Road Trip

Rated: G

Season: 8 or so

Spoilers: Oh, I'm not sure. We've got Sam's engagement to Pete, but if you haven't heard about that already, you probably aren't reading much fanfic, so you're probably not reading this, so I don't really need to continue… But if you are reading this, and you haven't heard about the engagement, well, I guess I just told you. Sorry! Ahem.

Summary: Being 1:00 in the morning, it was technically her wedding day. But that didn't stop her determined strides to her bridesmaid's sleeping area. "Pack your bags, girls, we're going on a road trip!"

Disclaimer: I entered another contest – guessing the birth date of Amanda Tapping's baby – hoping they would notice me. That I would stand out, and they would offer me co-ownership of Stargate, knowing intuitively that I would take such good care of it. I don't think it's going to happen.

A/N: Hey everyone! I know the whole "nearly getting married" idea has been done so many times so incredibly well by so many other writers. I promised myself I wouldn't because everyone else had already done it, and I didn't want to look like a copycat. But then I thought of that time on "Gilmore Girls" when Lorelei ran away from her wedding, and I couldn't help myself! I hope I can make this story unique enough that you will enjoy reading it. And if by chance this is near someone else's idea, then I sincerely apologize. I would never intentionally do that, and from what I've read, I don't think there are any too much like this. All that said, I'm going to stop yacking now! Thank you so much for reading! Oh, and I wrote Janet in this.


Sam shoved the dishes in the dishwasher with a little more forcefully than necessary. Even with all the clattering she was trying to make, she could still hear her friends giggling and chattering as they got ready for bed upstairs. Why were they so giggly? Why was she so grumpy? It was the night before her wedding. She was supposed to be happy. She'd just had a girl's night with Janet, Cassie, and Jennifer Hailey, her bridesmaids to be. They'd had fun. They'd played twister. They'd played truth or dare. They'd shared love stories…

Well, everyone but her had shared. Oh, she'd brushed them off saying she wasn't going to talk about past romances on her wedding night. That was a good excuse, wasn't it? It had worked for them anyway.

Why did they have to look so happy? When Cassie talked about Dominique, she'd fairly glowed. Jennifer had talked about how close she and Elliot had started to be, some of the sweet little things he'd done for her while still treating her like one of the guys. But it was Janet that had really stolen the show. Which had surprised Sam. They'd divorced hadn't they? He'd been a male chauvinist, hadn't he? But as soon as she'd started sharing about their early years, she'd gotten this dreamy look in her eyes and a mysterious smile on her face. Yes, she admitted it had ended badly, but she'd been completely love struck at the time. Tried on her wedding dress every night for a week before her wedding day.

Sam thought ruefully of the dress hanging in her bedroom. It was beautiful. But she had no inclination whatsoever to try it on before it was necessary.

Necessary? Was that how she really felt about her wedding dress? About her wedding day?

No. That couldn't be.

But they had also talked about what it felt like to be in love. Another conversation Sam had not joined. Even Cassie'd had something to share for that. Not Sam. Not that she didn't know what love was. Quite the opposite actually. She just didn't think it would be appropriate to tell them on the eve of her wedding that the first time she'd known true love was when she'd felt a cold and dying Colonel's heart beat in time with hers when they'd given up hope of being rescued. When she'd rather sacrifice her good health for three months because she couldn't bear to be away from him. That when he smiled at her and his eyes got crinkly, she would turn to mush? That the smell of his aftershave instantly soothed her. That she'd give him the world if she could. That the first time she'd known she was truly loved by someone else was when she'd looked across the barrier between them and knew he wouldn't leave her to die alone. That he had so much respect for her, he would never hear of her giving up her career. That he'd always believed in her, even when her ideas were insane. That even as they faced the destruction of their planet, he would ask her to join him for cake!

Pete could never love her like that. She could never love him like that.

And that was that. She knew what she had to do.

Being 1:00 in the morning, it was technically her wedding day. But that didn't stop her determined strides to her bridesmaids' sleeping area. She threw their coats on their sleeping forms.

"Pack your bags, girls, we're going on a road trip!"


You like? I'll write more soon! A road trip in pajamas. Should be fun :D Thanks so much for reading!