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My Dear Detective,

After all that has happened, I feel the need to explain my actions, although I do not yet understand them myself. I have no doubt that you did not expect our relationship to come to such a painful and abrupt close. I did not either. In fact, I had not planned on developing a relationship with you, an attachment to you, but as I looked back over the passed few years, I see the chain of events that somehow led us to where we are now. Never have I held memories so dear to my heart as the ones I have made with you.

I cherish the short time I spent with you. Never in the history of my existence have I been able to say that. Not once. No human has ever had any power over me. I have never met a human that I have not despised. Yet I saved your life at the expense of my father's research. Somewhere along the line, I began to care…

I ask myself when this happened, when the first signs appeared. It was the day I first met you. You were the first one to come to me not wanting anything for yourself. You came to my shop not looking for your heart's desire, but out of duty. Your eyes were like those of a wild young animal. You intrigued me. Because of that, I opened the door to my shop, my life, which is so different from your own, and eventually my heart. I began to like you. I began to trust you. Depend on you, even. Then, you began to unknowingly trust me as well.

It was so gradual a development that I didn't notice until you left your brother in my care. It was the first time that I'd been treated with any degree of respect or trust from a human being. Until then, I had only seen human beings as selfish creatures of destruction and devastation, of sin and corruption. It is what I'd been taught since my birth and before. It was the belief of my kin, and attached to that belief was a vengeance that demanded that justice be paid. I was born to hate humankind and to exact revenge on behalf of my ancestors, who were treated like monsters because of the foolishness of a man. And yet, how can I hate the strange kindness you've shown me?

Even so, you could never be counted worthy of entering into the Eden that is my world. I would not wish such a fate on you. At first, I would have said without a doubt that you are not worthy, because you are human. However, I now understand that it is because you are human that to enter into such a world would be unfair to you. It would cage your spirit. You would no longer be free. Even in the most extravagant cage, a bird is not permitted to stretch its wings and soar into the distant horizon.

A human being, I now see, is not like any of the animals in my shop. It can destroy…but it can also rebuild and heal. It can make choices. Deep down, it knows what is right and wrong without being told the difference. It can choose to have compassion. It knows how hate, but because of that, a human being also knows how to love. Love in a way that is deep and real and absolute in ways that I have never seen before.

I count myself blessed to have been given the chance to feel that love. You and your brother genuinely cared what happened to me. Your human emotions left an imprint on the most guarded, unreachable place in my heart. Somehow, at some point in time, in ways that I still cannot fathom, you touched me. You have changed me. I find that I cannot hate you. I never could, not from the very first moment you stepped foot in my pet shop.

Perhaps the true point of my letter is not to inform you of anything, but to give you a proper farewell, and to say thank you for showing me what it means to feel something other than hatred and revenge. Thank you for showing me human love. I will never forget it. Leon Orcot, adieu.

Yours truly,