What Lies Behind the mask

Chapter 1- Cry baby

"Mom Please!" He pleaded on his knees hugging his mother's legs. "Just 1,500 for the guitar, mom, please, please, please!"

"No Drake, for the last time. It's too much money! Now go help Josh with the lawn." Audrey groaned as she struggled to walk. The boy sighed running a hand through his deep red hair and let his mother's legs go. Still on his knees he walked out with his hands on his hips looking like a midget. Once he got outside he stood up and looked at Josh who was humming a song and walking with the lawn mower across the yard. Noticing the walkman attached to Josh's belt hoop he rolled his eyes. Drake walked over and walked along side Josh who failed to notice him. The music was loud and was the A-teens, a little pop group that became big and disappeared. Josh had the music on full blast. Drake smirked and with one yank of the cord the lawnmower turned on. The sudden vibration made Josh scream a high pitched scream. "Why do it!" He asked Drake turning off the walkman and lawnmower.

"Sorry to break it to ya brotha but you kinda have to turn the mower on to cut the grass." Drake laughed putting his hands in his pockets. "I'd help you but I and Trevor are going to find suits for the masquerade ball. Don't tell mom. I should be home in an hour or two." Before Josh could retort Drake was over the fence and halfway down the street.

On Thursday at school Drake was chatting up a cheerleader who was not buying it. "Drake, what's my name?" The blonde haired blue eyes girl asked.

"Well… ummm… B- No that was last week… erm… Kelly? No that was last night… Tasha?" He asked. The girl rolled her eyes and walked off. "I know!" He called after her. "Ashley!"

"My names Brittany!" She called over her shoulder.

"Agh I knew it!" Drake whined and went to his locker opening it boredly.

A girl who had a locker 2 down from his walked up to hers. Drake never noticed the girl, nor did she expect him too. She pushed the plastic glasses up the bridge of her nose and inhaled. She wore knee high socks and very old Mary Janes. She wore a red plaid knee length skirt and a tacky big belt. She also wore a white blouse and a grey sweater vest. What would be beautiful black hair was knotted and put in 2 low ponytails. She opened her locker and took out her Algebra3 book and her Quantum Physics book as well. She was Mackenzie Wilson, your basic nerd, no friends, no life, besides studies. She never had a boyfriend, or a first kiss. She expected only 2 teachers knew her name, and that was it. She was basically invisible. Not even the geeks would hang out with her. With a sigh she closed her locker and hugged her books to her chest and leaned against her locker.

Drake closed his locker and his friend walked up to him. They began to walk and Drake bumped into Mackenzie making her books fall and papers fly. She jumped and immediately crouched to the floor to pick up her books. Drake didn't even turn to help or acknowledge her. Mackenzie sighed again and struggled around the floor for all the papers. Once she regained them all she stood up and ran to the bathroom in tears.

"What a crybaby." She heard some one say. She locked her self in a stall and stayed there the whole day crying.