Eighth Star

Chapter 28: The Dragon

You're the one that I need, I'm the one that you loathe

It was quiet in the room; the only sound was the gently rushing water currently running itself over the young girl's back. While most would consider this silence tranquil, however, she found it rather awkward. The maroon-haired woman who stood not too far from the bath didn't make the situation any better. Yui sighed, shutting her blue-green eyes as the lukewarm water washed her body.

"Do you need any assistance, Your Eminence?" Soi deadpanned. She sounded just like her science teacher at home, like they wanted to be anywhere but here. But among her warriors, that feeling wasn't foreign.

"No," The said Priestess replied sadly.

That was far from the truth, though. The Seiryu no Miko felt alone, weighed down with the heavy burden she decided to, out of spite, undertake. She felt confused, unsure if anyone in this god-forsaken place cared for her, or if her high position was the only key to the doting she received. She felt sad, angry, perhaps even a bit used.

So what did she need?

Someone. That was what.

"Use this time to focus on what your wishes from Seiryu will be. You only have three so you will have to prioritize."

Of course no other words of advice or comfort were given to her. Soi hated her, Yui knew that and she knew it well. Perhaps she truly had been a fool all this time, hiding behind an anger that couldn't be reasoned with, using her blind hatred of one she used to care so deeply about as a crutch. But whether she had been foolish or not no longer mattered.

It was too late for it to matter.


Their footsteps echoed throughout the stone passageways, fast, desperate. All eyes were watching for the two Suzaku and Byakko warriors, with the thought of possibly finding all of them dead on their minds. At last the group slowed down, trying to catch their breath.

"This place is huge, we'll never find them on time!"

"Wait… we'll need to rearrange the teams you make, Tama," Nuriko suddenly realized. "We need to find the Seiryu and the Byakko warriors as well."

"Alright, I'm still going to go look for Miaka. Anyone looking for the Seiryu warriors should be in the other group. Chichiri, you could probably hold you own against Nakago so you and Nuriko go look for the Seiryu warriors. The rest of you come with me."

"We will go with Chichiri and Nuriko," The two Seiryu twins said. "Nakago is close by, we can lead them to him." No complaints arose to these proposals, so the warriors of the west, east, and south quickly dispersed, hoping they had not arrived too late…

Tasuki found himself mentally chastising himself once again as his speed increased. If it were for Miaka, then by god he would have been going fast enough to break the sound barrier. But it wasn't for the Miko that he had sped up. It was for her. After everything, after the mind shattering words that were exchanged, he still found himself being concerned- no, worried shitless about her. Love. What a bitch.

It shouldn't have been too surprising though, to learn that he still harbored feelings for the strong-willed Kousokuryoko. Through thick and thin, they had been together, understanding each other, although they weren't spending their time screaming their love from the rooftops like some other people (Tama n' Miaka… The redhead thought with a roll of his amber eyes). They were always there for each other, if not giving support then being ready to give it at any time. And yet in the end all of that still wasn't enough.

His eyes widened at the sound of some muffled screams. It was Miaka. Going faster until his character blazed he could feel his blood turning into ice in his veins, not just from the scream itself but also from what was being screamed.

"Tokaki! Tokaki, please, open your eyes! PLEASE!"

"Ya stupid brat…" Tasuki cursed. "Miaka and Tokaki! They're up ahead! Hang on, Miaka!" He quickly followed the sounds, not skidding to a halt until he was close to running over the two Byakko warriors who accompanied the two female Suzaku chosen.

Miaka was a wreck. Her green eyes were red and swollen, she had obviously cried for quite a while. Her hair was disheveled, her clothes wrinkled… yeah, whatever had happened wasn't too pleasant. But then again, when was being in the presence of one who was comatose considered "pleasant"?

Tokaki, the lucky insensate, was lying face up, right against the wall. Her breathing was shallow, and if her eyes were open Tasuki wouldn't be surprised if the expression were one of a dead man. In short, she looked like crap.

"Miaka!" Tamahome yelled, already running past Tasuki to the Priestess. "Miaka, thank Suzaku you're alright, what the hell were you thinking coming up here?" Miaka lowered her gaze in shame, afraid to even greet the other warriors who had just arrived. When she finally spoke her voice was softer than a whisper.

"I was told of the legend surrounding this place… I wanted to kiss you, at the top of the tower at sunset, like the legend… that way, we could get through any obstacles standing between us, no matter what they were." Tamahome had a look on his face that, in his current state of mind, made Tasuki want to gag.

"We may have missed the sunset, but I promise you, we'll both find a way to get through this together." With that statement Tasuki was amazed he didn't see his breakfast on the floor.

