Summary: I have come all this way, have spent half my life, and traveled many paths only to have them all lead me here. To a crime filled place known as Jump City. But at least I have finally found the place where I believe he is. His power emanates from this city. I will find him no matter what it takes, until I have finally finished what I have set out to do. After all, I didn't become an assassin for nothing.

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Killing New People

"Where is he?"

"Why should I tell you?" he croaked defiantly back.

"Simple. I'll kill you." As if to emphasize the point the dagger was pressed harder into his throat drawing a thin line of blood.

"I'd rather die than face his wrath. Anything is better than that." He savagely countered as sweat beginning to form on his brow.

"Fine then have it your way," and in a flash the dagger was stabbed in his heart and he crumpled onto the ground before he could even scream.

She stood over his dead body, watching the blood seep into a puddle around him. Only fitting for one such as you, she thought before escaping into the darkness of the night.

"There's been another one," Robin said as he hung up the phone.

"Oh man, not again," Cyborg moaned as he turned off his favorite television program.

"It's the same as before too; a simple stab through the heart and nothing else. No fingerprints, no weapon, no nothing. The only lead we've got is that most of the victims are rich and/or involved in the government proceedings of Jump City."

"Dude! What if some alien terrorist faction was planning on taking over the city and sucking out all their brains out and using them sort of like dummies, and controlling the city that way. And then once they control the city then they'll move on to the world!" Beast Boy proclaimed.

"There is just one problem with that theory, Beast Boy."


"The victims would need to still be alive."

"Oh," Beast Boy said deflating onto the couch.

"Robin got ya there BB," Cyborg said once he finished laughing.

"But who could possibly want to do such a thing?" Starfire asked innocently.

"Who knows, Star? It could be a multitude of things. Greed, power, fame, virtually anything," Robin told her.

"On my home planet of Tameran such behavior would be punished with banishment," Star righteously stated.

"Well before any punishment can be exacted we need to get this assassin first," Robin told them. "So far I've taken the gathered data on these cases and used them to pinpoint possible targets. Each of these targets will be given special remotes to alert us if they're in any danger." He held up a small remote with a large red button on it. "Today we're going to spend the day handing these out to each of the targets listed. Cyborg and Beast Boy you'll go together and hand out one half. Starfire and I will hand out the other half."

"All right then. I've wanted to give the Tcar a spin for a while now. But you better not dirty or damage my car, BB," Cyborg said accusingly.

"Dude! Since when have I ever dirtied your car?" Beast Boy asked feigning being stung by his words.

"Oh no, you don't!" Cyborg retorted back. "Remember that time when you turned into that weird jelly oozing thing. It took me a month to get all that slime out of my precious baby! A month!"

"But that was an accident!" Beast Boy exclaimed as he followed Cyborg down the hall towards the garage.

"Oh yeah then what about the time when you when you turned into a dog-"

"I couldn't hold it!" Cyborg and Beast Boy argument receded as they went downstairs.

"So you ready, Star?" Robin asked as he scooped up the other half of the remotes.

"Yes, Robin." Starfire said gleefully as she then grabbed him and they flew towards their destination.

She stood on top of the building watching as the sun's rays caressed the top of the buildings. It was blindingly bright, compared to the dark task she had to do once again tonight. She sighed as the sun's rays disappeared. Perhaps tonight will wield more answers. She jumped off of the building and silently flew towards her destination, a large house located on the coast of the city. Silently she phased into shadow and followed her senses to where she knew tonight's target would be.

She ended up in a large elegant room. That would have been empty save for the large fireplace and armchair that sat in front of it. Obviously this one had been expecting her because she could tell he knew she was there.

"I was waiting for you to come," a masculine voice said. She couldn't see him but she knew he was sitting in that chair. She silently slid out one of her daggers and gripped her long pale fingers around its hilt. She heard a small click as though something was being pressed, but she paid it no heed. Tonight was the night she would get answers. "Planning on killing me?"

"Not if you give me what I want to know," she hissed back at him.

"Even if I did give you what you want you would probably kill me anyways," he said lightly.

"Perhaps," she replied evenly. She didn't reject it because he was right; she probably would end up killing him anyways.

She heard footsteps as the man stood up and walked to stand less than five feet away from her. Slowly his human appearance diminished as a set of horns, fangs, and claws showed him for what he really was, a demon. She stood there leisurely as though she was facing an actual human instead of a ferocious demon who could easily tear another human apart in half with his fangs and claws. She sized him up as did he, and both knew that she was the stronger of the two, even with her human looks. Wasting no time she sprang forward and threw him into the wall and had her dagger against his neck in less than three seconds. The demon didn't respond, only looked up at her calmly as she stared at him with narrowed eyes.

