Searching for Light:

Yeah... I hated that.

Disclaimer: I don't own Elektra or anything - this is just what was running through my mind after seeing the movie. (Which I loved.) It's my take on what should've happened between Mark Millar and Elektra between a few spliced scenes. :) Enjoy - and if you do, feel free to review!

What am I doing?

I'm on a mission—I need to be focusing on my work, on my training, on my stamina… not forcing down a poorly-cooked dinner with a local on a holiday I don't have anyone to celebrate it with.

There's a part of me that's glad I came. McCabe and I get along, but we can't talk… not like Mark and I were.

Who am I kidding?

"Suddenly I've got a teenager on my hands." I hear, turning to meet Mark's eyes.

I smile and offer a nod before I turn back to look into the woods. It's beautiful out here. The air feels damp…


"Sorry," I say. Get it together, Natchios. "Where's her mother?" I ask, and I can tell he's still uneasy about it. His eyes are moving very rapidly; he's avoiding eye contact. He's not telling me everything. But that's okay – I haven't told him that I'm an assassin for hire.

This is stupid. I should really...

"…go," he says, snapping me back to reality.

"I'm sorry?"

"I said you know how those things go." He grins – but only because he knows I'm not listening.

I can't do this.

But there are those eyes again.

Focus on the small talk, Elektra. Focus on anything… anything but those eyes.

"You have a lovely home," I say. God – this is terrible. I'm an assassin for hire, and here I am stumbling over my own words.

He steps closer and I take a step back. Instinct, mostly, but not entirely. "It's getting colder."

"I've noticed. We could always go back inside… it looks like it might rain."


My mind wanders elsewhere; to a rooftop. In New York. To…

"…stay with me."

"What did you say?" My heart pounds. He must think I'm insane. Maybe I am.

He chuckles. "I said unless you're not afraid of the rain, you'll have to stay with me."

Stay… stay with me.

"I'm sorry," I sigh as I move toward the stairs heading away from the deck—away from Mark Millar.

"Elektra, wait."

I turn, against everything I have, and the first thing I see are those eyes.

He steps forward, his hand moving to my face, our lips together as if that's what they'd wanted since they met.

We pull apart and I smile – and before I can say anything, he apologizes.

"Yeah," I say. Are my cheeks as red as my uniform? "I hated that."

He grins and, as if on cue, the rain begins to pour… a blanket on the earth.

It's… almost like he can see again…

"Is something wrong? I didn't…"

"I… no, it isn't you." I look at him hard – as coldly as I possibly can. "I'm not a good person to get involved with."


"I should go," I say, stepping into the rain. "I have work. Thanks for dinner."

I stare at my phone, hit the final six, and just keep staring.

What could I possibly say?

'Matt – it's me. I'm alive – resurrected by an ancient clan, and…'

I never should have left him that necklace; never should have… he's better off.

I close my phone and turn out the light.

My mind wanders quickly –

"Death's not that bad," I say. How do I know? I whisper my answer in his ear.

"I died once."

2500 a day – not bad for one crooked washed-up exec.

I reopen my eyes and stare into the darkness.

Is this what it's like for you, Matt?

Staring into the darkness?

He's funny, though…

How you helped me see the light.

I listen to the rain fall, my fingers running over my mother's necklace.

I don't care what McCabe says – after this hit I'm taking a break. As soon as I finally learn who I'm here to kill, I'm doing it and not looking back.

I'm heading to New York.

To Matt.

To light.

I just hope he can still help me find it.