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Chapter Seven (Un-betaed)

Harry ran through the halls of Hogwart's, barely noticing where he was going. His face was burning and he rubbed a hand over his face to wipe away the angry tears. He no longer wore his glasses. After all, why would you need glasses when you can't even see a single thing? He ran, and ran, and he didn't stop until he found himself in an unfamiliar section of the castle that appeared to be empty.

He heard the school bell ring and sighed in relief. Everyone was supposed to be in class so he wouldn't have to worry about people bothering him. Come to think of it, he was supposed to be in Potions class too but right now, Harry really couldn't give a flying fuck if he was given a month's worth of detention, suspended or expelled for skipping Snape's class. All he wanted was some private time to sort out his thoughts about what happened in the hall.

Draco hadn't bothered to defend him at all. He had sat there silently and let people make fun of Harry. Harry's heart clenched painfully and he felt the hot burning begin in his eyes again. Don't cry, Harry. Don't you fucking cry! If this is what Draco wants to do, so be it. GET OVER HIM, HARRY!

Harry swallowed hard and muttered, "Right. Get over him. Get over Draco. I don't love him at all. Hell, I don't even like him."

"Well, look what we have here. Poor lovesick Potter trying to convince himself that he's not in love with the Slytherin Prince. Aww, how cute."

"Who is it?" Harry demanded, whirling around violently.

He heard the intruder's footsteps coming towards him and instinctively took a few steps back. He tensed noticeably when his back hit the cool stone wall.

"Whoever you are, GO AWAY!"

The intruder laughed lightly at Harry's obvious panic. If Harry wasn't blind, he would have seen how the person's eyes were glinting manically while looking at him.

"Ah, what can you do to me now, dear Harry?"

"Go to hell!" Harry shouted angrily.

Then Harry was suddenly slammed up against the cold stone wall and somebody's lips were on him. He couldn't move at all. That person was gripping his wrists too tightly and Harry let out a groan which was unfortunately mistaken for a moan of pleasure by his attacker.

"Like that, didn't you? Like it a bit rough?"

Harry struggled, trying to free himself from the wall, but he was held tightly against the wall by his attacker. "Let go of me, you bastard!" Harry wrenched his hand away to wipe away the vile taste in his mouth.

"That's not very nice, is it, pet?"


"Suit yourself."

The person ground his hips against Harry's and then plunged a hand down the front of Harry's trousers. He took Harry's cock in his hand and began to knit it firmly. Meanwhile, Harry was trying to get away again but he was pinned up against the wall by the boy's body.

Harry began to tremble with fear as he finally realized what his attacker wanted from him. "Please, no. Don't do this to me."

"Don't be shy, Harry. See, you're enjoying this. Don't deny yourself pleasure like that!" he said with mock kindness.

He kissed Harry wetly again and Harry whimpered. "Don't."

"You're right. We shouldn't."

Harry sighed in relief and relaxed against the wall.

"We shouldn't do this here. We should go to somewhere private so that no one interrupts us," the person said nastily after a while.

Harry tried to push his attacker away but his attacker was having none of that.


"Urgh! Bloody Creevy! Wait till I get my hands on that little bugger. I'm going to shove his damn camera up his fucking arse!" huffed Draco as he walked to Snape's class.

He was furious, to say the least. He didn't even want to think about what his father would do to him once he got home. That was one of the main reasons why he broke up with Harry in the first place. Harry and he were from two very different worlds and they were brought up in such different ways. This coupled with the pressure of Harry being pregnant finally pushed Draco over the edge and caused him to break up with Harry.

Draco walked into the classroom with dignity despite the catcalls that were directed at him. He sat in his usual seat in front of the class and waited for Snape to come. He felt a pair of eyes watching him and turned around to find Granger looking at him strangely. He sneered at her and mouthed mudblood before turning around again.

But he felt uneasy and guilty doing that. He had stopped being a jerk to Harry's friends since they got together and the horrible feeling he got when he was being mean to Granger just made him realize how much Harry had influenced him despite what Draco thinks.

He couldn't get Harry's image out of his mind. The way his beautiful eyes turned glossy with tears. The way his lower lips trembled and his cheeks flushed. The way he clenched his fist until his knuckles turned white. He could never forget how defeated yet strangely determined Harry looked when he was humiliated in front of the whole school and Draco didn't do anything to save him.