Sorry, Tama, this is something ya just won't be able to do. Perhaps he was being a little too cynical, but Tasuki never found himself to be much of a believer in the whole "power or love" thing… or if he ever did find himself believing such things those feelings were certainly more than gone now. How "powerful" could the thing be, after all, if the order from one stupid god and the fact that said lovers were from two different dimensions was enough to get the relationship dropped like a rock?

However, despite these thoughts now buzzing through his head they didn't stop Tasuki from going over and silently standing over Mitsukake as he healed Tokaki. (Of course, being by his ex or listening to a newly back together couple blubber and sob were slim pickings in themselves).

Come on… He thought desperately. How hard can something like this be? Come one… just open your eyes…


It was dark, nothing else. Not like the void she had visited when hers and Nuriko's spirits had met, but it was dark. She was aware of nothing, as if she was in a deep sleep. And slowly, gradually, she saw something glow through her closed lids, a green light, warm, drawing her back…


"Tokaki? Can you hear me?" Mitsukake's soft voice laced with worry greeted her.

Blue-gold eyes fluttered open, meeting the glowing hand of the Suzaku healer, the sighs of relief from those around her, and their scents. It was good to be back. Or so she thought until she saw the face. His face. Reality smashed back into her in the single instant their eyes met. The fate of their relationship, the decision that was made. Suddenly smacking her head against the wall again didn't seem like that bad an idea.

"Tokaki! Oh, thank god you're awake, Tokaki!" A Suzaku no Miko squealed, giving the eighth warrior a bone-crushing hug. Mitsukake gave her a relieved smile and she could see the happy faces of the Byakko warriors, Amiboshi and Suboshi, and the rest who were present.

Introductions were quickly made (with plenty of confusion over the two Tamahomes, much to the delight of the two Tokakis), as time was unfortunately not of the essence. Miaka reluctantly had confessed losing the Byakko Shinzaho to Yui (The Suzaku Tokaki snickered at the almost murderous glances that were thrown at the Miko by her own warriors) and with that the group quickly set off to find Chichiri and Nuriko, and quite possibly the Seiryu warriors as well.

Tokaki rushed ahead, her eyes shutting as her bones and human form morphed. With the transformation complete she sped through the stone hallways, her claws clicking against the floor. She searched, the darkness clearer to her, and she sniffed, her nose now stronger. She soon picked up the noisome scent of Nakago and diligently followed, only to have her thoughts broken by the presence of another. Tasuki. She shut herself from him, refusing to speak and mentally guarding herself. But there was one thing that slipped though her iron defenses. Sadness. A sense of regret, of sadness, could be felt from him, a feeling of loneliness and longing that tore out her heart and made her want to smack the living daylights out of him at the same time.

Such things were given no more thought as the sound of chi blasts suddenly caught everyone's attention. It was Nakago, Chichiri, Nuriko, and the twins. Feeling no dreaded rush of pain in one of her knees or her chest Tokaki breathed a sigh of relief as she ran even quicker down the dark passageways, empowered with adrenaline and rage.

She soon saw him and her blood boiled. The thudding pain in her head suddenly forgotten, she leapt into the air, claws extending, and jaws opening to tear out the blonde's neck. The slightest hint of desperation could be felt from him as he blocked her; it was an amazing feeling, a powerful one. Energy shot through her, and her front claws feinted a swipe at him. She kicked him, knocking his feet from under him. Blows rained down on him in a never-ending barrage, in the form of fists or claws, fangs or stabs from her swords, and every blow came down harder, faster, and stronger.

The attacks finally slowed, and immediately the Seiryu general struck the wolf-girl in the stomach, darting towards the door as he quickly wiped the blood from his chin.

"We must stop him, that's the door to the summoning room!" Amiboshi yelled. The younger twin's ryuseisui flew through the air. The Seiryu warrior ducked and the weapons whistled overhead. The door was thrust open and a brilliant light flooded into the once dark room. Nakago disappeared inside it. The entrance to the room closed behind him, too quickly for the warriors opposing him, and the room was dark again. Tokaki swore. They were too close; they couldn't have Nakago be too far ahead of them.

A choke and a cry of pain took all attention away from the door; it was Tatara and Tamahome. Blood oozed from the Byakko warrior's mouth. Tamahome, of Byakko, could be seen kneeling near him, doubled over in pain. His hand was bleeding.

"Oh god, Tatara!" Subaru yelled.

"He's been away from the Byakko temple for far too long!"

"Can't ya heal him, Mitsukake?"

