Sam had been standing deathly still for a long time, hands braced on the side of the crystal bed, eyes never leaving her father who was lying unconscious. Martouf had been leaning against the wall, watching her, transfixed for even longer. He walked to the opposite side of the bed so he could watch her face not expecting to see the tears which were streaming down her cheeks.


He walked up and lifted a hand to her back. When he touched her she started to sob uncontrollably. He pulled her around to face him and wiped the tears from her cold cheek with his thumb. The fear was plain to see in her eyes.

"He will be all right," he said trying to make her believe it. "Neither your father, nor any other man, would ever give in to death while a woman such as you stands at his side."

Her still weeping blue eyes closed and she sighed as though her body suffered too. He moved away, disheartened by her sorrow.

The sound of the crystals collapsing on themselves surrounded the chamber.

Her eyes flew open and she darted to the table, "Please, can we move him now?"

She reached to take hold of her father's arm but Martouf caught her hand and pulled her away.

"We must not!" he said unable to stop glancing nervously out the doorway, though he knew the adjoining hallway had not begun to collapse yet.

"Does he look any different to you yet?" she pressed.

He glanced at Jacob who remained still as death. He couldn't bear to say no. Instead he took her hands, finding them soft and strong like a Tok'ra's. They became, for him, a symbolic proof that he was right about her. Yes, so young and afraid at this moment but she was destined for so much... with him. If he could make her envisage such a bond despite what was happening around them. If, when they got out of this situation, he could make her want it...

Our feelings grow too strong, Martouf. It is not appropriate.

Let me, Martouf asked; he asked it of Sam.

He raised her right hand between them, holding her eyes with his own. Silently asking her, as she watched him lower his head, to allow him the brief caress he sought.

There was a rush of blood to the head as he felt his breath touch her first, knowing how close he was. He breathed in her scent. Then, by accident, his lips grazed her skin. He closed his eyes in pleasure. He grazed her again, then pressed his lips down fully.

He released her from the kiss, exhaling deeply and meeting her shocked eyes.

She freed her hand from his grasp, staring at him, knowing the kiss wasn't an innocent attempt to comfort her. That it wasn't even to distract her.

Martouf was elated, She felt it too, Lantash.

She averted her eyes, looking deeply confused.

He tried to regain her attention, "Samantha-"

She raised her hand in warning, "don't you dare use that to get what you want!"

"To get what I want... use seduction?"

She is remembering how we used to seduce Jolinar to our will.

"Please, see clearly! That is not my intention."

She swallowed, "Then why here and now?"

It took him a while, but eventually, he found the words, "You excite me-"

He was cut off by a Goa'uld blast above. It shook the chamber, cracking the wall behind Sam and sending a glistening shower of crystal fragments over her as she sprung away from it.

"Are you all right?"

"Fine," she said, but her voice lacked conviction. "We really need to get him out of here."

Before Martouf could refuse to he saw a change in Jacob, his eyes had opened. Jacob

sat up groggily, scanning the room.

"Shall we not make our escape?" Jacob suggested.

Martouf and Sam were overcome with relief and the trio made for the rings. Everything that had happened between the two was suddenly forgotten.

Though not for long...