"So," she began, "how did a zero like you become a millionaire in less than a month?"

"I got lucky," the demon replied.

"Yeah and I'm not going to kill you," she replied sarcastically. "You must have had some dealings. I know your kind. You're all greedy little scumbags with no regard for anyone other than yourselves. You'll do anything to get what you want. Perhaps if you tell me quickly I won't torture you to death like I was planning. I'll just give you one quick stab."

"Oh that's really pleasant."

"Better than what I have planned for you."

"Please, I'm more afraid of him than I am of you," he said as he bared his fangs.

"That's what they all say. But obviously you haven't heard the news about me, but then again you wouldn't because all the ones who know are already dead." That shut him up.

"So what do you want to know then?" he asked grudgingly.

"What is he planning? Why are so many demons gathered in this city? And where the hell is your leader?" She gave him a fierce gaze that let him know that one wrong move or word and he would be in a world of pain unlike any he had known before.

"He paid me very well for my services, as he does for many of his willing servants. All he wanted me to do was recruit more demons," the demon said nonchalantly.

"And for what purpose would that serve him?" She asked as she gazed steadily at his red face.

"Don't know. You know him, he was never the type to let any of the small fries in on the big scheme of things. All he told me to do was to recruit and I would be justly rewarded. As you can see he has been true to his word."

She nodded grudgingly. She could tell he was telling the truth but also that he was leaving out some important facts. "Anything else?" she asked as she used her powers to slightly squeeze his lungs.

"What are you talking about?" he wheezed his horns twitching from lack of air. "I told you everything I know."

"Don't lie to me," she hissed as she swiftly cut off one of his clawed fingers. The demon let out a scream of pain as she began to cut the second. "The whole thing before I get to more painful places."

"Fine!" the demon exclaimed his calm exterior now erased. "There is something about this city, something about its location."

"Go on," she said vehemently as she cut his third finger off.

"I believe-" The demon stopped short as it quickly changed into his human form and the door was swung open and the lights in the room came into life with startling brightness. In the doorway stood four teenagers, probably no older than her self. But one was green, the other was cybernetic, one was an alien girl, and the last was obviously a human boy in a rainbow colored suit.

"Freeze!" the rainbow boy commanded as he spotted her knife at the now human throat. She just stared at him with incredulousness.

"I don't think so," she replied monotonously as she quickly slit the demon's throat and then vanished into the shadows.

"Freeze!" As soon as Robin said it he thought it sounded ridiculous. As the assassin stared at him with a look of incredulousness he examined his enemy. She was lean, lithe, and of an average height. She wore a black body suit that clung to her curves allowing for easy movement and a belt with large red rubies surrounded by gold circles on it along with dark blue boots. Her skin was a delicate gray. Her face was thin and sharp, framed by short purple hair and in the center of her forehead was a diamond shaped ruby. He noted that she was certainly about their age or perhaps a year or two older. But what caught Robin's attention the most was her amethyst eyes that seemed to hold an eternity of secrets and knowledge yet still seemed to be so devoid of emotion.

He was so concentrated on memorizing her appearance to his mind that he hardly noticed her parting words before she slit the innocent man's throat and disappeared into the darkness.

Sitting on her bed she wiped her dagger free from the demon's blood. She had come so close to getting more answers yet once again something happened to ruin it for her. She cursed herself for letting herself get caught in the act. She was certain now that she wouldn't be able to keep up pretending she was a civilian now that they knew what she looked like. In less than a day she would be found and then her whole plan for doing her nightly business stealthily would be ruined. Damn that demon. He knew they were coming. He purposely led me on and in the end only changed back to human form to frame me, knowing that I would have to kill him in the end anyways wile they managed to get a good look at me.

Of course, however, she knew who those teens probably were. Ever since she had gotten to this city she had seen articles everywhere proclaiming their often successful crime fighting. She knew that they lived in that big shaped T tower on that remote island; and she also knew that it was perhaps time to pay them a little visit.

The Titans gathered round Cyborg as he plugged into the main computer and uploaded the picture he had taken of the assassin. The image popped up on their large plasma television screen. It was a good full body shot picture; showing her black outfit and her delicate features along with her amazing eyes.

Beast Boy let out a long whistle. "Can anyone say hot?"

"She'd probably look better behind bars," Robin said.

"Well, I've never seen the likes of her before," Cyborg added. "And there are no photos in the criminal database that match up with hers. She must be new."

"But she seemed to be our age," Starfire said worriedly. "How is it possible that someone so young can- can kill innocent people?"

