When Somebody Loves You…

I don't claim to own Dragonball, Dragonball Z or any of their characters. They all belong to their representative owners. I'm just borrowing them in this story. For those that don't know, I'm a major Gohan-Goku fan, I love their father-son relationship so this story is mainly pure fluff! I hope you enjoy. This is my first time writing DBZ so please R&R! It's an alternate reality, changes a little of the plot, and takes place right after the Trunks saga.

"I will risk everything, I will fight, I will bleed. I will lay down my life if that's what you need."

Chapter I:



Lots of it.

That was all he could see: blood everywhere. All he could smell was blood. All he could see was blood. All he could feel was blood. Aside from the bright red lake he seemed to be standing it, all else he saw was darkness. The small Half-Saiyan boy trembled. He would never admit it but he hated the dark. He had never been fond of it but as of late, he was starting to dread it. Especially with the threat of the Androids.

The small six year old trembled. He was supposed to be a fighter. He was a fighter. He loved seeing justice prevail because of what he and his friends did. He didn't like the violence that went along with it but his father didn't like to hurt and kill either. Gohan loved the sparring though. He loved the martial arts. He felt like he was himself when he was training, outside or on the battlefield. Still, despite these facts, he was hardly seasoned. As much as he liked it, and as much as he had learned, he was only six years old.


Gohan cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted. "Daddy!"

He got no reply, aside from a few muffled screams and groans. He closed his eyes, trying to focus on his father's ki. He was new at that talent though. He'd only just learned it a few months ago and he had never thought to practice that when he and his father sparred. He was beginning to wish he had. It could have really been helpful about now.

No time to dwell on that. Dr. Gero's androids had appeared and there was no time for him to be pondering "what ifs." He needed to find one of the others. In the midst of the battle, he'd become separated from them. He didn't know where they had all been scattered. There were only two androids but they had already managed to fall Piccolo. Gohan didn't even want to think about what had happened to the Namekian. Right now, he just wanted to find someone! As immature and babyish he knew it made him look, he could think of nothing more he wanted to do at that moment then fling himself into his father's strong arms. He wanted Daddy!

The half Saiyan ran through the blackened earth, shuddering. He couldn't even see the stars anymore; the sky was too clouded with dust and blood. He kept his mouth shut as he ran. If he let even a little dust into his mouth, he tasted the sour and bitter taste of someone's blood. It was enough to make him sick to his stomach at the mere thought of it. Tasting it was bad enough but it made him realize that someone was probably dying. He shuddered. Who was dying?! Who?! Tien? Yamcha? Chaozu? Krillin? Piccolo…Daddy?!

"IIE!" Gohan refused to believe that. Daddy had just gotten back. He wasn't about to believe he was being taken away again so soon. He loved his mother but not like he did his father. Perhaps it was playing favorites but he never doubted his father's love for him. With his mother, it was more like he felt like he had to earn her love. He felt she hated who he was a lot of time, simply because he wasn't a scholar at heart like she wanted. With his father, he could have told him he wanted to be a professional minstrel and he would have been behind him every step of the way. It had killed his heart the few months his father had been gone. He couldn't lose him again, he couldn't! Not again!


Gohan went sprawling onto his face, winding up with a mouthful of dirt in the process. He gagged and sat up, spitting up the particles of soil before turning to see what had tripped him up. He stumbled to his feet, wishing his tail would hurry up and grow back. It gave him a better balance. The boy brushed dirt off of his gi and then paused. Part of the purple gi was darker, and it smelt of bodily fluids. He wiped his finger over the stain his finger turned green. Green blood…but that meant-


The small boy screamed, realizing it was the body of his old mentor he had stumbled over. Falling onto his knees, Gohan raised his ki, so he could see and praying that Piccolo was alive. If Piccolo died…so did Kami-sama and so did the Dragonballs! Not Piccolo! Piccolo was too strong to die! He couldn't die! Gohan shook the warrior, tears rolling down his cheeks. "Piccolo! Piccolo! Wake up! Get up! Get up! We have to go find the others…get up!" Gohan's vision blurred with his tears "Please…"

He got no reply and he couldn't feel a speck of Piccolo's ki. He wanted to believe that he just wasn't feeling it because his emotions were clouding his concentration but he knew better than that. He'd seen Piccolo die before and this form was just the same as he'd seen two years ago, when he was just four. Tears erupted from the boy's eyes and he screamed out at the sky,

Gohan buried his face into the warrior's chest, sobbing his eyes out. Piccolo's blood smeared on his face, turning it green. Shoulders shaking with both anger and sorrow, the youngest warrior finally forced himself to look up. Piccolo was gone which meant the Dragonballs were gone. That meant that whoever died, stayed dead. He still felt no ki whatsoever, despite how he concentrated. His eyes hardened with anger and worry. Piccolo was gone and who knew else had died while he'd been crying. He cared about the others, deeply but one name in particular made his heart freeze.


