This is my first attempt at Fanfiction.
I do not own anything of Due South. They belong to Alliance-Atlantis.
I hope you enjoy. This is rated PG for content.

Spoken In A Kiss

by: Denigoddess

I'm held spellbound when I am near you.
My heart cannot beat.
It flutters in fear even as I love you.
Me eloquence retreats.

Corage besseches me to reveal my heart's depth.
I find that I can't breathe.
Do you see me as a Mountie or as a man?
I desperately need you to believe.

Believe in me, that what can not be said.
I know you sense it lying there.
Between us it is precious and alive, still unsaid.
How do I tell you? How do I dare?

I curse my lips as they fall numb
as they can not find the words.
To hear your voice make me come undone.
Your affection I do not deserve.

Here I stand with you now.
I am humbled by your affectionate display
as you brush your lips against mine
I plead silently you will ask me to stay.

You hold my heart in your hands.
I am, but, a man soaked in those dregs
of shyness in your presence.
Only you can make me beg.

Please don't believe that I feel nothing.
God give me the strength to say.
"How I treasure you, How I need you."
Let the strength find me today.

I can only hope that it is understood
the depth of my affection for you.
More primal than lust, more pristine than love.
My heart beats in your name; strong and true.

From my first breath, I belonged to you.
Without you I am less than myself.
You define who I am and what I do.
You're my soul's redemption and my heart's wealth.

Through each incarnation, I search for you.
Yet, I am at a loss for words.
When you share a special smile meant only for me
I love you but the words remain unheard.

When you look at me I can not speak.
When your eyes flare brighter than the midnight sun.
Your breath fans my ear, I can not think.
When I hold your hand I become undone.

Thank you kindly, My Love, for bringing me joy.
I bessech you for your forgiveness.
For what I can not find words to convey
May it be spoken in a kiss.