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Italics Means Thoughts

Ban was in his surly moods once again. Ginji lost at the game of shoji against Natsumi. If Natsumi had lost, she would treat them with a free meal with her salary. But if Ginji lost, they would have to wash the dishes for her. So now that's exactly what they were doing. Gritting his teeth as he washed the dishes and from time to time snapping at Ginji.

"I can't believe you lost to her again Ginji!" Ban reprimanded Ginji.

Ginji then became chibi. "But Ban-chan it wasn't my fault. She was just really good." Ginji reasoned.

"What I don't get is how I got dragged into this!" Ban grumbled as he washed the dishes.

"If Ginji had won you wouldn't be grumbling since you would leech of him anyways. Look at this as a fair trade. Your partners after all." Paul pointed out to Ban.

Ban just glared at his long time friend.

Just then Shido came in and sat in front of Ban. Smirking as he watched Ban wash the dishes.

"You finally found another job Urchin head?" He taunted.

This naturally set off Ban.

"Must be nice living off from a blind girl, Monkey trainer." Ban sneered back.

"For your information I do stuff around the mansion. I do carpentry and repair work as well as pay for rent. Unlike you." Shido snapped back.

"Must be good, living life as a pimp. Monkey trainer." Ban continued.

"Your just pissed off cause your always broke, Snake bastard." Shido replied.

"It is a good thing Madoka is blind. She doesn't have to suffer looking at your ugly face." Ban jeered back.

"At least I have a girl." Shido countered.

"You guys cut it out!" Chibi-Ginji intervened. It was really getting quite tiresome that his two friends wouldn't get along unless there was a fight.

"I wouldn't talk if I were you." Ban challenged.

By now both Ban and Shido were glaring at each other over the bar counter. Paul watched from behind his newspaper.

"If you think your so hot then prove it." Shido challenged.

This made Ban grin even wider at the sound of challenge.

"What's the challenge monkey boy?" Ban grinned. He had never lost a challenge before.

"If you think your such a lady killer, let's put your money where your mouth is. Oh! That's right you don't have any money!" Shido pointed out.

"You don't have any either!" Ban countered.

Paul who was listening to their inane conversation decided to step in.

"Why don't you bet on it? Let's say, whoever wins will dress up like a girl or something like that." He said with barely there interest. He can make money out of this, as he hid his smirk.

Both men nodded their heads. While Chibi-Ginji looked on confused.

"But there are ground rules." Shido pointed out.

"Then state it. Either way I will win." Ban said smugly.

"Ban-chan, Shido-kun." Chibi Ginji pleaded.

"Here are the rules. There is a time limit. You will only be given 14 days to woo the girl. That's two weeks." Shido explained.

"I know how to count monkey trainer." Ban interrupted.

"I also get to choose whom ever it is you are suppose to court." Shido continued as he smiled evilly.

"I don't care so long as I win. I think a pink frilly dress suits you. Don't you think." He taunted as he laughed.

"There should be proof that you have successfully attained the girl." Paul pointed out.

"Your not helping." Chibi-Ginji said as he turned at Paul. Who was trying desperately to stop the two from making idiots of themselves.

"Madoka will be having a party in the next two weeks. Bring the chosen girl along and the two of you must kiss in front of everyone. Only then can you win the bet." Shido said triumphantly.

"Sounds simple enough." Ban said as he smirked. With his charms, he can easily get whom ever it is that Shido will choose for him.

"Oh and another thing." Shido interrupted Ban.

"What is it Monkey trainer? You reconsidering already?" Ban taunted.

"On the contrary, I was merely suggesting that you do not, under any circumstances uses the Jyagan at the party or on the girl to hypnotise her. If you do you automatically fail and lose the challenge. The girl must also never find about the said bet. These are the conditions. Any other things you want to add?" Shido stated.

"Yes as a matter of fact I do. I have one question." Ban asked in a most serious tone possible.

"What is it?" Shido asked seriously.

"What size dress are you?" Ban said before he cracked up laughing.

Then chaos ensued.

Ginji and Paul manage to separate the two.

"Well do you two have a deal or what?" Paul said anxiously.

"Yeah we got a deal." Ban said as he extended his hand, which Shido accepted.

The room temperature considerably dropped as Ginji and Paul watched Ban and Shido shake hands. You could see their grip tightened against each other. Their knuckles white. They saw Shido wince first since Ban was probably using his snake bite on him. That was when they let go of each other.

