A older man in a suit lead a younger black haired man though the Casino floor. The older man explained the ins and outs of cheating people out of their money as they walked. Another man in a suit quickly strode up to them. He leaned over to the older man and said lowly. "We have a problem, one of out assets has gone rouge." "Who?" "A hired gun down in Georgia, Kikyo. We got a tape of someone taking down a distribution point in her name"
The old man thought for a moment, then turned to the younger man. "This a perfect first assignment for you." He turned to the messenger. "Joe, I'd like you to meet our new guy, Naraku." "
Naraku shook hands with the messenger. "Joe is it? Well, let's take a look at that tape.."


InuYasha hit the road and headed for state highway when Kikyo called from behind his shoulder. "We gotta stop at the docks first!" "What? Why?" "We gotta pick up some supplies." "We have supplies!" "Six boxes of ammo and five cartons of cigarettes are not supplies!" "I disagree!" "What about food?" "Eh, I have some money, we can buy food." "All the way to Reno? Thank God I thought ahead." InuYasha grumbled and turned toward the docks.

Kikyo directed him toward a ware house in the back of the docks. She got off and instructed him to stay put. "I'll be back soon. They don't let anyone who isn't involved in it inside." "Yeah, yeah, what ever"
InuYasha watched Kikyo disappear inside and decided to stretch his legs. He wandered over to a small bridge about fifty feet away and leaned against the railing. He stared out at the sea and lit up.
He heard foot steps as someone crossed the bridge. InuYasha turned to look. Jack was walking along, carring a black bundle of cloth.
"Hey Jack." "Hey, if it ain't our watchdog. Lookin for more work?" "Not today, I'm heading out of town with a buiness trip." "Business my ass." "Yeah, and your a regular suit and tie guy yourself." "Fair 'nough"
"So, ya hear what happened to Spillblood?" Jack asked. InuYasha tried not to smile. "Eh?" "Well, we found 'em floating out to sea. Looks like someone took a bat to his head. What I can't figure out, who was stupid enough to mess with 'im, and how the hell did they manage to finally get 'im?" "It was a shovel, actually, not a bat." "Fuck! You were there?" "Somethin' like that.." "Goddamn it all to hell, you killed 'im?" "Eh, he threatened to kill me." Jack laughed. "Goddamn it. You kill the meanest bastard here and shrug it off like it was nothin', fuckin' salty bastard.. I gotta tell the rest of the Ann about this"
"So, anyway.." InuYasha started. "What the hell are you carrying around?" "This? Oh, the Ann's puttin' out to sea and we needed a new flag." "Yeah? Let me see it"
Jack proudly held it up. It was a black flag with the skull and bones in the middle. In the middle of the skull was a black shamrock. Two serpents intertwined in the shamrock, and one clutched a dagger.
"Fuckin' sweet." "Yeah, cost a bit to get it done well, but worth it for moral purposes." "Looks expensive.." "Yeah, well I best be getting back before they set off with out me. See ya round." "See ya round"
Just as Jack turned to leave, Kikyo stuck her head out the warehouse and quickly waved him over. "What happened to business only?" InuYasha asked stepping inside. "Oh." He said, noticing the pair of feet sticking out from behind a row of boxes. "We've been found out earlier than I thought we would." Kikyo explained. "Shit." "Yeah, so it's not going to be as easy to get there as I thought originally. That changes nothing for the moment though, c'mon, help me move this crap." "What crap?" "This crap!" Kikyo gestured toward a pile of boxes on the table. InuYasha looked over the pile. Some more ammo, alot of MREs, some medical kits, and a case that InuYasha doubted would fit in one of the saddle bags. "What the hell's in that case?" Kikyo walked over and flipped it open. Inside was what looked like the pieces of a rifle. "My Garand won't break down like this, so I had to borrow this one. They custom build 'em for the Army's marksmanship team. Fires a round so big, you can see it split the air." "Sweeet." InuYasha began moving the small packages to the bike as Kikyo found a way to fit the case in.

Finally everything was assembled. "So, how do we get there?" "For now, state highway 15 will get us in the right direction." "Aright, let's roll."