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Domino or Bust!

Chapter 1: Repeating the past? I don't think so.

7 - year - old Rosa and a Raging Flame Sprite(ATK: 100 DEF: 200) where playing in the Kaiba Mansion's yard. Seto and Jou where sitting under a tree watching the two toddlers chasing each other in a circle. Jou was leaning on Seto who had his arm around his blonde lover. It was a blissfully sunny day. Not a cloud in the sky could be seen and a cool, summers breeze made it's way through the yard. It was a very happy day.

Yami had left awhile ago after teaching Rosa and Thorn there daily lesson in Shadow welding. Bakura had been there to too help out. He had left as soon as he wasn't needed. Mumbling something about 'Ryou' and 'fun' on his way out. Dark clouds started to roll in. Rosa had stopped to watch causing the sprite to bump into her before helping her up. The wind began to blow hard; ripping the leaves from there branches.

A bunch of guys in black cloaks walked in. Seto had stood up and was standing protectively in front of Jou. "Who are you?" Seto yelled. Intent on getting an answer, but none came. The cloaked men walked up to The sprite before swatting it out of the way and towering over the frightened girl. Thorn materialized in front of them; intent on keeping Rosa safe. Growling at the men who didn't even flinch.

The leader took a stick out of his pocket and mumbled something under his breath. Thorn was immediately trapped inside a black bubble that floated off the ground. She tried to go back to her soul room, but it didn't work. she couldn't get back. The man walked closer to Rosa, bent down . . . and slapped her. Thorn thrashed about in the bubble. Her rage building with every hit.

Thorn had had enough. She willed herself back to her soul room. Opening her eyes, she noticed she was in her soul room and tried to come out. She couldn't. She tried to look out of Rosa's eyes. Instead, she was looking out of the eye in the middle of her hikari's Sennen Scarab. They'd been able to take it from her and get herself trapped inside. : Rosa: she thought. No answer.

Rosa fought back; trying to get her Scarab back. The man only pushed her again before they all began to fade into the shadows. "Hay! Give that back!" Jou yelled as he tried to wrestle it out of the mans hands. Another one of the men took his stick out of his pocket.


((((((((((((((((((((End Dream Sequence))))))))))))))))))))

Rosa shot up in her bed. Her hair was tangled from the thrashing she had done. She was breathing deeply; hair stick to her face due to the sweat beading down her face. As her breathing slowed, she looked over at her clock. 3:25 blinked in blocky red letters. She sighed and run her fingers to her hair. It had grown down to her mid back. Ever since Thorn had been stolen, she saw no need to cut it.

She sighed as she slid out of her bed and stripped herself of her clothing before heading into the shower. She let the warm water wash over herself before starting her daily routine of washing her hair. She missed Thorn . . . and having a crush on said darker side wasn't helping her cope at all. She thoroughly rinsed out her hair and stepped out. Taking care to dry off.

She dressed herself in an ice - blue shirt and white shirt. Pulling her hair back into a loose ponytail. Having walked down the stairs quietly as to not wake anybody, she slipped on her shoes and left the house. Not forgetting to leave a note as to where she was going. It had been very lonely in the house with her father working all day and Mokuba securing the newest Duel Monsters Branch in England.

It was dark that morning. A misty haze floated through the air as she made her way to Domino Cemetery. She stopped at a polished stone; running her fingers over the carved letters. Tears welled up in her eyes; sliding down her soft cheeks. It was torture trying to keep from breaking down into furious sobs when ever she looked at the stone. She looked at the stone one more time. Reading over the carvings slowly.

Katsuya Kaiba

1274 - 1997

She made no attempt to dry her tears. She simply sat before the grave and stared. She placed the handful of wild flowers she'd picked down in front of her. "Hay mom." She said with her eyes closed. "Nothing's really that different from my last visit. Mokuba's off in England to secure the newest branch."

She paused. "It's lonely at home. Sometimes I wish you where here again. Daddy wishes the same all the time. He's been distant lately. Yami and Bakura have been teaching me a lot. I may not have my scarab, but that doesn't mean I'm completely cut off . . . I miss you. I really do mom." She cried. "I wish whatever bastard had killed you . . . I wish it have it's heart weighed. Hell, I want to rip his heart out!

"Daddy misses you too. More than I do anyway. I hear him cry at night when it's quiet enough. He doesn't blame you for leaving. He's starting to quit blaming himself. Deep down we know who to blame. The evil man with the stick that stole Thorn." She sighed. Her tears having stopped running as fast. "Well, not much more to say. Love you." she said and stood.

