Author's Notes: This was originally written months ago on Shishido's birthday, but I decided to rewrite it and put it up for Valentine's Day. It has innuendoes here and there but basically, this is icky-yucky-love stuff with the letters in bold. This is a songfic, by the way, with the verses chopped into several parts. Everything happens on two days only, Valentine's eve and Valentine's Day itself.

Dedication: First chapter goes to everyone, especially to my classmates and friends in the University of the Philippines. Love 'yah guys.

Disclaimers: Believe me, if this was mine, it would be gayer that it already is. Song belongs to Boyzone. Tennis no Oujisama and all its characters belong to Konomi-sensei. Plot is mine.

When The Stars Align

-Your Name on My Lips-

I like the feel of your name on my lips

And I like the sound of your sweet gentle kiss


He didn't actually think it would be happening anytime soon, but it did. And who would've thought that it was his shy-and-overly-polite doubles partner who would make the first move? He knew no one expected it, not even him. And he was supposed to know Ohtori better than anyone else on the team!

Shishido ran his fingers through those ashen locks, feeling its softness. He grinned. The Ohtori last night was not that shy-and-overly polite fellow everyone knew. Last night's Ohtori was…

His grin grew wider, last night's events flooding his mind.

Could you stay after dinner, his kohai had asked as they walked towards Ohtori's house last night. It had been sort of a tradition to stop by Ohtori's before heading home. Sometimes, he would eat dinner but it was rare that he stayed after that. They did that after school or even after hanging around on Sundays.

He had things to do at home – one was to come up with something brilliant to give Ohtori for his birthday the next day. Yet that look his partner had in his eyes was something that he never really had the power to say 'no' to.

"Shishido-san, do you think it's wrong for a man to love another man?"

Brown eyes blinked. They were in Ohtori's bedroom – him watching TV while sitting on the floor, the younger one just sitting on the bed. Did he just hear Ohtori ask what he thought he did?

"No, Choutarou. You don't exactly pick to fall in love with, y'know. Like – BAM! – it just suddenly happens and you'll never know what hit you." He tried to say those words nonchalantly, eyes glued to the TV but his attention clearly wasn't. Why did Ohtori ask that anyway?

"Is it like when you look into a person's eyes one day and suddenly there's this indescribable feeling to hold him close and kiss him and let him feel all that indescribable emotion swallowing you up?"

This time, Shishido turned around and faced his partner. "Yeah, something like that. Have you been reading Oshitari's trashy novels again, Choutarou?"

"No. B-but…"

"But what?"

Ohtori bit his lip, trying to find that courage inside him to say what he wanted… needed to say. He had gone this far enough, right? He might as well go on with it.

Breathing in hard, he walked towards his sempai's direction. He sat in front of Shishido, the way the chocolate haired one was sitting. He held that gaze, summoning up all the courage he had inside to produce the next words.

"But that's how I feel for you, Ryou."

"Shishido-san? What time is it?"

The other shrugged, not even bothering to glance at the clock. "Who cares, Choutarou?" His hands drew circles on the other boy's chest. "It's not that I want to get up anytime soon, y'know. Not with you naked under the sheets with me…"


He chuckled. "Maa, last night it was 'Ryou', why the change now? Or do I need to produce the change again?"


"We really need to do something about the way you call me, Choutarou," he said, moving on top of the taller one, swooping down to capture his lips.

All the redness and embarrassment faded from Ohtori's face as he surrendered into the kiss. His hands snaked around the other's waist, pulling him closer.

"Ryou…" he said, breathless. "It's Monday. We need to go to school."

"Not with me on top of you, Choutarou!"


Shishido kissed him again, effectively silencing him. "Happy Birthday, Choutarou. I love you."

Ohtori smiled. He shook his head. Not that he could ever go against a person who was on top of him and currently still undressed. "I love you too, Ryou."