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Cruel Fate

Dear Whoever Finds This,

Fate has never been crueler than it has to me, to her. I should have known they would go after her. I mean not only is she my best friend but the woman I've loved since I was 11. Anyone close to Harry Potter gets killed. I've finally had enough. In the final battle I lost my dear Hermione and my best mate Ron.

And before the battle I lost Sirius and my parents not to mention Cedric. My life has been nothing but death and destruction. The only thing that gave me light was Hermione and now she is gone. I've played my part. I've fulfilled my prophecy. I've done everything I can. I've endured enough pain to last a lifetime.

No one will ever truly understand what I've been through. I know she waits for me. In my dreams I can see her standing with Ron, my parents, and Sirius standing and waving to me and blowing me kisses. I know the hot tears spill down my face but I don't care. I try to get to them but I can't. They are dead I'm not.

Dumbledor tried to make me feel better. What does that old man know? He can't possibly understand what it is like to loose everyone you love. Even Lupin won't come out of his quarters. Lupin is the only one who might understand me. But Lupin, just like myself, wallows in his own self-pity. He thinks no one knew how much he was in love with my Hermione. I couldn't hold that against him though.

Ginny stays stuck up Draco's ass all the time. She mourns for Hermione and Ron too. Draco even mourns. Hermione was Draco's only real friend. Hermione accepted Draco when no one else would. It's amazing how woman can influence so many around her.

Hermione was truly unique. She was a proverbial Princess Diana. Hermione was a martyr of sorts. I mean she did die because of me. She jumped in front of the killing curse Lucious Malfoy aimed at me. I've yet to stop blaming myself. I guess I won't ever stop. Draco instantly without hesitation killed his own father while I fell to my knees with my love in my arms. She was gone.

So many bodies littered the battlefield. Most of the Weasley's were lost and a good half of the order was now up there with Hermione. Oh how I envied the ones up there with my loved ones. I know if 'Mione was here right now she'd say how silly I was for even doing this.

It's time to end this once and for all. I will be with my Hermione soon enough. Good-bye to all those who tried to help. Life just isn't worth living without her.

Harry Potter.

This was the letter Albus Dumbledor found beside Harry Potter's dead body. Apparently Harry had decided to seek death for assistance to his problem. Harry slashed his own wrists. And with his own blood he wrote on the wall 'Hermione and Harry 4 Ever'. Albus Dumbledor cried for the lost souls. Never once had he ever truly felt his age until then. So much was lost. There was nothing to bring any of them back. It was the end of the great Harry Potter.


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