(A/N: welcome to one of the few works about two of Disney's darkest characters.
In this poem, I don't intend to imply that Flopsam and Jetsam have a sexual relationship – I only think that these two share a type of bond that's as mysterious as it is deep, and un-understandable to anybody but themselves.
I must further confess that the format used is original to piewolvesandsuch, and not my own creativity – the bolded lines are Jetsam speaking, and the italicized are Flopsam)

(Disclaimer: I don't own Flopsam or Jetsam, and neither do I own Disney)

The oceans hate us for our darkness, our cunning, and our glowing eyes.

They hate the snakelike shape of our bodies, and the sharp structure of our faces.

They hate us for our sharp, yellow teeth, and for the ever-appeasing smiles that our faces can assume.

They hate us not because we are what we are, but for who we are.

Henchmen of a known evil, and willing ones, at that.

We enjoy the pain of others, as we watch through our two yellow eyes.

We are two halves of a complete figure - partners, equals, and loves for life.

My twin, I feel your emotions forever.

We are forever joined.

Separated only by the duplication of our bodies.

But it matters not, for we are as whole as any other person may ever be - perhaps even more so.

Despite the one we serve, my love, you are my only equal, and the only one to stimulate my emotions.

I feel what you feel, my brother-lover.

When we touch, I feel my own soul within your body, and that is as close as I will ever be with another individual.

My twin, I feel your emotions forever.

Our fate is conjoined - I would die for you, as I know you would for me.

Life does not exist beyond your being, and I will destroy myself before you are touched.

But what would life be without you, perfect one- I couldn't bare to live a life that's incomplete: a life without you.

You are right; to live without the comfort or exhilaration that you present me with is unthinkable.

The greatest thrill is to simply be together - to watch; to be the eyes for the mistress, as our power binds our two glowing orbs into one.

To achieve and to accomplish alongside of you is the dark joy of my life, and I would not trade my existence for anything else.

The greatest thrill, to serve...to touch you, or feel you against me: I feel bliss.

How right you are, my love, my self.

My dark, beautiful Flopsam...

My cold, wonderful Jetsam...

We will be together forever, to serve...

To haunt...

To deviate...

And to love.

My love...you and me...



Until we both stray into the next world