Muggle Studies.

Chapter 1:

It was an interesting summer for Harry this year everything seemed to be going his way for once; Harry had become Vernon's new best friend after Dudley decided that the time was right to tell his parents about his sexual orientation.

"Mum, Dad could I have a quick word" Dudley said.

"What is it my little Diddles" Petunia replied.

"Well you best take a seat, ….I have something to say that I don't think that you are going to be to happy with" Dudley started

"Well get on with it then, … The Footy is on" Vernon bellowed

"Well……… promise that nothing will change after I have said what I am going to say" Dudley said shaking

"Of course Diddums" petunia replied

"OK" Dudley took a deep breath "I'm in love"

"Ah are Diddums has got a girlfriend," Petunia said happily

"Um no I have a boy friend and his name is…" Dudley started

"What" Vernon roared "my son is Queer… get the hell out of this house you pansy…I never want to see you again as far as I am concerned I no longer have a son" his face was a new shade of deep purple, a shade that Harry had never seen before and hoped that he wouldn't see again

Dudley went upstairs and packed a bag and then left

Vernon roared "And don't forget to leave your keys you Shirt lifter"

(A/N sorry if Vernon offends anybody but I am trying to make him seem as the worst Homophobic there is)

"Harry" Vernon started

'Yes' Harry replied

"Fancy a Beer and …… care to join me watching the footy?"

'Ok' Harry could not believe what had just happened Vernon the Uncle that absolutely hated anything not normal was being civilised with Harry as abnormal as they came, being a wizard would surly be more abnormal than being Gay, but it appeared that now uncle Vernon thought that Harry was relatively more normal than Dudley.

Things were slowly improving for Harry.

The following weekend Vernon took Harry to the local Football grounds, Harry was ecstatic he could hardly believe it; it was just him and Uncle Vernon.

"Harry" Vernon said calmly

Harry was taken back by Vernon's calmness ok so a few weeks had passed but up until this moment Vernon still had that Boy come here sound but now it was completely different.

'Yes' Harry replied

"What team do you support?"

'I don't know… why'

"Well if you want to start enjoying the footy you are going to have to pick a team"

'But the only teams that I know about are things like Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal, and this team that we are watching now'

"This team doesn't count" Vernon laughed, "This is what they call a Sunday league, also known as wannabes" with that Vernon got hit by some one beside him

"Oi my son plays for this team and he is no wannabe,"

He was about to hit Vernon again and just as the punch was about to land the wind picked up and had blown Harry's hair out of the way of his scar, the man saw it and stopped,

"Harry, Harry Potter?" the man stuttered

Both Vernon and Harry new that this meant that the man Who Hit Vernon New that Harry was a wizard and that must mean that he was one himself

"Sorry about that" the man said "didn't realise that he was with you"

'That's ok' Harry said 'didn't expect to see anybody around here that would no me just because of what happened nearly 18 years ago"

With that the man seemed to know what Harry was trying to say.

"Well I must get going have a meeting with the minister"

'Well it was nice to meet you anyway… what was your name again'

"Roy" the man shouted, and with that he turned and left but something seemed weird a white tiger had appeared on one of the stands, it then dawned on Harry who he was he was part of a double act in the Muggle world one of two magicians Siegfried and Roy.

The match was over now and Harry and Vernon were back in the car.

"So Harry have you decided which team you are going to support then?"

'Well I have had time to think about it and I have decided to go with Liverpool"

"Why is that"?

'Some one said that I should be an ABMU'

"A, what" Vernon looked puzzled

'An Anybody but Manchester United fan"

Vernon laughed in fact he was pissing himself

'What's so funny' Harry said

"It's just that I haven't heard that for a long time in my day it was ABFMU bet you could guess what the F stands for" at this Vernon held his side in between laughs saying "I've got a stitch I've got a stitch"

At that Harry started to laugh

"Don't laugh it's not funny" because it made him laugh more which in turn made Harry laugh more

I haven't laughed like this for a long time Harry thought

The laughing lasted for about a good 10-20 minutes.

When they finally arrived home tears in both of their eyes from laughter.

"What's wrong you too not fighting again are you?" Petunia said with a stern voice

"No" Vernon replied "we just had a good old laugh didn't we Harry"

'Yeah' was all that Harry could say stifling a giggle.

"Well dinners ready and oh Harry you have mail it just arrived 5 minutes ago"

'I'll read it later, … so what we having?'