He'd lost Piccolo; he wasn't losing his father too! Not again, never again!

Gohan took off in flight, scanning the ground for anyone. He spied someone down below and he dropped down, flexing his legs to reduce the impact. He ran over, feeling for a ki but finding none. Whatever poor soul he had stumbled upon was gone from this world. He ran over, his feet kicking up clouds of dust. Dropping to his knees, he closed his eyes tightly, "Tien…"

The three eyed warrior's neck was twisted at an impossible angle and blood pooled around him. It was staining the knees of the boy's gi. Gohan blinked tears from his eyes and scanned the horizon for Chaozu. He was never far from Tien. Gohan left the warrior where he was and wandered in the adjacent area, searching for the small fighter, hoping to pick up on his ki.

It was an empty hope. He found Chaozu, or rather what remained of him. He found him all over, in pieces. Hardly any of him was recognizable. Someone had blown him apart, literally. The boy fell onto his knees as he felt what meal he had had earlier decide to come up in the opposite way it was meant to. He grasped the ground for support and threw up, tears spilling down his cheeks in rapid floods.

The feeling passed, Gohan squeezed his eyes shut, stumbling to his feet. His knees felt like jelly. He wanted to go find his father and forget these horrors. He wanted to wake up and discover that no one was dead, everyone was fine and that he and his father were just sparring as they always did. He wanted to wake up and find himself being carried to bed by his father. He wanted-

"Buck up, Gohan!" he hissed at himself. "Wishing isn't helping!"

He forced himself forward again, searching for any survivors. He had to keep his ki as low as he could though. Last thing he needed was an Android sneaking up behind him. If they had fallen Piccolo, he would be a lost cause if they attacked him when he was alone. He half charged up his hands, so that he could unleash an attack immediately if he had to. Not that it looked like it would do much good.

Gohan passed over a dead Yamcha as he flew. He didn't need to go down to confirm it. He could tell simply by the ocean of blood he was lying in and the way his body lay. The torso looked like it had been snapped in two…yes, at closer glance, he confirmed that belief. He was nearly divided in two and he would have been making some type of movement or noise had he been alive. His spine was severed, his heart exposed, he was gone. The boy squeezed his eyes tightly shut, so tight he saw white spots. "Only two left…"

"Daddy! Krillin!"

Wait! Was that…yes! A faint ki, very faint but there….

Gohan flew over at top speed and landed, panting as he ran towards the ki, praying it to stay strong until they could get to Korin's and get some senzu beans. They were out. They should have brought more. They'd brought too few. They'd underestimated these blasted androids! If…if….if they'd brought just a HANDFUL more, just a HANDFUL…

"KRILLIN!" Gohan tore to one of his father's oldest friends and now, Krillin had become like an uncle to him. He was Krillin's "little buddy," as the warrior affectionately called him. Krillin couldn't die on him! No! He'd seen him die on Namek and it had almost broken him. In a way, he still blamed himself for it because he had been the one protesting leaving the most. If they'd just left when he'd said to…

Gohan pushed that out of his mind and knelt by Krillin, taking in his injuries. Blood was gushing from a gaping hole in his chest. Gohan pressed both his hands against it, getting fresh blood all over his hands but at the moment he really didn't care. If he could slow the blood flow, just a little, maybe he could buy Krillin enough time for them to get to Korin's. If it helped enough, then…

Krillin put one of his hands on Gohan's and shook his head. "Not gonna….do…any good….little buddy."

"Don't say that! If we can get you to Korin's then-"

Krillin coughed up blood and shook his head again "Too much…damage, kiddo."

"No! Don't say that! Don't!"

Krillin coughed up another wad of blood and told him with what little strength he had left "We're not strong enough kiddo, run."

"No! Krillin, you're gonna be okay…you're gonna live…"

He got a sad smile and then nothing. Krillin's ki fell and then vanished. Eyes clouded and then went dark as the human warrior slumped and then laid still as ice. Gohan's hands shook as he pulled them away from the human's chest, coated with blood. Tears made their way down his cheeks and again and he grabbed Krillin by the shoulders "No, don't you dare die! You get up! Get up!" Gohan lifted his head up, anger erupting from his throat with a fierce shout. "NO!"

His shoulders slumped, tears trailing down his face again. He would no doubt have laid down and just wept if his ears hadn't caught the far off scream of pain. He lifted his head, some black hairs trailing into his plane of vision. Blinking tears away, he stood up, knees shaking. "Daddy.." He forced the emotion out of his mind, focusing instead on the last survivor, not to mention the one nearest to his heart. Powering up, he took off and over the landscape, sobbing through clenched teeth, "Don't die Daddy, please don't die."

