This fic is called Life Drawing because my artist friend Fran told me that's what nude portraits are called and the fic is centered around the life drawing Ron does of Draco.

You will find that I have taken away all the animosity and stuff that Ron and Draco have for each other, which makes them kind of OOC, but I couldn't make this plotline work if they hate each other, so it had to be done.

As you all know, I do not own anything Harry Potter related, although I do own the animating paint thing. This fic contains 'slash,' as in boy/boy relationships, so if that squicks you, don't read it.

"I'm bored."

"What was that, little bro'?"

George apparated in front of Ron, who repeated, "I'm bored. There's nothing left to do, we've done everything. And where'd Fred go?"

George frowned for a moment, then his face cleared. "Angelina's. Meeting her parents. Listen, if you're bored, how about a hobby?"

Ron laughed. "A hobby? Like stamp-collecting?" George laughed too, then shook his head. "No. Ever wonder how they get the portraits at Hogwarts-or anywhere else for that matter- to move?"

Ron nodded and George grinned. "with animating paint, of course. Mum got me some for my birthday years ago, but I lost interest quickly. You can have it if you want."

Ron thought it over, then said, "why not. There's no harm in trying it."

"That's the spirit!"

"Accio paint!" George watched as his stuff came flying out the window of his and Fred's bedroom, onto the grass by Ron's feet. "Here. Knock yourself out." With that, George apparated away.

After struggling for ages to get the easel standing, and some card on it, Ron started to sketch the outlines of his painting. He wasn't conscious of what it was, until he was done, and he stepped back to survey his work. It was a picture of Harry Potter.

Ron was a little surprised at how decent it looked, but figured there was no point stopping, and started mixing paint.

As soon as he touched the brush to the card, he could feel the magic in the paint (what he didn't realise was, part of this feeling was his latent abilities coming to the fore).

Every stroke, every dab, he knew exactly where it all had to go. Finally finished, he stepped back again, only to bump into his mother, who had come out to see what her youngest son was up to.

"Oh, Ron!" She exclaimed, "I never knew you could paint!"

"Neither did I, mum," Ron said, then asked, "how do I make it move?"

Ron's portrait was placed in the kitchen where everyone would see it. Various Weasley's wandered into the kitchen that day, and were excused for thinking that Harry Potter had come to visit.

Ginny came in and mooned over it, she squealed, delightedly when it blew her a kiss.

George grinned, and clapped Ron on the back when he saw it, glad he had judged his little brother right.

The last week of the holidays drew near. Hermione came to stay, and gushed over the painting, making Ron promise he would do one of her.

That night, they went to Harry's house with Mr. Weasley, at his urging, Hermione went up and knocked on the door.

Vernon Dursley, opening it, glared at her. "Whatever you're selling, we don't want any!" he went to close the door again, but Hermione said swiftly, "oh, no sir, we're here to pick up your nephew."

The door opened again. "My nephew?"

Hermione was ready with her story. "Yes, sir. I also have a story you can use for your neighbours, if you want, if they ask where he's gone."

Hermione sounded very adult and professional. This impressed Uncle Vernon, but only barely. "I'm listening." he grunted.

"Very well, you see, we at…" she paused, smiling slightly, "St Brutus's felt that perhaps if we took your nephew away from your loving family of four, and put him with another family, with say, eight people in it, who wouldn't have as much time for him, we might manage to, sort of, push him into shape, as it were."

In light of this, Vernon had no choice but to let 'Miss Granger, senior undersecretary to the deputy-head' and her two companions in, to get his juvenile delinquent nephew.

Harry nearly fell over when he saw them, but dutifully followed Miss Granger to his room where she promptly burst into giggles, eventually having to lean on Ron for support.

They packed all his gear quickly, and Mr. Weasley shrunk it to pocket size for Harry, who was draping the invisibility cloak over Hedwig's cage.

Coming back down the stairs, Miss Granger thanked Vernon for his time and co-operation with their little project, and said she hoped they could send a changed boy home on the train at the end of the year.

"How on Earth did you come up with all that, Hermione?" Harry demanded when they were out of sight of number four. Hermione started giggling again. "Oh, it was just some rubbish I thought up on the way here."

Back at the Burrow, Harry was shown his portrait-which had to be taken from Ginny's room, when she had commandeered it three days ago- was very impressed and told Ron so.

the rest of the holidays were blissfully uneventful, the only major crises being how to fit all Ron's equipment into his trunk, and where he would get supplies if needed, easily solved by a shrinking spell, a bottomless spell for his trunk, and a review of the shops in Hogsmeade, in particular the one called Paint the Clouds, which only Hermione had ever seen.