Okay, when I said two quick poems, I meant quick. These are very short; I wrote them in school last year. They are about Data and I attempted to make them funny, so enjoy!

Poem 1

Data sometimes tries to be funny;

He always tries to tell jokes.

He thinks they're hilarious,

But they're more like ridiculous,

And they never get any laughs from folks.

Poem 2

There once was a android named Data,

Who for the first time looked at a Beta.

He looked at it and said,

"This fish is red."

And went off for a mission on Theta.

P.S. - If you are reading Till Death Do Us Part, I'm really sorry that I haven't gotten the second chapter up yet! I should be able to get it done and uploaded by later today or tomorrow. Don't worry-I have not abandoned it and I won't!