"Rosa!" Rosa looked behind her to see a Raging Flame Sprite(ATK: 100 DEF: 200) heading towards her. His wings beating quickly like a humming birds. "Hello Fiamma," Rosa said as she wiped her tears away. "What brings you here?". Fiamma just floated in the air a little worriedly. "Well, Seto - sama asked me to come look for you." He said in his childish voice. "You have been gone for about 3 hours ya know."

Rosa looked at her watch. "I guess I've been out a little longer than normal." She sighed. "Let's go then shall we?" Fiamma nodded before lowering himself to the ground and walking next to Rosa. "How's Oiseau?" Rosa asked. Having not heard of her Harpy friend for a while now. "Tori? Oh, she's fine.". He explained. "A bit on the eager side, but fine."

Oiseau was a Harpie Girl(ATK: 500 DEF: 500). She was more commonly known as Tori to her friends who had given her the name due to being half bird. She hadn't seen much of the hyper harpie, but Tori being in open public wasn't something they wanted to see. They both walked up the Kaiba mansion's driveway.

Fiamma taking flight when he knew no one could see him.

As soon as Rosa had opened the door, she was mobbed by Tori, a Dark Witch(ATK: 1800 DEF: 1700), and a Dark Scorpion - Meanae The Thorn(ATK: 1000 DEF: 1800). "Ack! Tori! Azote! Hex! Off please!" The three jumped off before muttering there apologies. "It's ok you three." Rosa replied. "It was all Hex's fault!" Azote said while pointing at Dark Witch. "Hay!" Hex yelled while glaring at the warrior with the whip.

Rosa looked around the room. "Where's Sueño?" She asked. A Dreamsprite(ATK: 300 DEF: 200) walked in behind Seto who was carrying 6 letters with a weird seal. "You needed me daddy?" Rosa asked while looking at her father's crestfallen appearance. "You've all received letters like this," He said while holding one up. "To a school in England. Rosa, come inform me with your decision."

He passed the letters out before heading back into his study. Rosa cut the seal with her finger nail, and took out the letter.

Dear Miss Kaiba,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Due to circumstances, you will be placed in the 6 year. Term begins on September 1. We will except your owl no later than July 31.


Ginerva McGonnagall

Deputy Headmistress

Rosa read over the letter a few more times before looking up at her friends' eager faces. "Alright," She sighed. "We'll go." The group cheered while Sueño just smiled.

"Guys, you stay here while I go tell daddy." Rosa received nods from everyone before she walked into her father's study. Seto was sitting at his desk with his laptop out in front of him. He seemed to be in deep thought instead of reading the on line contract like he was supposed to. "Daddy?" She asked timidly as she peaked through the door. "Me come in?" Seto nodded and Rosa continued in and closed the door.

"Ummm . . . we've decided to go." Seto sighed and opened his previously closed eyes. "I'm sure you've discussed this with the others?". "If you consider a bunch of pleading looks on one self's claustrophobic personality discussing, then yeah. You could say that." Seto chuckled at this statement. How someone of her stature could fit as many big words in one sentence and make it amusing was beyond him.

He sighed again. " . . . Everything . . . okay?" She asked again, timidly while walking closer as to try to get a look from his face. "I remember when Jou used to plead - ". "Must you bring that up?" She groaned. He chuckled. "No, I'm serious!" Rosa stated a matter of factly. "Mother screamed so loud - not only me, but Thorn had to use a pair of Mokuba's extra earplugs and even that wasn't enough to drown out the noise!"

Seto chuckled again before growing a bit sadder. That happened whenever he thought of his koi. Rosa walked over to hug her crestfallen father before looking up at him. "Don't worry papa. I'll see ya again at some point before this year is over." She said with a smile. Causing the cold hearted CEO's lips turn up in a smile reserved for only a very few individuals.

"I guess you're right." He sighed. "I'm your daughter! Of course I'm right!" She stated with a smug smile. "Well, I'm gonna head over to Yugi's for my lesson. Maybe The others can come too.". She gave him a hug and a quick peck on the cheek(like a lot of kids and parents do); throwing a quick "bye dad!" behind her shoulder before opening the door.

There was a loud thump that had emphasized the fact that her friends had been against the door . . . listening in. She ran her horizontal finger vertically down her vertical finger rapidity while giving a small playful glare. "Tsk, tsk tsk! You naughty little shadow creatures you." she smiled before bursting into a giggle fit along with the others. Rosa wasn't expected to take charge.

