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Three Kings

A/N: Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas have all been great games giving us many memorable characters. But lets say something crazy happens, and all three main characters are brought together all in their prime. Use your imagination for this people.

Chapter 1: The Author.

Vice City 1986:

Tommy Vercetti stares out the office window of his mansion with great satisfaction. It has been a few days after he killed Sony, and Vice City was pretty much his for the taking. Tommy sports his usual blue Hawaiian shirt, jeans, sneakers, and gold watch. Ken Rosenberg walks into the room amped after snorting a line of coke. "So Tommy my man, what's up for today?"

"Nothing much Ken. I was about to head over to the Malibu to collect revenues, check out the business."

"Alright! Well go get it. You know where to find me."

"Ken!" Tommy yells. "You need to stay away from the blow, your doing it non-stop. Check yourself into rehab."

"You know what you might be right. I should stop, and get help." He is silent for a second. "Or maybe next week I'll start, yeah." Ken exits.

"Damn moron." Tommy leaves the mansion but as he walks to his white Infernus a bright flash appears around him. "What the hell!" Then he was gone.

Los Santos, San Andreas 1992:

Grove Street the place to be one again thanks to Carl Johnson, also known as C.J. to his friends. Carl stands on the steps of his brother's house, Sweet who he is talking to. Carl wears a blue hat backwards, a white Saints Jersey, blue chandlers, blue low tops, and a gold watch. Dog tags around his neck, he is very muscular, and on his left forearm a tattoo of a cross. "All right Sweet I'll catch ya later."

"Were you going Carl?"

"I'm heading up to Maddogs crib." Carl walks towards his mother's house. "As his manager I need to help him with his tour schedule, and other junk."

"See ya Bro." Sweet walked back into his house.

Before Carl reached the garage a bright flash appears around him. "What the Fuck!" Then he was gone.

Liberty City: Present time.

What to do now? The man known only as 'Fido' thought. The Cartel was finished, the MAFIA weakened, with Catalina, and Maria dead he didn't have any problems, no work, but a lot of cash. He wore his usual outfit of green pants, sneakers, and a black leather jacket.

A white flash appeared around 'Fido' then he was gone.

The three men found themselves standing in the middle of a large office. "You!" Carl shouted. "The mute that was wit Catalina?" Fido nodded.

"Who the hell are you two?" Asked Tommy.

"Ahem." All three men hadn't noticed the young man sitting at a desk. They examine the office more, it is big one with a fancy red carpet, and the desk the young man is sitting at is big but nothing on the top of it. The young man has blond hair, blue eyes, and an average build. He wears a blue baseball cap, gray sweatshirt with the ROCKSTAR logo on it, blue jeans, and a pair of brown work boots. He didn't look as if he belonged in the fancy office. "Welcome gentlemen to Love Media. In Liberty City, the year is 2005."

"2005!" Carl, and Tommy said shocked.

"What is going on here? One minute I'm in Florida now here?" Tommy stepped forward angrily. "Who are you, and why are we here? I want answers shit-head!"

"Mr. Vercetti no needs to get angry." The young man stood up from his desk. "You can call me Actionman. I am the author, and you three are for my entertainment. Not to mention you can help me out." The room was silent for a second the three men taking in the information.

"Say What!"

A/N: Next chapter shall be longer.