A Simple Kiss:

By: Lady Sunlight

Summary: Hermione kissed Harry at the end of Book Four. This is that special moment told from different point of views. Yes I know that was a long time ago but this idea wouldn't go away

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Chapter Two:


The twins finished talking to me and I left to see Hermione and Ron off. I saw Ron trying to say something to Hermione and slowed my pace of walking slightly, but then realized Ginny was there and walked at a normal pace.

"Hey guys," I said. "What's up?"

"Oh we're just thinking about the things we'll miss at Hogwarts…" Hermione said. "And the people…" I think I must be seeing things because I could've sworn I saw her look at me and wink when she said that.

I looked across the barrier and saw my Aunt and Uncle waiting for me with Dudley, looked like something was wrong with his face though.

"See you, Harry" Ron said clapping me on the back, I guess he saw the Dursleys too.

"Bye, Harry!" Hermione said in a cheerful manner and kissed me.

I was complete baffled. Why would she kiss me? I guess it's her new thing. I winked back at them and went to my uncle.

"Who was that girl you were snogging?" Dudley asked as I arrived at the family. "Your girlfriend, I have no clue who'd like you though."

"She's not my girlfriend. Just a friend who is also a girl." I replied through my teeth.

"I had a feeling none could like someone like you." Dudley said curtly.

"Sod off Dudley." I said. Although it did feel nice when he said Hermione was my girlfriend.


I felt like I was going to cry.

I was simply telling Ron how to care for his little owl and saying bye to Harry when out of nowhere Hermione kissed him. I know I'm not supposed to like him anymore but a love like mine doesn't disappear quickly, so you must know how I felt when I saw them kissing.

I felt betrayed and confused. Hermione tells me everything, why not this? She knows I love Harry, why do this to me?

I tried to tell Ron he fancies Hermione, I hope he confesses he loves her so Harry can be all mine. I knew I had to get home to my secret place. It holds all the things that I love about Harry, and things that remind me of him. It has the poem I sent him in his second year, what I was wearing the first time I saw him, everything he's appeared in, and of course a shirt he left at our house once.

My love for him is everlasting.


My parents and I were picking up that ungrateful cousin of mine when I saw him with an actual human girl. A young woman if I may say so myself. Of course she's a witch seeing how Harry has no normal friends, but I wouldn't mind meeting her…. Courting her if I dare say.

Oh seems as if Harry has another friend, seems a bit temperamental though. Oh! Another girl! Not quite as pretty as the brown-haired one but still has her own charm just the same.

Harry and the pretty girl are talking about something that seems rather important, I guess she saw her parents because she seems to be rushing now. Oi! She just kissed Harry! Wow, never thought he'd be hoarding the girls.

Harry's seen us now, he's coming over. I've decided to bug him but I still can't help but notice that red head out of the corner of my eye… Her skin looks so soft and pale…

Hm, my trousers seem to be getting a tad tighter…


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