"You can't weasel your way out of this Midou. Paul and Ginji is our witness for this little bet of ours." Shido pointed out.

"Who says I'm weaselling my way out of this? I just hope you look better in a dress than your usual attire." Ban taunted.

"So who do you have in mind?" Paul asked Shido.

Shido remained quiet for a while. As he began to think which unfortunate girl to use. He couldn't choose Madoka, simply because it will be wrong for him. Plus the thought of Ban trying anything on her makes Shido want to bash his face in, more so than usual.

Shido then thought of Clayman. No, that will be too easy. He had seen that Clayman was fascinated with Ban. He saw the way she interacted with him. He needed someone who Ban has known for years and is immune to him.

Shido then thought of Himiko. But that will be another bad idea. She won't be a very good candidate. Though she constantly argued with Ban, he could see that Himiko was in love with Ban and probably worships the ground he walks on.

Natsumi? No that will be wrong too. While he knew that Natsumi treated Ban as an older brother, he didn't want to have a fight with Ginji who was obviously besotted to her.

He could always choose Uijie Kaoru, but he doesn't know where she is. Her devotion for Ginji would make it impossible for Ban to court her. Only problem is, he doesn't know where she is at the moment. She had disappeared after curing Kakei Sakura from the seal flame she had given to her.

How about Kakei Sakura?

Shido was interrupted from his thoughts when a certain someone walked in. Ban immediately left the sink to greet their contractor, Hevn.

"Hevn-sama!" Ban said sweetly as he rushed towards her. His arms wide open.

Hevn just raised one hand to stop him.

"I don't have a job for you two. I just stopped by to get a drink of coffee." Hevn said.

Ban immediately deflated.

"I don't see why you can hang out here and drink coffee when your suppose to be getting us a job." Ban complained as Hevn sat down next to Shido.

"I do bring you jobs but you always refuse." Hevn boredly pointed out, as she received her cup from Paul.

"But the job you bring us are always dangerous and in the end, we barely make any money." Ginji who once again returned to his chibi mode complained.

"You guys could always take part-time jobs." Hevn pointed out to them.

"What! We are the Get Backers! The retrievers! We don't do part time jobs!" Ban said aghast.

"And that's why you'll always be broke." Paul commented.

Shido watched silently at the exchange. He took note the way Hevn could easily dismiss Ban. He then grinned evilly.

"Well guys, it's nice to see you again. See you later." Hevn said after she finished her coffee and paid Paul.

"Some contractor she is." Ban grumbled at her retreating back as he watched her walk out of the Café.

"I've decided." Shido said, still wearing an evil grin.

"Yeah about what? Which dress will flatter you?" Ban replied back.

"NO!" then more calmly. "Which Girl you will chase and woo with that despicable behaviour which you call charms." Shido replied.

"Oh yeah who?" Ban questioned.

"The Chosen girl is…" Shido prolonged, savouring his triumph. Already he can taste the smell of triumph within his grasp.

"Who?" Both Ginji and Paul asked dying to know who it is that Shido had chosen.

"Say it already Monkey trainer." Ban said irritably. Half excited about who it is he was suppose to chase after.

"The chosen girl is Hevn." Shido said as he grinned.

The other three remained quiet as the whole room fell into silence.

Kazuki almost choked when he heard the Hevn's name. He had been listening to the guys of Honky Tonk the entire time. Using his strings he was able to hear everything. Even that ridiculous bet of theirs. He couldn't help but grin.

"You certainly outdone yourself this time Shido." Kazuki said.

Hevn for unknown reason felt cold chills run down her spine. It wasn't cold so why did she suddenly feel like something weird was about to happen?

Paul grinned. He can't wait to set up the betting pools. He planned to make a profit out of this idiotic bet of Shido and Ban. He began to write down the other retrievers and transporters name in a piece of paper.

Ginji noticed this.

While Ban and Shido argued when to actually set-up the time in which the bet can commence. Totally clueless what was transpiring with Amano Ginji and Wan Paul. Finally they agreed that the bet shall commence the next day.

"Master this is wrong." Ginji said aghast as he saw Paul writing up the betting pool.

"The profits, if Ban should win this bet will go to your debts, enabling you guys to pay it off." Paul told Ginji.

"In that case, put me down for Ban-chan for 500 yen." Ginji said.

Paul just looked at Ginji. Amazed that Ginji has so much faith towards his friend. Ginji on the other hand misinterpreted his look. He took it as money down now, look.

"Just put it on my tab." Ginji replied back which made Paul face fault.

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