"No…" Tatara muttered, his eyes closing and his breath becoming labored. "No… I knew this time would come… let me be…" A look of protest immediately crossed the Byakko Kousokuryoko's face, although he did not voice his opinions. Tatara turned to Miaka, a sad smile gracing his handsome features.

"I was once in love with someone, when we were all working to summon Byakko."

"Suzuno…" The Byakko Tokaki whispered.

"The Priestess of Byakko… Suzuno… we loved each other dearly, and we planned to use one of her wishes to be together… however, it was not to be…"


The flames were incredible, the raging inferno made everyone wonder if the Byakko shrine would end up being burned to the ground. The white flames suddenly died down, and standing amongst the ashes and flames was an entity clad in white fur, the god Byakko.

The young girl stepped forward, the silks of her long gown swaying. The tiger god spoke.

"You are the one who has summoned me here." She nodded. "I shall give you my powers in the form of three wishes, what you desire is what I shall give."

"Yes, Byakko. I already have my three wishes prepared, if I will be allowed to use your powers now." The god made no move to stop her.

"First, I wish for this county to be protected from this point on; let it be protected from Kuto and it's forces, as well as the forces of all other countries who could wish to do harm to this country.

"Second, may all the warriors who have helped me so much in completing this mission be happy." Byakko could be seen smiling at this. Tatara then stepped forward, placing his arm around the Priestess as she began her final wish, both noticing with a shiver how the tiger god's smile suddenly vanished.

"My last wish, Byakko, is quite… important to me… over the course of my mission you set out for me, I have become very close to all my warriors… however, there is one in particular I have become very close to… I have fallen in love with him. So please, Byakko, please let me and Tatara stay together, now that we have summoned you." Her heart shattered at the deity's sad frown. He slowly shook his head, his voice bringing her, temporarily, back from the depths of despair she had been placed in.

"I am sorry, Suzuno Osugi, my dearest Miko, but I cannot…" Tatara's hands clenched into fists and his character burned as his lover's eyes welled with tears. "That one wish…is one I cannot grant."

"Why?" Suzuno now yelled, all formalities forgotten in her anger and grief. "What sort of god are you if you cannot do that?"

"It is a diving law, my Priestess. Tai-Itsukun herself could not fulfill such a request…"


"… He had said." Tatara wheezed, his breathing only getting more difficult. "It was one of the diving laws to of the world. A Priestess and a celestial warrior could not be together, being from two different worlds thus rendering it impossible. So she returned to her own world, and I was left here."

"I guess Suzuno's second wish wasn't granted either, in that case." Miaka whispered bitterly. To her surprise Tatara smiled.

"You are wrong, Suzaku no Miko. I was… and still am… happy. Yes, she may have gone to her world. Perhaps even being with another… having children, a family… but I find that such thoughts never bothered me… As long as whatever she did, as long as Suzuno had no regrets about it, and was happy, than I was happy…" He looked up at the Suzaku Priestess and her own lover sadly.

"I am not sure… I you understand that or not, how I could… find happiness that way, but whether or not you do, I only hope… that somehow the two of you can find peace together… even if you are apart."

Blood once again spurted from his mouth, dribbling down his chin in narrow rivers. His time had run out.

"Ta… tara…" Tamahome of Byakko wheezed, his expression pained.

"I'm sorry, Tamahome… Tokaki… Subaru… I'm afraid I will be… going to see Suzuno… first…" Subaru could be heard sobbing quietly, while Tokaki had gently placed his arms around her. Tears could be seen on his cheeks as well. The excitement of catching up to Nakago and the others disappeared as they all gathered around him, waiting as Tatara's eyes began to close forever…


It was a quiet, snowy night. An old woman, or more accurately, an old woman's body lay peacefully on a futon. One could easily mistake her for being in a deep slumber than for simply being dead.

A young man with short light brown hair sat near her in awe, and the dark haired man in sunglasses beside him felt the same. The woman who had just passed on was no ordinary woman. She was Suzuno Osugi, the priestess of Byakko. Keisuke, the brown haired one (and Miaka's brother), had been following the story with Tetsuya, his friend. The strange book that had sucked his sister in had put him on such a wild goose chase it was amazing he hadn't lost his sanity yet. The two of them had come to Suzuno's home, wishing to lean more about the strange world of the Four Gods, but they had arrived too late. Needless to say finding an old woman on her deathbed was not the what Keisuke had in mind as a priestess, let alone the fact that they were, once again, back to square one. How could they help Miaka and Yui now?

