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Kai walked back into the private boys school, the tournament was finally over and he was able to return to his usual life. His grandfather was no doubt back in Russia doing what ever it was he did at Biovolt. Kai gave an uncaring snort at that thought.

Dranzer watched as Kai walked in front of her. Her master. She couldn't get over the way he handled himself-especially in the bey blade arena.

The Blade Breakers occasionally saw members of the Blade Reapers. Kisara and Hikaru mostly, but no one ever saw Kida.

After the tournament Kai had learned that Kida was originally from Italy but moved to Russia when he was very young. That was were he had met Voltaire and gotten Black Dranzer. As far as Kai knew He still had Black Dranzer. That worried him a bit.

Kai furrowed his brows a bit as the thought came to him. Where was Black Dranzer? How big of a threat was she? And Kida? He shook his head a bit to clear the thought from his head.

Dranzer watched as her master shook his head a bit, it seemed that he was in deep thought about something.

She knew what was bothering him. It had been bothering him since the tournament. Black Dranzer. Her clone. Kai was still worried about her and Kida.

Dranzer let her eyes fall to the ground. She could take human form-did that mean her sister blade could as well? These thoughts bothered her.

Black Dranzer corrupted, she fed off of the darkness within peoples souls. Dranzer got the idea that she couldn't live without the darkness.

Black Dranzer was an imperfect clone. She couldn't possibly stand up to her-the real Dranzer. Dranzer smiled a bit at this.

Kai headed for his dorm, he still shared it with Wyatt. And Wyatt didn't mind Draqnzer's presence-though, the headmaster did do room checks more frequently since people had been seeing him with Dranzer. No one would suspect her to be inside of a bey blade.

Kai walked over to his dorm room window. It was nice to be home. Yes, home. The school might not be nice-or have the best memories. He thought as a hand subconsciously went to touch a scar left on his back from his encounter with Katsuu.

Dranzer walked over to her master and wrapped her arm around him as she leaned inwards to his head. It was nice being with Kai. It was always nice. As long as they were together nothing could stop them.

Meanwhile in Russia Kida sat across from a woman in a small café. Kida was wrapped from head to toe in warm material while the girl across from him wore a black and red dress.

"I should have won." Kida said in a sullen voice as he stirred the chocolaty liquid in his oversized cup.

"We will next time…" The woman replied as she sipped on her own drink.

Kida nodded in reply.

"Kida, Bella!" A small boy yelled as he ran into the café.

"What is it Kritzten?" Kida asked in a slightly annoyed voice.

"I was looking all over for you! You got mail and mom told me to deliver it to you right away!" The young boy Kritzten replied.

"Give it here." Kida said a bit nicer. The boy then ran back out into the snow.

"It's a letter from Voltaire." Kida said as he handed it to the girl 'Bella.'

So the old man needs us again… Bella thought absently as she looked it over.

She smiled an eerie smile as her eyes darkened a bit. That old fool. Does he honestly think that if we get Dranzer I'm letting him have her? Letting her take my place again? I suppose, even Kida thinks he'll be getting Dranzer herself. I won't let that happen. I will destroy her. And when I do-I'll be the only one Kida or Kai wants. I'm not Dranzer-I'm better.

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