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Italics Means Thoughts

Honky Tonk Café was fairly busy which pleased Wan Paul. He appeared once again to be reading his paper to hide the superior smirk he had on his face, while he observed the people at the Café.

Natsumi busily served Kakei Jubei and Emishi Haruki their breakfast. Emishi had already placed a 5000 yen bet for Shido to win earlier. He was now talking to Jubei about who he was going to bet for. Fuchoin Kazuki and Fuyuki Shido where seated at the bar drinking their coffee. All of them waiting for the Midou Ban and Amano Ginji to arrive. Eager to get the bet started and rolling along.

All of them were disrupted when a figure arrived. Prompting Natsumi to greet the customer.

"Good Morning and welcome to Honky Tonk Café." Natsumi greeted cheerfully unaware that the room temperature had considerably gone lower.

Shido was fuming. Another person he couldn't stand had just walked through the front door. Akabane Kurudo Aka Dr Jackal. They have worked with him before and knew that the man could not be trusted. He will stab your back once he has gained your trust. The amount of blood lust in Dr Jackal's eyes disgusted Shido.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Shido questioned the arrival of the Transporter. Glaring at him.

Akabane looked around the room, seeing Kazuki seated next to Shido and on the other side of the room he can see Kakei Jubei and Emishi Haruki looking his way. This brought amusement to him.

"Temper, temper… Beast Master. The question one should be asking is what are you all doing here?" Akabane asked with a widening grin.

No one dared to answer Dr Jackal's question. Jubei, Emishi, Kazuki, and most especially Shido harboured a dislike towards the Transporter. He just emitted a very dark and dangerous aura about him. There was always something so sinister about him.

"How very interesting how everyone should be here…" Dr Jackal continued his perusal over the men. His amusement never faltering.

"I wont repeat myself again! What the hell are you doing here?" Questioned the irate Beast Master.

Dr Jackal just ignored him and seated next to Shido. Without looking at him he answered him with a grin.

"It should be obvious that I'm here for Coffee." He answered. His hat obscuring his eyes but not his amused mouth. Which was twisted into a very unnerving smile.

Shido was about to say more but Kazuki laid his hand on his arm to stop him. This seemed to calm the irate Shido.

Shido then instead turned his attention towards his watch. They have been waiting for 15 minutes now for the arrival of the Retrievers, consists of Amano Ginji and Midou Ban. This is most probably why Shido was so irritable. He was eager to start the damned bet. He couldn't wait and see the look on the snake bastard's face once he wins this stupid bet.

Just then the door opened and in came the Get Backers; Ginji and Ban.

"Ohayo everybody!" Ginji greeted merrily. Noticing that Jubei, Emishi, Kazuki and Shido was in the Café he automatically transformed into his chibi form.

He rushed from person to person. Giving them a hug, until he reached the end of the bar stool where Akabane Kurudo sat.

"Good morning Ginji-kun" Dr Jackal greeted.

Seeing Dr Jackal made Ginji run and hide behind his best friend Ban. Ban glared at Akabane for scaring Ginji yet again.

"What happened to my hug Ginji-kun? Everybody else got one?" Dr Jackal asked. His unnerving smile on his lips.

By now Ginji was perched on Ban's shoulders. Shacking his head while crying.

"I don't wanna…" Chibi-Ginji replied back as he clutched on to Ban's head even tighter. Which irritated Ban more.

"Ginji get off me." Ban instructed his friend.

"I don't wanna…" Chibi-Ginji protested. As he looked at Dr Jackal's direction.

"It's ok Ginji-kun, he won't hurt you." Kazuki comforted his friend.

Almost immediately Chibi-Ginji switched from Ban's shoulders on to Kazuki's.

"Kazuki-chan is such a great friend!" Chibi-Ginji replied back.

"So what are you doing here Jackal?" Ban asked nonchalantly. As he began to take out his lighter to spark up his cigarette.

"Just here to have coffee. But it seems that entertainment is on it's way. I'm getting quiet excited." Dr Jackal replied back. He could tell something big was on if almost everyone was at Honky Tonk.

"What ever." Ban dismissed Akabane and turned his attention to Shido. "You ready to loose?"

"The only person here that will loose is you!." Shido replied back.

"We'll see soon enough cause here she comes." Paul said from his newspaper.

True enough the door opened, to reveal the other player in this sick twisted bet. Looking as fine as ever with her almost there dress, that barely covered her "assets". Her long blonde hair shined against the morning light. Most men would have drooled or had suffered severe nose bleeds by now with the sight of her. But the men in Honky Tonk are no ordinary men.

