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The last few weeks before the start of term went rather dully. Severus was sure that time had stopped or something, because there was absolutely nothing to have done. There was no calsses to prepare, because those where done. There was no items to study, since it wasn't his job to learn. He wasn't even on baby sitting duty with Jaken.

Actually, Severus hadn't seen Jaken in weeks. She hadn't come to him for advice. She hadn't come to him for permission to go anywhere. She hadn't come to him to even say hi. This gave a slight pull on Severus' threat strings, but he only thought of them as sneers. She really didn't have a right to call upon him for everything, so what did he care if she hadn't come?

He did care, however. He had waited in his office in the morning to see if she would come. At lunch and Dinner, he didnt even have to look to know that she wasnt there. He was worried, because even Dumbledore didn't know what she was up to.

"Don't you know where she is?" dumbledore had asked him one night after dinner, when he had approched him wondering where the girl was. "After all, she is supposed to be your student. I wonder if she is talking with those contacts of hers."

"What contacts?" Severus asked as he and Dumbledore walked to the gargoyal leading up to his office. "What do you mean by contacts?"

"Oh, she has been in leauge with many of the students here. After all, not all of them are blind, Severus. She is, t my knowledge, quite fond of talking with the Weasley twins. I think they found out about her in her second year. And what I knew of the incident, she accidentally walked into one of their gags during a midnight test durning the weekend. Quite unfortuante."

"So you mean that students know that she is here?" Severus gagged after the fact of the Weasley twins knowing about her.

Dumbledore smiled. "Drops of Lemon." The gargoyal jumped out of the way. "Yes, Severus, they know about her. She is actually good friends with them. After all, did you think that she could get past Miss Granger? She, Mr. Potter, and Mr. Weasley have known about her for a year now."

Dammit! She's had all this attention from Potter and the other nusences and that makes her not come see me. So I don;'t see the invisable girl because of the Gryfindors... Damn them! Severus thought as dumbledore dissapeared into his office. He headed immidiately for the Slytherin common room.

When Severus entered, he had a toxic feeling inside his stomache. Not only was he afraid of what he would figure about the girl, he was also afraid of how his emotions would seem when he found out. He reached the common room and saw papers laying on the floor. As if someone had just recently got up.

"Miss Jaken, why have you been avoiding me?" Severus asked, even if he knew tht it was probably no good.

A rusting sound caught his attention near to the door. He spun around and reached out to the air. He immediately tightened his grip on whatever he had, and shoved it into the wall. He was satisfied when he heard a small whimper.

"Come out, Jaken. I know that you are there. I have you," he whispered dangerously and noticed that he was holding bare skin.

Suddenly, Jaken appeared out of thin air in front of Severus. She was wearing a towel around her, her free arm holding it up. Her hair was dripping onto her neck and her eyes were wide with fear.

Severus was shocked enough that his grip tightened and the girl before him whimpered again. He released her and waited to see if she was going to run away. when she didn't and backed all the wayto the wall, he backed away. "Professor, I didn't think that you would come into the common room. I was just.."

"You hid because you didnt want me to see you... like this. Is that right?" he asked her as she held her towel tighter around her.

She looked distraught. She wasn't sure if she should answer, or to run away to the girl's dorm. She tried out the answer approuch, but inched away from Sevrus while deciding what to do. "Um.. I was showering. I didn't expect anyone to come in and I was reading some stuff from people. You scared me, Professor..."

"Did I? Or is that your justification about not coming to see me? You are talking ot Potter and his friends. You haven't come to see me because you are talkking to them!" he growled as he neared Jaken again. He then pulled out his wand and stared at the girl.

"Professor. I haven't coem to see you because you made it perfectly clear the last time we talked that you didnt want me around. So I've been in my dorm working on things for my other classes. Im sorry Professor, tha tI havent been to lunch or dinner. I am not in the mood for such things."

Severus stared at the half naked girl. He wasn't at all sorry that he had walked in on her. After all, she hadn't come to him in weeks, and he wasnt even sure if she had been alive. "You scared me to death, you stupid girl..." he whispered. He didnt want to ruin his relationship with her. He didnt want to loose her to the Death eaters anyway. Or Potter.

Jaken looked away from him and ran from him. She went to the dorms and slammed the dorr. From where Sevrus was, he couold hear the faint crying emiting from her dorm. He even hear a few things being thrown around. "I was worried, Jaken. I think that I'll leave you alone them. If you really wanted to get on my good side, you'd do more to impress me." Severus then walked out of the common room and to his own quarters.

"You're an idiot, Severus," teh voice in his mind said as he dressed in his night shirt and stared at his image in the mirror. "Didn't you notice... that she was hurt that you didnt want her around? Moron."

"Shut up," he demanded as he tried to sleep but intead thought of her scared face, and her retreating back from him so she could cry and throw her objects around.

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