His father's screams got more intense as Gohan got closer. He could smell the blood before he got there but he couldn't see anything! He couldn't feel any ki except his father's failing one. He pushed himself beyond his limit, ignoring how it made his lungs ache. His reward for his pressing was seeing his father on the ground, weakened. He couldn't even hold Super Saiyan anymore.


Goku looked up "Gohan, stay back."


"I said stay back!"

Gohan froze. His father was gushing blood but that wasn't what Gohan's eyes focused on. His father's hand was clasped over his chest, digging into the gi. Gohan blinked and then gasped in realization. Tears welled in his eyes and he saw the shadows of two adversaries overhead. Gohan darted down, regardless of his father's commands and grabbed his father's arm "Daddy! The heart virus! Now? Here?!"

"G…go, Gohan. Run."

"No! I'm not leaving you to die Daddy!"

"GOHAN! I said-ARGG!" Goku stopped in mid sentence, falling onto his back, clutching his heart.

"DADDY!" Gohan flung himself on top of his father. "Daddy, hang on, we'll get home. The medicine's there. You'll be okay, promise."

"You mean this medicine?"

Gohan looked upward. He couldn't see the Androids' faces but he could make out their forms. One was certainly feminine and the other masculine. The first came down slightly, the voice oozing with contempt and evil. In its hand, it cradled the bottle of medicine that Goku's life depended on. Gohan stood up, powering up, "You coward! You won't even fight him at full power! You have to…" Gohan slurred off a series of words that Goku would have washed his mouth out for had he not been lying on a battlefield.

The form just laughed, lit their hand up and the medicine disintegrated in their hand. Tears filled Gohan's eyes and his father's screams of pain turned those cries to cries of fury. He powered up, that hidden power inside of him being triggered by his anger. Anger at these two, angry at nature for this damn virus, angry at the world.

"Yer gonna pay for that!"

He shot up from the ground, anger burning in his dark black eyes. He swung out at the first Android but they were like lightning! He couldn't feel a ki at all and every time he thought he saw them, he found their foot or fist pounding on him in some way. He tried to fight back but it was like fighting an army. It didn't take long before he went sprawling onto the earth, bleeding out his mouth.

"Gohan, go…"

The child forced himself to his hands and knees and crawled over to his father. "No, Daddy, don't die. You can beat this! You can beat anything."

Goku hissed through clenched teeth, "Son Gohan I said go!" Gohan shook his head, clinging to his father's arm tightly, as if his little grip would somehow help fight the internal enemy that was attacking his parent. He buried his face into his father's gi, sobbing. No, Daddy couldn't die. He couldn't be brought back, even with the Namekian Dragonballs. This was considered "natural." No, he couldn't live without Daddy!

"No, no, no! Don't die, Daddy! Please don't DIIIIIIIIIE!"

Goku's ki faltered a moment, fading. His eyes clouded, closed and then his groaning and grunts stopped. Gohan's face paled. "Daddy?" He put his hands on his father's chest, shaking him by the shoulders a little. Goku's chest didn't rise and he just flopped in his son's arms. "DADDY!" Tears fell again, silently. "DADDY! GET UP! PLEASE GET UP! DON'T LET THE VIRUS WIN! PLEASE DADDY! WAKE UP!"

Gohan's last remaining will passed away and he fell atop his father, shaking with tears and cries. No, it wasn't fair. Not Daddy too! Not Daddy too! They had the antidote. They had it! It could have saved Daddy! Why? Why did Daddy have to die? Why hadn't he been able to get those pills from the Androids? Why had he let his father die?

Liquid pooled through his fingers. He looked down and screamed.

His father turned to blood under his fingers, seeping into the ground. Gohan screamed and looked up. The Androids themselves turned red and fell to the ground as red rain. Gohan scooted backwards, trying to get away, having never felt so alone or frightened in his life. What was going on? He stood, his arms going into guard position almost immediately. He shook like a leaf, looking about, and sweat was gathering on his brow. The ground shifted under his feet. Looking down, the brown and black soil shifted, turning dark red and starting to bubble. The smell of blood reached the boy's nose.


He sank to his waist in the liquid, struggling to pull himself out, only looking around to find there was no land whatsoever. Everything had fallen into this…this lake of blood. Gohan screeched as something dry and rigid and strong snagged his leg. Gurgling, he got a mouthful of blood and looked down. He screeched. The white skeleton of Yamcha, Krillin, Tien, Chaozu, Piccolo, and then…the one grasping his ankle…his father's…were giving him a dark evil look, tugging him under. "You let us die…"