet locks, she was able to avoid paying too much attention to her reflection in her mirror. But when her hair cut ended, Raven stood looking at her reflection. She looked the same, but felt so different. The only place this difference surfaced was deep in her amethyst eyes. The way she carried herself was slightly different as well, but she doubted the others would pay so much attention.

What did she feel? Other than a sense of impending doom, she felt little. The emotions inside her mind were pacing restlessly in each of their habitats, but none knew how to feel. She felt so much, so many conflicting things, that none could manifest itself long enough to dominate her consciousness. Raven thought she should meditate, but was then struck by a vivid flashback of her previous attempt at meditation. She flinched unconsciously at the thought, and banished the idea of meditation to a later time.

That symbol, the symbol of Trigon the Terrible. It had been inscribed in her flesh, and had been present on Slade's forehead. There was no doubt in her mind Slade had died–he was still dead–but Trigon must have resurrected him. He would have known Slade was a fierce enemy of the Titans and, Raven had to admit, Slade as the messenger was something she might have seen coming. But she had wanted so desperately to deny her heritage, the prophecy, her destiny, that she had refused to see. And she had endangered her friends because of it. That thought sent a wave of pain through her heart, and she wished she could have left them out of it. Yet, Raven had formed the Titans for one reason: to eventually stop her and Trigon from the domination and destruction of earth. What she hadn't counted on was becoming so attached to them.

There was a knock on the door and, upon opening it, she discovered a set of arrows. Which she followed to the main room.


End of chapter one.

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