Howdy folks, this is the prequel to my other story, The Awsomely Metal IY Biker Fic. found at http:adultfan. this story talks about IY and Kikyo met, and all sorts of fun stuff.

Yeah I own, IY, totally.

As usual, InuYasha walked to school alone. He checked his watch. He'd be a little late, but eh, first period was english. Like he really needed to know useless shit like semi colons, and when to use "have" instead of "of".

Ten minutes late, he strolled into class. Mrs. Eichenold gave him the usual glance he got. He had seen it plenty of times in her talent-going-to-waste and why-don't-you-try speeches. As always, he took his seat in the back of the class and proceeded to ignore it all. No need to fill up his brain with this shit. None of it mattered to him.

As the old hag rambled on InuYasha let his eyes roam the room. New desk agaist the wall. They'd be getting a new kid probably tomorrow. Eh. High school started next year. The new kid would probably go to a Catholic or private school to avoid the public schools. InuYasha wouldn't even have to know their name. Eventually, the bell rang and InuYasha was the first out the door to

avoid a discussion about him being late. Three more periods 'til lunch.

Lunch and InuYasha relaxed in his chair with a roast beef some one was foolish enough to leave unguarded. He had tried to pay attention in math and science, he really did. He used to be good at 'em, before he realized it was bullshit in the long run. But hey, there are more interesting things to think about. There had been an extra desk in all his classes, so he would being seeing alot of the new kid. Already InuYasha didn't like him. Not that he liked anybody, but he had a special dislike for this guy.

He kicked his feet up on the table and looked around. He sat alone at his own table in the back, scanning for food people left unattended. No such luck, oh well. The sandwich was more than he usually got. The bell rung again it was time for gym.

As he crossed the gym floor to the locker room InuYasha cracked his knuckles and steeled his gaze. It was gonna be an ugly day. He could tell.

"So, do the yellow eyes help ya see in the dark?" A voice called out as soon as there were no teachers about. "Shut it faggot." "You're one to talk, they dye your hair down at Pual Michel's?" "Go fuck your self." "don't feel too bad, with the amount of contacts and freaks with goofy hair now-a-days you'll fit in somewhere. Just not here freak." InuYasha split his knuckle almost to the bone on the kid's front teeth.

Blowing off detention yet again, InuYasha walked home along the train tracks alone. He might no be able to fit in, but he could make damn sure no one got in his face about. That had to of been the third kid this year to learn the hard way. Ah well, didn't matter to him if they insited on being punched out.

As he passed the bridge to the side of the river his house was on, InuYasha dropped down below the bridge and reached in his over sized leather jacket for a pack of smokes he had swiped from a convenience store. He had started for no other reason then men smoked. That's just the way it was. But he enjoyed the taste and the smell, and hey, if he got cancer, who lives forever anyway?

Twenty minutes later he was home. "Mama, I'm back" He cried opening the door. "About time, don't you know I worry about you?" "Sorry Ma." He headed for the fridge. His mother appered in the door as opened the fridge. "What happened to your hand InuYasha?" "It's okay ma, I took care of it." He said softly. She just looked at him in concern. "I know you worry, but I can take care of my self, alright?" He tried to reassure her. "Just try to be careful InuYasha." "Yes Ma."

Having not bothered to commit his homework to memory, InuYasha headed for the garage. He picked up a wrench and headed for the only project he cared about. Getting his dad's old Harley working. A year he had been working on this thing, figuring how it worked, then what didn't work, the how to fix it, then why his fixes didn't work, then how to fix it properly. Godamn piece of shit had to be 30 years old. And of course he didn't have the money to order brand new parts. InuYasha had a growing hunch in his mind that he would kill him self on this bike. Ah well, as long as it got finished. And he was dead before he realized it was broke again. Godamn piece of shit.

Just to spite him, the throttle valve snapped in two. InuYasha whipped the offending piece at a shelf, knocking a cigar box off. He winced when he saw what box it was. It hit the floor harmlessly. Good. No visit from the cops tonight then.

InuYasha straightened up and walked to pick up the cigar box. Inside, wrapped in rags, was the only other thing his father had left him. InuYasha reached in and removed the pistol from the rags. His father knew he wasn't going to be there, and was smart enough to know a woman living alone with two children unarmed was insanity. 'Course then his brother had left. That bastard...

Not for the first time InuYasha held it up to the light and read the slide. JERICHO 941. One day on a whim he had looked it up. It came all the way from Isreal and wasn't no Saturday night special. It had cost some money. Just what the hell did his dad do?

He let the gun hang at his side. The weight felt natural to him as he looked at the clock. Shit, it was later than he thought. Right, time for bed, and six hours of blissful sleep before another day of bullshit.

Through some mystery of life possibly related to the alignment of the stars and planets, InuYasha was not late the next day. He slid into his seat just as the bell rang, and looked around the room for the kid he popped in the mouth. In front of the class the teacher started introducing the new kid. Eh. not his concern. He found the kid, and smiled at his busted lip. He finally decided to get a look at the new kid. "Class, this is our new student" Holy shit she was gorgeous"Kikyo."