He watched the apartment from his vantage point, staring at one particular window. The lights were on in the apartment. He glanced down at the car that was parked nearby. The redhead was still there. He wondered when she was going to leave. For tonight is the night he was going to make his move. He got up and headed for the apartment building. The time was up.

He HAD to make his move-he had orders to.

If he failed, they would kill him.

It was close to twelve thirty as Scully slipped her feet back into her pumps and straightened her blouse, " I really must go."

Hannah nodded, " Yes, it's getting late." She grinned, " Though I wouldn't mind if you stayed the night."

" That's rushing things isn't it?" Scully replied then felt her face grow warm. She was actually flirting with Hannah!

" I guess so." Hannah said, winking. Scully ran a hand through her messy hair, " There's one more thing we have to work out before I leave."

" What is it?" Hannah asked.

" I would appreciate it if you kept us a secret. I'm not ready to tell anyone yet. Not my family and certainly not Mulder."

" Okay. That's fine. When we are ready, we can people then." Hannah agreed as she walked Scully out the door.

Hannah pulled Scully close for one last hug. Scully pressed her lips against Hannah's for another long, searching kiss. Hannah buried her hands in Scully's red hair…eyes closing in contentment.

He waited until the redhead left the building, climbed into her car and drove off. Then he made a beeline for his target