"Leg of lamb, roast potatoes, carrots, peas, and minted gravy" Petunia said joyfully

Money was going a lot further now that Dudley had gone and seeing how it had only been a couple of weeks everybody could tell they were buying better things and Harry actually got some new cloths because of the extra money that the Dursly's had.

'I'll fill the dish washer Aunt petunia' Harry said

This was a new buy also because of the extra money that they had, Harry proceeded to fill the dishwasher and then switched it on.

'I'm off upstairs now' Harry shouted as he climbed the stairs. 'Now, time for the mail'

There was a small pile of letters for Harry he took the first one and opened it,

It was from Draco


Hey up mate

Sorry that it has been so long since I last wrote to you but have been busy setting my fathers Affairs in order… oh I forgot to tell you that my father died, he was doing a little bit of practising in front of the mirror and of course he got so tied up with everything he cast the adava kedavra spell and it hit the mirror and rebounded straight back at himself But never mind it was his stupid fault anyway. How have things been with you? I had a lot of fun during the inter house exchange and I am glad that we have managed to set our differences aside, oh by the way the rest of the Slytherins say that your welcome to come to our common room anytime, after all you were nearly a slytherin, I learnt something during our time together Gryffindor and Slytherin are not that different after all.

Hope to hear from you soon

Your Friend in Slytherin

Draco Malfoy


(A/N Just to let you know that in there previous year they had an inter house exchange, Draco spent the first half of the year in Gryffindor and Harry spent the last half in Slytherin, I might right that story next anyway best get back to the story in hand)



Sorry to hear about your dad, I had a lot of fun too last year, at least I am welcome in your Common room I'll have to talk to the rest of the Gryffindor about letting the same thing happen for you, but I don't think that they will because they still haven't forgiven your Quidditch team for beating us but hey we can't beat you all the time now can we! See you on the Hogwarts express

Your Friend In Gryffindor

Harry J Potter


"Well time for the next letter" Harry said to himself


Hey Harry

How are you? What have you been up to? Did anything interesting happen to you? Sorry about all the questions, but I have had an eventful summer.

My dad was made minister of magic, because it originally should have been luscious Malfoy, but because he killed himself shame (NOT!) being over eager so dad got it by default.

Fred and George are becoming very successful with their joke shop; I've been working with them over the summer. See you on the Hogwarts express, since you can't make it to the burrow this year.

Ronald Weasley


Dear Ronald!

Since when have you signed your full name? Glad to hear that your dad's the minister of magic, nothing much has happened this summer, because Dudley has been thrown out of the house will explain further when I see you.

H J Potter

PS Draco says hi weasel. I got a letter from him.

Dearest Harry

How has your summer been? I've been on a Mediterranean cruising with my parent's; we went to Italy, Rome, and Venice, all over the Mediterranean really. Bumped into Charlie Weasley he hopes to be coming home for a holiday soon. I also bumped into Professor McGonagall, she says hi and don't get yourself into trouble this year. I will give you the rest of the details when I see you.

Love Hermione

Dear Hermione

It's good to hear from you, and I'm glad you enjoyed your cruise. Things have been going better here since Dudley was thrown out by uncle Vernon because he has admitted that he's gay and I have become uncle Vernon's new best friend. Will tell you more later, by the way if Ronald hasn't already told you, about his dad becoming the new minister of magic. And luscious Malfoy is dead I will tell you more when I see you.

From Harry

PS I got a letter from Draco this morning.

August 31st

Harry is getting ready to go to diagon alley, to get his books and other essentials for the new school year ahead.

"Hello Hedwig, are you looking forward to our last year at Hogwarts? "

Hedwig hoots happily.

"Hedwig I can't believe it's our final year at Hogwarts already"… "I'm really going to miss that place".

With that Harry sets off downstairs to go to diagon alley.

"Uncle Vernon I'm ready to go now" Harry says.

"Ok Harry just give me a minute and I'll b with you, and by the way the car is open".

With that Harry went to wait outside in the car.

Ten minutes later they arrive at the Leaky Cauldron

"Keep in touch Harry" Vernon said as he grabbed Harry and pulled him into a tight hug.

"You do know I can only keep in touch by using Hedwig"

"Yeah that's, not a problem I'm going to miss that ruddy bird anyway" with that Vernon gave Harry one final hug before he went into the Leaky Cauldron.

(A/N this chapter may seem boring but I promise you it gets better)