A man, a relative of the late priestess, who sat beside the cadaver, suddenly gasped. Keisuke and Tetsuya looked at him questioningly. They turned their heads in the direction he had pointed…. And saw the most astounding sight their eyes had ever beheld to them.

A young man, dressed in simple, light clothes despite the weather, and a girl, dressed in high school uniforms stood before them. The happiest, yet saddest looks could be seen on both their faces. Had they not seen each other in a while?

They came towards each other, soundlessly and gracefully, as if stepping on air. And suddenly, in a single sweep they were in each other's arms, oblivious to the cold and the snow that they could not feel nor care about.

"I have missed you so much…" She whispered, yet for some reason all could hear it. The man held her only tighter.

"As have I, my Miko." She laughed, looking up at him with adoration.

"I've always told you that such formalities were unnecessary… you haven't changed much." She took his arm as they continued to walk though the snow. "I'm glad." Although Tatara said noth9ing, he smiled down at her, squeezing Suzuno tighter as they walked and became lost among the ever-falling snow.

"What on earth… was that?" The man breathed.

"I think that Osugi-san is at peace now, sir." Keisuke whispered.


There was a moment of silence for the passed on Byakko warrior. Tears were shed, and heads were bowed, but there was one question lingering in the everyone's minds: when could they continue after the Seiryu warriors?

Tokaki, after gently laying Tatara's head down, answered it.

"We must get going. Now I too want to face Seiryu even more than before. Subaru, could you perhaps use your powers to make me younger?"

"Are you insane? Your life would be shortened considerably! That would only get you in the same fix as Ta-,"

"It's better than simply doing nothing in this weak old shell of a body!" He snapped. Subaru was silent for a moment before speaking.

"You are right… I shall use it on me as well." She turned to the rest of the group. "You all go on ahead, this process may take a while. Take care, all of you."

"Aniki," Suboshi said, "I can sense Yui's chi close by, and Nakago is away from her at the moment. We may be able to speak to her, and stop her from summoning Seiryu."

"Yes… you all go and find Nakago and everyone else, we will go and try to stop Yui." Tamahome nodded, giving Suboshi a weak smile.

"Alright, good thinking Suboshi." The younger twin nodded sheepishly, and the group split up once again.


Yui tightened the violet colored sash around her waist, gazing at herself in the mirror. The moment of truth had arrived. She was going to summon Seiryu. It was so unbelievable she was amazed it wasn't a dream, but she knew everything was far too real for it to be false. The cool blue silk against her skin, the dampness of her hair from the bath… the blue scroll she held in her hand… it was all real.

"Come, Your Eminence, the time has come-," Soi's eyes widened and she leapt out of the way as the wall behind her instantly crumbled. Yui let out a cry as bits of rubble flew past her.

"Damn it…" Soi muttered. "So, you traitors have returned?" She questioned, looking up at Suboshi.

"I'm afraid so, Soi." Amiboshi whispered. "Long time no see."

"It's so nice of you to drop by… pity my lightning shall be the last you will see-,"

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." He interrupted, raising his flute to his lips and playing a single note. Instantly Yui crumbled to the floor, clutching her head.

"Wh-what… what is this? Stop it!" Yui pleaded. Her head… it felt like it was going to explode! Soi ground her teeth, feeling a burst of pain in the back of her head as well.

"Forgive us, Lady Yui." Suboshi said, kneeling before her apologetically. "But you must not summon Seiryu. Nakago is using you, you must realize this!"

"Are all of you really that stupid?" Yui yelled, despite the fact Suboshi would not hear her; he was protected from all sound, including Amiboshi's power. "I trust Nakago, he would never do such things!"

Damn… Amiboshi thought as he continued to play.


There's still hope, ya know. Tokaki glared at him. Were all men so pathetic?

Hope for what? She replied, despite herself.

That guy said that a Priestess and warrior couldn't be together, but he never said anything about us.

Yeah, but we're still from different worlds. Stop fooling yourself.

Since when were you such a damn pessimist?

I'm not being pessimistic; I'm being realistic. You know it won't happen, so just stop it already! That finally shut him up.

"Pessimist…" He muttered.

"Stubborn prick!" She snapped.

"Will you two quiet down? This isn't the time for a lovers' spat, you know- YEEEK!" He squealed as a sword suddenly embedded itself in the wall inches away from his ear, nearly turning him into a Chinese Van Gogh.

"Sorry Tama," Tokaki said, as if she had accidentally stepped on his foot instead of nearly decapitating him. "Hand slipped." With that she yanked her sword free and continued on her way.