Immediately Ban and Shido smirked. It was show time.

Natsumi greeted Hevn. Knowing how Hevn liked her coffee, Natsumi began to make it for her. Unbeknownst to the subtle looks the men now focus on Hevn.

"Interesting." Dr Jackal told himself as he saw the sudden interest everybody seemed to have once the Contractor made her appearance.

Ginji then greeted Hevn.

"Goodmorning Hevn-san." Ginji greeted happily. Followed by the rest of the men.

"Good morning Ginji-kun. Good morning to all of you too." Hevn replied back as she smiled to everybody except for Ban, who has not greeted her yet.

"Good morning Hevn-sama." Ban said with one of his best smiles that made many woman swoon. Eerily enough fan girls can be heard screaming from the background! He was also being honorific. Something that Hevn always told him to do, since she was almost his superior.

Ban had always dismissed Hevn and had not once acknowledge she existed. His prime focus has always been money. That and food. But he did know that a woman like Hevn likes to feel superior and in control. Perhaps by showing her respect, she would throw herself at him, sooner than expected. Then the bet is over and he gets his prize.

Hevn merely glanced at Ban with a dubious expression. One delicately shaped eyebrow raised.

He's up to something. I can feel it. She told herself as she watched him trying to work his charm on her.

Hevn then remembered the interesting phone call she had from Pizza's R Us. Immediately she made her displeasure towards Ban known.

"It was a good morning till you began to speak." Hevn replied back before turning her back on him and seated herself right next to Dr Jackal.

To Ban's irritation, Hevn struck up a conversation with Dr Jackal and was more interested with him, than him!

Ban gritted his teeth. He could see the other guys from his peripheral vision. They were all snickering at how easily Hevn dismissed him. The only people who seemed to sympathisied with him was Ginji and Kazuki. Except it was more pity and embarassment than actual sympathy.

With much determination and gritted teeth. He approached Hevn from behind and tried to calm his voice. It was only a minor set back after all.

"Hevn-san, the morning is as radiant as the beautiful sun. Yet your face frowns. This bares darkness in my heart and I cannot take such a thing would be so…"

Well at least that was what he was suppose to say. Except because of his temper it came out as…

"What's eating you today?" Ban said. All his cool and suave approach gone out the window.

Well at least that got Hevn's immediate attention because she swiftly swivelled from her bar stool so that she was now facing Ban.

"What's eating me?" Hevn repeated. Her voice contained much ire and annoyance.

"I'll tell you what's eating me!" Hevn said as she got up from her seat and was now standing in front of Ban.

Everyone watched with silence. Shido couldn't believe he picked such a perfect candidate.

"What's eating me was the fact that you always complain about the jobs I give you and then you have the gall to charge expenses in my account! THAT'S WHAT'S EATING ME!" Hevn replied back as she began to poke Ban on his muscular chest for emphasis. Making Ban step back as she advanced on him.

Ban's own temper rose up as well.

"Can you blame me? You give us highly dangerous jobs and then charge us with exuberant fees that in the end we barely get any profit!" Ban retorted back as he began to advance on Hevn. Making her step back. He was taller than her and easily towered over her.

"If you don't like it then You can always get another job!" Hevn glared at Ban.

"I don't need another Job! We are the Retrievers!" Ban replied back.

They both glared daggers at each other.

Everyone else seemed to be shocked. Only Shido seemed happy with the outcome of the event.

"Ban-chan? Hevn-san?" Chibi-Ginji said as he kept glancing at the two.

"I'll have my coffee to go Paul." Hevn said without looking at Paul. Still glaring at Ban.

Ban was about to say something when he caught sight of Shido's smug look. Ban then realised he had already lost his temper and it was only day 1!

"I'm sorry Hevn. You did not deserve that." Ban said as he turned his back on her. He had never apologised for anything before. Yet he found doing just that!

His pride won't let him admit what he had just done, so he turned his back and began to make his way out.

"Ban… Wait…" Hevn called out to him hesitantly.

But Ban was not listening. He was too caught up with his own swirling emotions that he continued to walk out.

"Here's your coffee Hevn." Paul said as he handed her, her coffee.

Hevn looked at her coffee. Then at Paul. She handed her money to Paul and then looked back outside. She bit her lower lip and began to walk briskly out of the Café. Taking the same direction Ban had taken.

Everyone looked at her departing form. Then at each other. Before rushing at the door and window.

To everyone's surprise. They saw Ban who was a couple of metres in front of Hevn. While Hevn tried to look like she was not running after him.

"Well what are you guys waiting for? Aren't you going to follow them?" Paul said to the rest of the men.