The group was walking down the streets. It was only 6:30 in the morning so anyone up this early would think they where hallucinating. They made it to The game shop with minutes to spare. Bakura was waiting outside with Ryou who was sitting down and leaning on his yami's leg. Having been woken up by said yami to early for his liking. It had been 4 o' clock after all.

Bakura nodded for them to go inside before picking the sleeping Ryou up bridal style and carrying him inside. The group fallowed in utter silence. Inside, Yami was sitting in front of the glass coffee table with a few letters spread out on the table. Bakura was sitting on the couch with Ryou curled up on his lap and a boy sat on the couch.

The boy was around Rosa's age. He had short - ish, messy, goldenrod hair with sea foam green streaks that was in a short pony tail, that was so short it curved inward, and his strange yellow eyes. His skin was a honey/oatmeal color that contrasted greatly with his white dress shirt and black, slim fit jeans. Around his neck was a gold cross on a black string and two silver rings in each side of the cross.

He smiled and waved at Rosa who waved back. "Mornin' Andre." She smiled before walking over to the boy. Andre Vara-de-oro was his name. Son of Cornelia(Corn) and Caroline(Line) Vara-de-oro. She sat down beside him fallowed by Fiamma who was floating in mid air, Tori who was sitting beside Hex, who was sitting on the floor, while Sueño and Azote who where more comfortable with leaning on the wall.

Yugi walked in with two cups of coffee and a cup of hot tea with a mix of honey. The coffee was for Yami and Ryou while he had the tea. "Mornin' Yugi. Mornin' Atemu." Yami looked up from the letters. "Please Rosa, call me Yami. Like everyone else.". Rosa nodded. "Do you know what this is about?" He asked her she looked at one of the letters. It was a copy of the one she'd gotten, identical except for the name.

"I know I got one earlier." She replied while taking the letter out of her pocket. "So you're who I'm looking for!" Andre said while looking at her letter from over her shoulder. "What you talkin' 'bout Willis?" Rosa asked with her eyes slightly open with suspicion. Andre just pulled out a similar parchment only this one had a list of supplies. "It's a letter from Hogwarts." He replied. "That's where I go every year."

Rosa nodded in acceptance. Her friend had gone to a different school every year. He'd never talked about it. Even when she nagged him about said subject. "Jayson goes there too." He said out of the blue. Making Rosa realize something. "So that's where you got that cross of yours!". He nodded before continuing his explanation on the school and such.

"So let me get this strait," Hex said. Her eyebrows knitted together in frustration. "In this place, they use magic different from our o so fateful shadows, and we have to use sticks?". "Wands." He corrected. "It's the only way they know how exploit there magical abilities." Everyone nodded. "Sooo . . . no normalities?". "Nope.". There was a groan from every Duel Monster in the room. Well . . . almost everyone.

"I don't see what's so wrong about that." Azote said rather innocently. "You wouldn't." Hex sneered.

"And what's that suppose to mean!"

"That you're a humonic airhead who has no other purposes than to look weird and be thick headed."


: There they go again. : Sue(Sueño) thought. Communicating the only way she could. "Okay you two! Break it up!" Tori ordered while stepping between the two. The two growled and headed back to there spots. Yami cleared his throat; gaining all of there attention. "I've come to a solution." he stated. "You will all take up human forms so as to not raise suspicion. Is that clear?" They nodded in unison.

"Very well then." He sighed before placing a spell over the group. When he was finished, Tori, Hex, Sue, and Fiamma all looked at least a little different. Hex hadn't changed that much. Her wings just disappeared, while Fiamma looked the same only about as tall as Yugi. Since Azote was human anyway, she didn't change at all.

Tori had changed quite a lot. She was still her blonde, blue eyed self, only now she had no wings or talons. She had human hands and sharp nails. She was in her harpie outfit, like always, only now, her bird - like claws had been replaced with black boot covered feet. The only thing remotely 'weird', where the pink feathers in her long hair.

Sue had changed a great deal. Her skin was now a dark tan instead of the deep blue they where all used to. Her ear's pointed tips had been rounded off and her transparent, red wings had disappeared. Her eyes where still there light blue/gray and her hair was still the reddish - orange. She wore a forest green tunic tied with a Forest green obi instead of being bare(I'm guessing here).

They all where in utter silence until one word was uttered by a slightly pink Azote.

" . . . Woa"

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Word Translation

Azote Whip

Fiamma Flame

Hexe Witch

Oiseau Bird

Vara-de-oro Goldenrod

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