The hall they had been instructed to go down by Amiboshi and Suboshi seemed to last forever. Along with the anger she felt came a sense of déjà vu as Tokaki came closer and closer to a certain blond general she just seemed to enjoy loathing.

A single flicker of a gut feeling sent Tokaki backward… just in time to avoid a blast of chi from the Kuto general himself.

"Good timing." Nuriko said admirably.

"Thank you." They darted out of the way of another disk of chi. Nakago came forward, the effects of Tokaki's smack-down still evident on him. That, of course, did nothing to dampen his smug voice.

"You Suzaku scum continue to bother me," He smirked, "Why don't you all give up? We are already close to summoning Seiryu, there's no point in trying anymore-," Blasts of fire and chi were his answer. He dodged and was met by the Suzaku Ookami warrior and Tamahome. Blows once again rained down on Nakago, much to the two warriors' delight. It was amazing how ganging up on Seiryu warriors could bring out one's inner masochist.

It was all too much to block. Chi infused blows suddenly shot out at the two Suzaku warriors but the break in the fight was far from long. They continued their advances, both sides waiting for an opportunity to gain the upper hand.

Tokaki suddenly saw it. She leapt forward, jaws open wide. Nakago would be finished, Seiryu wouldn't be summoned, they-

A scream of pain ripped from her throat as teeth tore open her side. She could see the panther delicately licking the blood from its snout. Its teeth were bared in an almost maniacal snarl.

Urumiya had changed considerably in the short time since Tokaki had last seen her. She no longer held the lithe appearance she had when they had first fought but instead was now sickly thin and had a strange sense of strength glistening in her eyes. It was the strength of one who had absolutely nothing to lose, not even their own life… It was frightening. Tokaki snarled, hearing Tasuki's distant screams as she staggered to her feet. She was struck again, and Urumiya's mouth opened, revealing rows of fangs…

A roar sounded off throughout the room. It was the Byakko Tamahome. The great bear charged forward, instantly at Tokaki's side. The bear reared once again, it's snout curled into a snarl.

"Hope you all haven't started the party without us!" An oddly cheerful voice said. All heads turned in its direction. A young and very good-looking young man suddenly appeared, as if out of nowhere. The symbol "Tokaki" shone on his cheek.

"That's your namesake?" Miaka yelled. Everyone could have sworn they saw Urumiya do a double take. The Suzaku Tokaki let out an exasperated groan, taking the opportunity to deliver a stinging smack to the Seiryu Kousokuryoko. A young silver-haired woman with the symbol "Subaru" on her chest suddenly delivered another kick.

"That's my husband you all are swooning over, I hope you know." A flicker of a smile could be seen despite her stern expression. With a laugh the three Byakko warriors quickly became a part of the melee…


The sounds of battle suddenly reached her ears.

"What's that?" Yui's voice desperately questioned. Grabbing her skirts she dashed through the opening, the pain in her head suddenly of no importance.

"Stop!" The twins yelled. Soi attacked. Lightening struck where their feet had been only a few seconds ago. The smoke finally cleared, but they were now gone.

"So she doesn't just have bad aim…" Amiboshi swore, dragging his impudent brother with him.


Yui's lungs burned with lack of air as she stopped a little ways away from the battle. She gripped the Shinzahos of Byakko and Genbu to make sure they were still there. She had to do it now, she thought, barely noticing Soi going off to join the fight. She had to help Nakago, and get her revenge… it would all end here. She unraveled the scroll.

"The four quarters of heaven, the four corners of earth…"

Tokaki's head shot up at the sound. It wasn't the lightening; no… it was something much worse. She was struck down once again by a smug Urumiya, knowing that the Byakko warriors couldn't come to her aid.

"Oh no you don't, Suzaku pup." She snickered, her foot slamming down on Tokaki's throat. "I hear it too; it is music to my ears…"

"I summon you, Seiryu, of the East, to come to the aid of those who worship you! Descend upon us now!" Before any could stop her she grabbed a nearby torch and thrust it onto the ground. Soon after came the scroll. The instant it met the flames a bright blue light erupted in the room. The warriors of Suzaku and Byakko shrunk away, as it grew brighter and brighter. Suddenly the lights dimmed. All was deathly quiet.

He was incredibly handsome. His stern features seemed to turn the room into ice. Blue armor glistened like scales, and his fingers ended with claw-like nails. Large, leathery wings extended from his back. Dragon wings.

"Are you the Priestess who has summoned me?" His voice sounded like thunder. Even Nakago seemed unable to meet his gaze. The entity spoke directly to Yui. She stepped forward until she was standing in front of him.

"I am, Seiryu."


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