The men looked at each other before scrambling outside. Leaving Dr Jackal, Paul and Natsumi at the Café.

All the while they could here Ginji's voice.

"But we haven't eaten breakfast yet!" Ginji whined.

"So are you going to tell me what is going on?" Dr Jackal turned his attention towards Wan Paul.

"That depends if your interested in making a wager." Paul replied back.

This seemed to amuse the Transporter, as he grinned sinisterly. Wether Paul was bothered by his smile or not, he never showed it.

"What wager? What's going on Master?" Natsumi asked with innocent curiosity. She had no idea what was going on. While she was happy to see Ginji's friends come over to eat and meet them once again, a part of her wondered why they would suddenly hold some sort of meeting.

The only person missing from the crew was Kudo Himiko. Natsumi wondered if they were all working together once again for a Retrieval job. And it must have been big since Hevn never finished briefing them. But then what the hell was the "Wager talk" all about?

She had bits and pieces of the guys conversation and they mostly centred on some bet. She never heard the rest since she was busy getting their orders.

Natsumi saw her employer gesture to the Transporter to follow him back to the bar. She followed them. Eager to hear what the whole scenario was about.

Paul was about to let Akabane know about the Bet when he saw Natsumi follow them. She also had a look of determination her face that was not going to be easily dissuade.

Paul sighed.

Paul might as well tell Natsumi as well. Besides it's up to her if she wants to bet or not. She might even get the other girls to bet as well.


Hevn was having a hard time keeping up with Ban. She was not running after him. She reasoned to herself. She was simply walking at the same direction as him. And if it happens that she catches up with him, she will talk to him. Of course it didn't help matters that her legs began to start aching from the heels that she wore or how rapidly she increased her stride to be able to catch up to him.


She was definitely not trying to run after him.

A couple of metres away from Hevn…

"You guys hurry up!" Emishi said as he stopped and waited for the remainder of the guys.

"Slow down you guys!" Ginji called from way behind the rest.

"This is crazy!" Jubei retorted.

"I agree." Kazuki agreed beside him.

"You guys are right." Shido agreed with his two comrades.

"We will be able to cover more ground if we split up." Shido added. Almost at once he ran towards the alley way.

Emishi just looked at his departing form. "He's right!" and with that, Emishi jumped on top of the roof and began to trail Hevn and Ban.

Ginji by now was able to catch up with Jubei and Kazuki.

"Can we please stop and rest somewhere? I haven't eaten yet." Ginji whined as he turned Chibi once more. Trying to persuade his two friends to agree with him.

"Very well Ginji-kun, we can stop and eat." Kazuki replied back.

"But how will we know what happens next?" Jubei asked Kazuki.

"Easy. I managed to attach one of my strings on Hevn. She is unaware of it of course. But with my strings attached to her, I will be able to hear everything that happens next." Kazuki replied.

"So what are we waiting for?" Chibi-Ginji replied.

"Let's go eat!" Chibi-Ginji said as he began to hold Kazuki and Jubei's hand and began to drag them to the nearest food stall.

Back to Hevn and Ban now…

Finally after almost running, Hevn reached Ban. Literally reached Ban as she grabbed his shoulders to stop him from walking.

Ban looked at the heaving Hevn. More like at her heaving chest. Of course Hevn was unaware of his gaze because she was too busy trying to catch her breathe.

"B-Ban… I'd like to apologise as well…" Hevn manage to say in between breaths.

"I was being unfair to you, but I'd also like to say that your apology was accepted." Hevn continued as she regained her composure.

Ban apologising to her caught her totally unaware. She also felt guilty especially when he was being charming to her that morning, while all she did was be a bitch to her.

"It's ok. I understand." Ban replied back with a smile. Again screaming fangirls can be heard from the background.

"Nani?" Hevn asked confused. Was it her or can she hear excited girls?

"I should have known better that you are PMSing today. Do you have your periods?" Ban asked in full honesty.

"Nani?" Hevn once again asked. Then his words sank in. One thing a man should never say or ask to a woman when she is upset is, if she had her periods or is she PMSing.

Hevn reacted like any woman would, when a mere man assumes PMS.

"YOU BAKA!" Hevn said as she hit him. Then abruptly turning around.

The nerve of Ban assuming I have PMS! I do not have PMS! Hevn said to herself as she walked away from a very confused Ban.

"What did I say?" Ban asked to no one in particular.

Meanwhile at the food stall…

"Hevn is right. You are an Idiot." Kazuki found himself agreeing with the contractor after hearing what Ban had said.

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