Chapter 5- You were right there…

Mackenzie sat in front of her locker the whole lunch period. She had changed to jeans but kept her blouse and knotty hair and glasses. She hugged her knees close to her chest and nibbled on her thumb staring aimlessly at the floor. A tear ran down her cheek… she never thought she'd be the one to break Drakes heart, it was always the opposite way around. She thought about the letter she wrote him and wiped her eyes. She looked around then back at the floor, she couldn't stand anyone seeing her cry and calling her a cry baby. She banged her head against the locker when she leaned back all though it wasn't completely unintentional. How could she be so stupid, he would find out who she was and totally run away thinking he was a fool for judging someone by their personality. She looked up to see a hopeful looking Drake rush towards her. She quick wiped her eyes and stood up turning away from him. He didn't even acknowledge her before opening his locker to find her note sitting there. He quickly grabbed it and opened it reading it quickly. He stopped dropped the note and looked around. His eyes turned red but hr bent down and picked up the note…. Why hadn't he noticed Mackenzie yet? He read it again just to make sure he understood… in red pen he read:


Just stop. If you haven't noticed me before then just stop. I've been right in front of you the whole time. Just leave me alone and stop making me break your heart. You don't even know me and you confess it to the whole school. Just leave me alone.

My Deepest Apologies,


'Mackenzie?' He thought in his head looking around before he himself started to cry as well. He sniffled wiping his eyes as Mackenzie had done. She turned to him and shook her head beginning to walk away. Finally Drake noticed her and looked at her wiping his eyes and trying to act masculine, "How long were you there!" He asked his voice cracking.

"The whole time…" She told him over her shoulder and crossed her arms in front of her and turned the corner. What had she meant by… the whole time? Drake sniffled leaning against his locker. He blew it. Meanwhile…

Mackenzie walked over to the popular table… to Brittany. "Umm… Hi." Brittany Phillips greeted her with an awkward smile.

"Brittany… can I talk to you alone?" Mackenzie asked on the balls of her feet. Brittan shrugged, "Umm sure." She stood up waved to her friends and led Mackenzie to the girls' bathroom and sat on of the sinks "What can I help you with, ummm…"

"Mackenzie, my names Mackenzie. To a certain boy I'm known as… masked." She had closed her eyes when she had said it.

"Wait… you're masked? The girl Drakes gaga for?" Brittany let out a laugh. She then frowned, "Umm I'm sorry… that was uncalled for. What's up?"

"I broke his heart… I'm feeling horrible about it. I'm just scared about him finding out I'm… well… me."


"I need a makeover; I want him to remember what I looked like at the dance. That's the girl he loves… not me." Brittany was now grinning from ear to ear, "Don't worry. You live across the street from me right? The big house with the pool?"

"Yup that's me." Mackenzie nodded bashfully.

"Come over tonight… around eight-ish?"

Mackenzie nodded biting her fingernail.

Drake lay on his bed crying in his pillow. The cloth stuck to his cheek. Megan walked in and he sniffled sitting up wiping his eyes and turned away acting like he was looking through CDs. "There's a package for you, downstairs-… Drake you okay?" Megan asked sitting on the couch.

"I'm fine… just dandy… I'll be down in a minute, "he told her climbing from his bed and over to the desk not looking at Megan.

"Are you crying?" She asked walking over giving her older brother a light hug, "You okay?"

"I'M FINE JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" He shouted at her making her jump and recoil running downstairs.

About a half an hour later he walked downstairs and saw a large package in the shape of a guitar case on the couch. Drake rushed over and looked at the return address… there was none. He unwrapped it and opened the case… there in front of his eyes lie his Strat 345 that he had been wanting forever. He picked it up and saw a not below it. A hand picked it up and he recognized the hand-writing. Opening it he read:


I take it back… everything… I'm sorry. Meet me at the premier at 7 tomorrow night.


He smiled widely the realized she bought the guitar for him. "She must be pretty rich." He thought to himself and looked towards the door then the clock.

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