It was as if Harry finally had had enough of their fucked up relationship.

Draco sighed when that thought registered. Truth be told, he never wanted to break up with Harry. Harry was the only person that remotely understood him and Draco would hate to lose him. If only he wasn't Draco Malfoy and Harry wasn't Harry Potter. And then there was the fact that Harry was pregnant. He really didn't want the damn kid. Sure, it was Harry's and his but he just wasn't ready to make such a big commitment. Yet.

He absently scanned the classroom and was disappointed when he couldn't find Harry. Of course, Draco didn't expect him to show up after the Great Hall incident but that didn't stop Draco from wishing that Harry would show up after all. He quickly scanned the room again and was mildly disturbed by the fact that another person wasn't in the room too. It couldn't be. Or could it?

Without further ado, Draco grabbed his books and set out to find Colin Creevy.


"Finally up, pet?"

"Get the hell away from me, you freak!" Harry said through his throbbing headache.

"Ow!" Harry cried out when he received a sharp smack on his bottom. The smacking, unfortunately, didn't stop there and Harry endured another twenty slaps before a hand gently caressed his abused buttocks.

"No need to be so nasty, dear Harry."

Harry refused to speak this time and he turned his head away from where he assumed his attacker was.

"Well then, since you're so uncooperative, you leave me no choice but to do this the hard way."

As naïve as Harry was, he didn't miss the emphasis on hard or how dirty it sounded coming out from the evil prick's mouth. Just as he couldn't miss the rustling of fabric that signaled to him that his attacker was undressing.

The next thing he knew his whole body was being pinned against the cool stone wall by his attacker. His clothes were ripped off violently and his attacker's nails scraped his skin and caused him to cry out in pain. But that only served to excite his attacker more because he started to rub his hardened length against Harry's naked skin.

Harry started to panic and really struggled but the person pressed even harder. His attacker then took out his wand and performed a full body bind on Harry. Harry was dumped face first onto a soft bed and then a weight was on top of him again. The attacker's sharp nails dug into his flesh painfully and there was nothing Harry could do to make the situation better. He couldn't scream for help. He couldn't fight off his attacker. Worse of all he couldn't protect his child.

Harry was roughly turned on his back and was kissed again. Not only was his mouth violated, the attacker's hands roamed every inch of his skin that was reachable. Dread filled Harry's whole being.

"What is this?" A pair of hands landed on Harry's stomach.

Oh my God. No. No. Please. Anything but this. Don't let him find out about the baby. Please.

"Oh, is our Golden Boy pregnant with Draco Malfoy's child? Aww, how sweet…"

The hands continued to stay at Harry's abdomen and they started to press lightly. There was no way anybody would miss the fact that Harry was pregnant. Harry's bump was quite obviously a 'pregnant bump".

"No matter, I'm going to fuck you whether you're pregnant or not."

Harry's legs were pushed back against his chest and something blunt and hard was at his entrance. He braced himself from what was sure to come but it did not. Then without warning, the person thrust forward and buried himself inside Harry.

Harry screamed. The pain was so intense that he managed to scream out although he was still under the body bind. Tears ran down his face.

"Oh yes, scream, you dirty slut! How dare you let Draco Malfoy fuck you? You're mine! Even the bastard in you is mine!"

Harry continued to sob. The pain was making him dizzy.

"Fucking whore." He moaned, pulled out completely and slammed in again.

Then, with a loud grunt, he came.

Draco was inside the old charms classroom with Colin Creevy. Draco's wand was digging into Colin's throat and the younger boy was whimpering pathetically.

"Who was it!" demanded Draco.

"I- I can't tell you."

"Who the fuck was it!" Draco asked again and pressed his wand harder into Colin's neck.

"Please… Malfoy…"

"I'll spare your wretched life if you tell me who asked for the photos."

"You won't- won't dare."

"You'd rather die defending a person who hurt your precious hero?"

"He'll kill me if I tell you, Malfoy. You can't do anything to me," Colin said defiantly.

"Try me. Cruc-"

"Wait! Stop! It- it was Blaise Zabini."

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