"I don't know," Robin replied. "But it is imperative that she be caught immediately before anymore victims are added to her list. Cyborg, send this to the Police Department Headquarters and see if they can get a name to go with this picture. All of the deaths have been here in the city so it is probable that she is residing in the city as well."

"All right, file's ready," Cyborg announced.

"Good, get ready to send," Robin told him.

"That won't be necessary," a low monotone voice said from behind them. They all turned around to find the assassin standing only three feet from where they all were. Immediately they got into fighting stances quickly erasing the shock from their faces.

"What do you want? And how did you get into the tower?" Robin growled holding a birdarang in his hand.

"Relax. I have no weapons with me," the assassin stated calmly gesturing towards her self which truly was devoid of any weapons. "Not that I would need weapons to kill you anyhow."

"And how is this supposed to make us trust you?" Cyborg asked as he held sonic cannon aimed at her head.

"It isn't," she replied with dead seriousness. "I just wanted to let you know that I came here to talk, not fight."

"To talk about what?" Robin asked letting his curiosity get the better of him.

"About why you shouldn't release that stuff to the police."

"Oh and why shouldn't we?" Beast Boy asked.

"Patience, Beast Boy," Robin told him before returning his attention back to the assassin. "If you want us to hear you out then you had better answer a few of our questions first."

"I suppose that's fair," she agreed.

"First question: who are you?"

"Raven," she replied with her voice still devoid of any emotions.

"Second, why have you been going around killing innocent people?"

"Innocents?" Raven laughed coldly. "Who I killed weren't even people. They were demons who were exploiting your city to their advantage," she simply stated. That raised a couple of eyebrows.

"They certainly didn't look like any demon I have ever seen," Cyborg said. "They looked pretty human to me."

"Well looks can be deceiving."

"And we're supposed to believe this how?" Beast Boy asked.

"Firstly, I don't go around killing innocent people. If not you four would have been dead already and I wouldn't have wasted my time trying to convince you guys that I'm not a killer of innocents. And secondly I have proof."

"Oh yeah? Then show us!" Beast Boy dared.

"Fine," she said with an evil grin before the Titans were swept into darkness.

Moments later they landed on solid ground.

"What the hell just happened?" Cyborg asked rubbing his head.

"Nothing really," Raven replied. "You said you wanted to see proof and so I am going to show you." She gestured toward the sign on the front of the building.

"The morgue!" Beast Boy exclaimed. "How are dead people supposed to be proof?"

"You'll see."

"I do not understand, Robin, What is a morgue?" Starfire asked.

"I'll explained later," Robin answered as he led them inside. The guard seeing who they were; immediately let them in and led them to the fridges that held Raven's victims. "So what exactly is your proof?"

"Watch and learn," she told them as she pulled open the first fridge. Starfire screamed and went to hold onto Robin's arm as she saw the decaying corpse of the last victim. To Beast Boy's horror she placed two of her long delicate fingers on the man's forehead and began whispering quietly. As she did the man's body began to distort and when she finally stopped her whispering what lay before them was a demon with red skin, horns, claws, and fangs that could rip through trees.

The Titans stared in shocked silence. "Impossible," Cyborg whispered.

"If you don't believe me I could reveal my other victims' true forms as well," she told them rather enjoying their uneasiness.

"That won't be necessary," Robin told her.

"Alright then," Raven said with an almost dejected look before once again whisking them off in darkness.

This time they weren't so shocked when they landed back in the T Tower's living room.

"Alright. So you proved your point. But if they really are demons then why didn't you notify us or the police for help?" Robin asked.

"Because to do so would eventually leak out to the public and I shudder to think what the police would do if I told them I was after demons."


"Because demons are everywhere and that means there are some even acting as police officers. Why do you think a demon case has never made it to any reports? It's because those demons that have infiltrated into the system keep it under wraps and erase all possible connections whatsoever. If they knew who was killing them off, they would set out to kill me."

"Then why tell us?"

"Because I'm positive that none of you are demons and that if you are as intelligent as I believe you to be, then you would keep your mouths shut." A shocked silence followed that statement.

"I believe you, but I don't trust you," Robin told her grimly. "But I want you to stay at the tower so we can keep a watch over you."

Raven made a small grin. "Very well, you can try if you wish. I'll just go get my things then." She was about to disappear when Robin halted her. "What?"

"Why are you after demons anyway?"

"Somebody has to stop them," Raven replied before taking the form of a Raven and a disappearing.

"So you say, but I have a feeling you're lying," Robin said although he knew she was already gone. She however had stuck around as a shadow long enough to hear him yet didn't reply back. Instead she ignored his remark and left to fetch her belongings.

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