By Alden

"You know, this is really uncomfortable..." Sharon squirmed, trying to make room for Beth on the small couch. "Seriously... Why do I have such a small couch? And such a small apartment?" She looked at Beth, as if she didn't know the answer.

"Just because your mother kicked you out of your house... Hey, wait, isn't that a good thing?" Beth asked, flipping on the tv and flipping through the TV Guide. "Damn, this thing's never right anyways..." She muttered, throwing it across the room. At Sharon's look, she shrugged. "What? It didn't hit anything."

"No, not that, the thing about it being a good thing. What's good about this crappy little apartment?" Sharon asked, clearly annoyed. "Do you like this place? It's disgusting..."

"Yeah, but look at the perks... We can have sex whenever we want; we can smoke, drink and eat whatever we want; and we don't have to wait for your parents to take a trip out of town to see eachother. And, no surprise visitd from your drugged up dad, right?" Beth grinned, then picked up the remote and started to flick through the channels.

Sharon squeezed off the couch, standing up and rooting through the drawers for a lighter. "I'm a hotshot immigration lawyer and all I can afford is this crappy apartment?" She grabbed the lighter from the drawer, making for the door.

"Remember, the landlord doesn't give a damn what we do in here as long as we pay the rent. Don't bother running out for a smoke..." Beth said, standing up and walking over to Sharon's fridge, rummaging through it. "There's nothing in here..."

"There's peanut butter in the back. Chunky, just like you like it!" Sharon yelled, making her way to the bathroom.

"You know, Sharon... I like smooth better now," Beth said, smiling. "Oh, there's some of that in here too..."

"Yeah, I had a feeling you'd want some..." Sharon's voice called. Beth grinned, like the cat who ate the canary, and slipped the chunky peanut butter into the garbage.

"Hey! Wanna go back to my place?" Beth asked. "I mean, Thomas is done clearing out his stuff..."

"UPS guy?" Sharon asked, walking back into the room and crushing her cigarrette on the counter. "Sounds like fun..."

And the two left the apartment, Sharon not even remembering to lock the door.


- A/N: Finally, a Wonderfalls oneshot. I've wanted to write one for forever, and the appearance ogf it on the lists inspired me for a BethSharon oneshot. This takes place after the series, after the inevitable and Karen (their mother) finds out about Sharon's 'girlfriend'. Oh, and the TV Guide reference was for the time TV Guide forgot to fix Wonderfalls when it was moved to Thursdays. Sorry for OOCness, my first attempt at these two...

- Alden