Title: Deep in my Heart

Rating: PG-13 for content and language.

Pairing: Will/Jack

Summary: Jack needs a friend, now more than ever. RR!

A/N: A bit of a dream I had. Will be a multi-chapter story. RR and get a cookie!


An open window on the other side of the room allowed the cool city air to breeze by and grace Jack's body. The night was growing colder, but he was comfortable with just a light blanket and the body of the person next to him. The figure was the only warmth he felt, and it was enough. His deep brown hair and eyes could burn through him like no one else could. His muscular figure was the only one Jack could truly ever love.

He closed his eyes and breathed silently through his nose, being swept away in the silence and the perfection of the moment he was currently basking in. The room was as dark as could be, but Jack could perfectly make out the body of the older man sleeping peacefully next to him.

Jack wrapped his arms around his lover, breathing in the musky, heavenly scent. Sweat lingered in his hair from the past events of the night, and the inviting smell was driving him crazy.

"Will," he whispered quietly, not intending to wake the man up, but instead trying to make him stir to see the beautiful features of his face.

The man turned over. Jack gasped as he looked into his eyes.

They weren't the warm, chocolate-brown pools that he had stared into lovingly for the past fifteen or so years. They were a pale green, the ugliest green Jack had ever seen. To a regular spectator, they might have said they were stunning.

But they weren't Will's.

His body was slimmer, a bit more graceful. But it definitely wasn't as breath taking. A natural tan graced the man's figure, but it wasn't the gleaming olive skin Jack had grown accustomed to seeing every day.

It wasn't Will's.

The man smiled and reached up to stroke Jack's cheek. It was all he could do to keep from jutting backwards and running out of the room in search for the man he truly loved. "What's wrong sweetie? You look like you've just seen a ghost."

Jack's despondant glare was quickly replaced by a false smile. "I'm fine."

"You sure"

A smirk flashed across his face. "Want me to show you how sure I am"

The man's touch was rough, not at all like Will's. Jack had imagined Will's touch to be gentle, slow, and passionate. He would hold Jack in his arms and never want to let go, and Jack would never disagree with him. They would lay in perfect harmony, and be together forever.

But it wasn't Will.