The Dogfather

Chapter 1

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Sirius rested his hairy head against the cement wall of his cell. No, he wasn't at Azkaban. It was a muggle dog shelter. 'This is Pathetic' he thought to himself 'I escaped Azkaban! Now I can't even break out of a stupid pound... But in Azkaban I could use thumbs' he reminded himself. Padfoot looked over at the empty food dish on the far side of his cage. A plan began to develop in his mind. An employee came twice a day to refill the food and water. They were all muggles so it would be simple to run past them. Content with this easy plan, Sirius dozed off into a nap. He awoke to the sound of jangling keys and voices. He looked at his dish to see it was full again. 'Damn it!' he thought. Suddenly he became aware that the people had stopped in front of his cage. He looked up to see a family of four: Two parents, one daughter, and a son. 'Wait a second' he thought as he snapped his vision back to the son. 'Oh my god this kid is a replica of James! Could it be... no, he's supposed to be at the Dursley's'. His speculations were cut off as the volunteer teenage girl opened the cage door and began to pull Sirius out by the collar. 'Oh that's nice' he thought 'How would you feel if I pulled you by the neck everywhere.' The girl attached a leash to Padfoot's collar and led him to the group of people before them. Sirius felt himself go tense. He looked up at the boy who looked like James. Even his eyes were Lily's eyes. He seemed around the same height as his father was at that age, as well. 'This is creepy' he thought.

"So what do you think Harry?" asked the man who seemed to be his father. Harry looked down at Sirius. 'Oh my gosh he has the same scent!' a lock of hair fell away from his forehead revealing a lightning bolt scar. 'The scar! What the hell is he doing here! This is HARRY! MY GODSON!'

"I don't know Dad, he doesn't seem very friendly, and he keeps on staring at me strangely." he said.

'Ha! Me? Not friendly? That'll be the day.' Thought Sirius as he dropped to the ground and began to roll around. Then he got up on his hind legs, put his paws on Harry's shoulders and licked him across the cheek, He topped it off with a light bark and sat down again and wagged his tail eagerly.

"Whoa" said the girl who seemed to be Harry's older sister "That's creepy... it's as if he knows what we're saying."

'No really, it was just pure luck' thought Sirius sarcastically.

"Well I like him, and after all this is supposed to be my birthday present!" said Harry happily as he patted Sirius on the head.

'Birthday Present? Now old would he be now... around ten, or nine?' thought Sirius.

"Alright then" said the father looking at Sirius "Welcome to the family."

Sirius huddled in the back seat of an SUV dead scared. This was saying something. Sirius had never ridden in a car before, well he did once with Lily but that's another story. He was relieved when the car finally stopped in front of a house on an ordinary suburban street. As soon as Harry opened the door Sirius leaped out.

"I don't think he likes cars." said Harry thoughtfully.

'Wow, observant aren't you?' thought Sirius.

"Anyways, what are we going to name him?" said the sister hopping out of the car. Sirius cringed. 'What will it be? Fluffy, Bingo, Snuffles?'

"Good question Kate." said the father as they headed for the house. 'So that's her name' thought Sirius. The inside was a perfectly normal. These people were obviously muggles. Sirius noticed an odd looking box in the living room. He remembered Lily having one 'What was it called again? Tepevillan, Tanalvision?' Harry laughed.

"Hey, he's interested in the television." he said amused. 'Ah, television... I knew that' he thought.

The rest of the afternoon went by uneventfully. Finally night came, after a dinner which Sirius refused to eat; he followed Harry to his room. It was an ordinary room like the rest of the house. Harry pointed towards his bed.

"This is where I sleep." he said. Then, pointing to a basket beside the bed he said, "That's where you sleep."

'Like that's going to happen' thought Sirius as he jumped onto the bed and curled up at the foot. Harry sighed.

"Fine if that's how your going to be." he said as he Swung his legs over on to the bed. Sirius stretched triumphantly and fell asleep.

The next morning Sirius was woken up by the summer sunlight pouring through the window. He realized that Harry was still snoozing at the head. He crawled out of the bed and towards the window and looked out side. It had been a long time since he had been woken by the sun. Even though he had been on the run for about three weeks he was still not used to it. His gaze drifted back to the bed where Harry slept peacefully. 'I need to talk to him alone' he thought.

Sirius raced down the stairs barking as loud as he could, disturbing the family's peaceful luncheon. He ran to the window and sat still with his tail waging rapidly. Then he let out a long howl and continued to run up and down the stairs.

"TAKE THAT DOG FOR A WALK!" bellowed the father covering his ears.

"Alright, alright." said Harry slipping from his chair. Sirius grinned, if possible in his dog form, 'Perfect' he thought.

Ten minutes later Harry and Sirius were outside on the sunny suburban sidewalks. Sirius could have certainly done without the collar and leash but he supposed he would have to deal with it. He began slowly tugging on the leash towards the nearby forest. Finally he broke into a run into the thick trees, pulling the leash from the boy's hand.

"Hey!" shouted Harry angrily. But Sirius was long gone. Sirius darted around the trees, going deeper into the woods. Harry tried to keep track of the run away dog but he was much to fast for him. Suddenly Sirius made a sharp turn into a small clearing. Harry followed him only to find a man sitting in his place.

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